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Bigg Boss 16 December 12 Written Update: Tina Datta confronts Shalin Bhanot for his hypocrisy

Regarding Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta confides in Vikkas Maniktala.

Bigg Boss 16 December 12 Written Update: Tina Datta confronts Shalin Bhanot for his hypocrisy
Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16

Last Updated: 07.05 AM, Dec 13, 2022


Shalin acts strangely at the start of the new episode as she moves around and walks from one spot to another. Tina rejects his approach despite his best efforts. Next, the actor from Uttaran is seen approaching Sumbul and calling her to have a talk.

Shalin, on the other hand, becomes perplexed by Tina's actions and begins to avoid her. In the meantime, Vikas Manaktala tries to explain to him why he appears unreal in front of people. Additionally, he advises him to always stand by what he says in front of Tina or any other housemate.

Ankit and Shalin eat breakfast together at the table. The Naagin actor claims that a number of factors will soon put his patience to the test. Ankit tells him Tina inquired about him and his well-being last night. That surprises Shalin.

Shalin then goes on to explain to Ankit how he had had Tina's best interests in mind and had been grievously missing her ever since the day she left the house. He also noted how Tina's actions shocked him greatly. Additionally, he claims that he has been raving to everyone about Tina's return to her house and how delighted he was to see her again. Ankit adds that, in his opinion, Tina also wants to have a conversation with him on some level.

After breakfast, Tina and Shalin begin discussing their problems, and Tina promises they will speak once they are acquainted outside of the show.

In the meantime, Vikkas makes fun of Ankit's romance with Priyanka. Oh God, let's bring a ring to the Bigg Boss house. "I will propose to Priyanka here exclusively, and everything will be sorted," the Udadiyan star exclaims. Both Udadiyan actors recall a memorable experience from their sets: when they unintentionally got married. Vikkas calls Priyanka and tells her what Ankit said.

Resuming their conversation, Shalin and Tina talk about who is genuinely being honest and who is tricking them. As they are conversing, they fall into a fight once more as Shalin tries to blame Tina for Nimrit.

After leaving him infuriated, Tina enters one of the rooms, where she meets Vikkas, who inquires as to whether things between her and Shalin have been resolved. Tina confides in him and tells him how Shalin is attempting to place the blame on her. She also tells Vikkas what specifically transpired between her, Nimrit, and Shalin ten days prior.

Vikkas responds, "I will cut all my links with him," and that is what Tina should do at this time when she asks him what he would do if someone significant did this to him.

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