Bigg Boss 15 October 6 2021 written update: Umar tags Pratik as loser again after the whole house gets nominated
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Bigg Boss 15 October 6 2021 written update: Umar tags Pratik as loser again after the whole house gets nominated

Tejasswi Prakash and Donal Bisht end up arguing with the Bigg Boss OTT contestants over food.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 06, 2021
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Day 4 in the Bigg Boss 15 house begins with Vishal Kotian giving Pratik Sehajpal some advice. He asks Pratik not to hurt his own self.

Big G enters the house. He brings a new task announcement. Meanwhile, Nishant and Pratik discuss about hiding the map.

Ieshaan Sehgaal and Simba Nagpal talk about how Jay Bhanushali are all out because their 'career has come to an end'. Meanwhile, Karan Kundrra hints about Pratik's strategy. He then talks to Pratik and explains how he was affected because the two have a past. Nishant, on the other hand, talks to Team Jay about the game and its strategy.

Tejasswi Prakash and Donal Bisht end up arguing with the Bigg Boss OTT contestants over food. Later, Karan talks to Akasa Singh about her fluctuation with Pratik. He tells her that Pratik and Miesha have a huge strategy since they have been a part of many reality shows previously.

Once Tejasswi says Donal has ego, the latter says she will stop making chapati. Umar tries to calm her down.

Karan tells team Jay that Pratik is playing the same game as always and Miesha is supporting him. Meanwhile, Donal ends up arguing with Vidhi as well. The latter then discusses what happened with Tejasswi and others. Tejasswi then flirts with Bigg Boss and with Jay Bhanushali, asks him to send clothes.

Pratik tells Shamita about how Akasa has stopped talking to him. Meanwhile, Donal tells Miesha that Tejasswi is oversmart.

Afsana Khan gets violent and upset when people tell her that a ghost has followed her. Vishal asks Miesha who will she pick between Pratik and Ieshaan. She picks the latter.

Afsana asks Shamita if she wants to kiss her. The actress then says she has Raqesh Bapat.

Meanwhile, Vishwa Sun-tree calls out for Pratik and later Tejasswi. She is asked to talk to her about the situation in the house. The ladies get their makeup back. Jay makes fun of the situation saying even Bigg Boss was wondering why did he pay if the girls don't apply makeup.

Sahil Shroff tells Donal he will win the game. The two feel that Jay and Karan are very intimidated by them. Miesha ends up crying after Ieshaan mistakenly spills that he can't trust her.

The nominations are here. Bigg Boss talks about how Pratik broke the window in the house. Thus, all the housemates except Nishant, Pratik and Shamita, are nominated for the week. Umar slowly claps for the situation, says that they would have rather ruined the property and calls Pratik a loser before walking away.

Vishal warns Bigg Boss about how the violence with Jay was ignored. Nishant, on the other hand, asks Pratik to calm down.

Pratik and Akasa discuss about why she kept her distance from him. As they talk, Umar comes and asks Pratik to prove he's sorry by giving the new contestants their map.

Tejasswi says it is unfair for her fans to vote for her when she has done nothing. She similarly gives examples of how nobody did anything wrong and did not even get the opportunity to fight the game.

Vishal says Bigg Boss is an individual game but you need people for that. He reminds people about how Dolly Bindra and Imam Siddiqui depended on the audiences but didn't win. Shamita, on the other hand, says she is stuck between playing the game and staying true to herself.

Afsana argues with Bigg Boss saying he doesn't listen or respond to her. She screams because she wants to sleep.

Pratik sits next to and talks to Miesha, who has been feeling low since a few days. She refuses to accept him as a friend. Later at night, Pratik and Nishant make pieces of the map. Vishal ends up calling Pratik a loser in front of Tejasswi.

The contestants wake up to Aaya Sher. Today, Vishal brings Tejasswi to do the commentary. Later, Jay asks Vishal to extend the group. The latter discusses how the biscuit group are different. They both call Umar cool.

Big G enters the house again. The announcement this time hints that some of the contestants could get safe. Karan then talks to Pratik about Akasa. Pratik then tells Karan that he is not playing a game with her.

Vishal requests Donal to not give up on kitchen duties because of someone else. Some time later, Afsana is seen arguing with Tejasswi over food. Akasa then asks Bigg Boss to send Afsana's almonds and cornflakes. When Nishant and Pratik come in the middle of the argument, Karan and Akasa ask them to stop, stating Afsana will get a panic attack. The show ends there.

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