Bigg Boss 15 October 4 2021 written update: Relive Jay-Pratik, Afsana-Vidhi’s MAJOR fights in the house
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Bigg Boss 15 October 4 2021 written update: Relive Jay-Pratik, Afsana-Vidhi’s MAJOR fights in the house

Pratik Sehajpal and Miesha Iyer also got into an argument on day 2 in the house.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 04, 2021
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Bigg Boss 15.

The second day of Bigg Boss 15 begins with Vishal Kotian's commentary. Having guessed Rekha, he talks to Vishwa sun-tree and says the Silsila dialogue.

Shamita Shetty guides the new contestants about kitchen duties. Soon, Big G enters the house again. The contestants ask him for a flying kiss too.

Miesha Iyer ends up in tears and Vishal tries talking to her. Pratik interrupts them and asks Miesha what happened. She shuns him and later, ends up telling Vishal about why she is upset with Pratik. He jokes she looks hotter while crying. Jay Bhanushali and Tejasswi Prakash ask Miesha if she was crying. She then tells them she liked Pratik as a friend.

Pratik, Nishant and Shamita get groceries which others are craving for. Pratik is confused seeing Karan Kundrra since the latter was once his mentor but here, he is his competitor.

Pratik tries to bond with Akasa Singh. Meanwhile, Jay makes Shamita talk to Raqesh Bapat in Marathi. He teases her further as Shamita blackmails to beat him up.

For the first time in a long time, Pratik talks to Miesha softly while also arguing with her. The former says he had an equation with Miesha in the past. The matter continues. Miesha and Vidhi tell people about how Pratik walked in when she was changing her slacks in open. Miesha ended up changing the slacks in open because Pratik asked her not to use the washroom. Pratik defended that saying that there are already a lot of cameras in the house. He added that he walked in by chance.

Afsana walks in between the conversation and says that Pratik is already frustrated because people were teasing him ever since he entered the house. Shamita stops everyone too, stating that Pratik is being cornered which is 'not fair'.

Pratik says Miesha's behaviour in the house is completely different from what she is outside. Karan still asks him to calm down and sort things out with Miesha.

Akasa and Donal discuss Pratik. Akasa says she likes Pratik.

Vishal calls Akasa a good singer when she asks him if she's a good influencer. When Vishal asks her why she wants to go down, Pratik snides back saying even influencers are doing well. Vishal then pleads Pratik to not fight with him because he wants to sleep at night.

The TV's 'Birbal' says that he doesn't like people like Afsana. He says the reason for that is he doesn't like people who enter in matters without knowing everything about it.

Contestants wake up to Bach Ke Rehna Re Baba. Pratik then guides Miesha not to do people's work or she will end up doing that only.

Jay ends up fighting with Pratik. Previously, Pratik had picked on the actor-host for leaving his stuff everywhere.

Everyone except Shamita, Nishant and Pratik lose their personal luggages. Pratik ends up fighting with everyone over whether a bandana is an essential or luxury item.

Vidhi ends up making fire. Tejasswi and she keep that pan in the sink full of water, which leads to bigger flames before going off. That scares both the girls. Tejasswi ends up saying she thought the sets will catch fire and everybody will be thrown out.

Afsana ends up fighting with Vidhi to the extent that it almost gets physical. Vishal comes in between and asks Afsana to hurt Vidhi. The latter asks Afsana to keep her bags in the cave, to which the Punjabi singer asks Vidhi to keep her bags also. Vidhi says that she isn't Afsana's servant. The episode ends on that note.

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