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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar January 9 2022 written update: Umar Riaz evicted a week before grand finale
Shaheen Irani
Jan 09, 2022
cover image
Bigg Boss 15 - Umar Riaz.

Salman Khan introduces the Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar episode with stating that he doesn't care about Abhijit Bichukale. He introduces the use and throw task, in which contestants have to name who used them.

Pratik Sehajpal feels Karan Kundrra has used Tejasswi Prakash. Nishant Bhat picks Umar Riaz. Shamita Shetty feels Abhijit used Devoleena Bhattacharjee for the show. Devo picks Teja. Rakhi and Abhijit pick Devo stating she used him for her entertainment. Karan feels Rakhi has been used as a VIP. Teja picks Karan and Rashami picks Umar. Teja feels Umar used Karan while Rashami says Teja has used Umar. Umar feels Teja has used Devo. Teja, Umar and Devo have been used the most and Karan has used the most, according to the poll.

Arbaaz enters the show and meets Salman on stage. He brings a cooking challenge for the contestants.

Salman then introduces the panelists Geeta Kapur (supporting Nishant), Neha Bhasin (supporting Shamita), Divya Agarwal (supporting Karan and Umar), Vishal Singh (supporting Devo), Rahul Mahajan (supporting Rakhi), Kashmera Shah (supporting Tejasswi) and Debina Bonnerjee (supporting Rashami and Pratik). The host introduces the panelists to the contestants.

Devo, Pratik and Nishant are away from Ticket To Finale. Salman then asks the panelists who should replace the current contestant. Kashmera wants to replace Karan with Pratik. She points out how he mistreats Teja. "Why are you so against her?," Kashmera asks Karan and further states that he doesn't deserve to be in the top five. Kashmera then asks Teja to show her bubbly self again rather than losing her charm behind Karan. Kashmera doesn't even let Divya talk. The latter says it is in Teja's control. When she asks Teja to leave Karan, Kashmera says that will always happen. The women on the panel call out Divya for defending Karan. Kashmera and Divya end up arguing. Salman stops the fight by giving Krushna Abhishek a salute. Teja still defends Karan stating she will do what she feels like. Salman then points out it is what he was advising Karan on January 8.

Divya asks Karan not to try and please everyone in the house. She replaces Shamita with Nishant. Divya says Shamita has a pattern. Shamita hits back and Divya says the actress wouldn't be able to win for four seasons too. Shamita says that nobody asked Divya for permission. Shamita asks Divya what is her respect, reminding her family background.

Neha replaces Abhijit with Pratik. When Abhijit tries to state that the world can see him, Salman states that he would show the clip where he used cuss words related to mother and sister. Vishal also replaces Abhijit with Devo. Debina replaces Abhijit with Pratik. Kashmera then questions Debina about why she wouldn't pick on Karan. Debina then says she would pick Nishant over Karan. Divya defends Karan saying he came alone to win the game.

Geeta tears everybody's photo except Rakhi. She says Rakhi is truly entertaining people. She supports Nishant and is confused why he isn't part of Ticket To Finale. The choreographer points out how everybody has come to him for advice but not get Ticket To Finale. Vishal, on the other hand, says Nishant has not played as much as he did on OTT.

Rahul feels Karan shouldn't be in the finale. Karan also accepts that Abhijit shouldn't be in the finale. The actor defends himself saying that he went wrong in one instance, not constantly.

Salman brings the Umar topic. Divya supports Umar. Meanwhile, Geeta says she is disturbed since Umar's profession requires a calm mind and seeing his behaviour, she would not want to be treated at his hands. Salman then bids the panelists goodbye and tells Umar that his agression was full-on during the week. The host then declares that Umar is evicted from the house. Karan, Rashami and Shamita refuse to accept the decision. Before leaving, Umar apologizes to Pratik as well. Rashami is inconsolable as Umar leaves. Devo forces Rashami to drink the water and stands by her.

Rakhi and Abhijit discuss about Neha. Later, Rakhi asks Pratik to come to the finale. Karan also discusses with Shamita and Rakhi about why he cannot take a stand. Teja is then heard talking to Nishant on the matter too.

Salman then promises a shocking episode on Monday and bids adieu to the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

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