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Bigg Boss 16 December 17 Written Update: Abdu Rozik LEAVES the house

Rohit Shetty, Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma appeared on the show to promote their upcoming film, Cirkus.

Bigg Boss 16 December 17 Written Update: Abdu Rozik LEAVES the house

Last Updated: 08.58 AM, Dec 18, 2022


Salman Khan tells Stan that he was turbo charged throughout the whole week. He pulls Stan’s leg and the host asks what items the rapper wants. Salman asks Stan what shemdi means, and he tells him. Salman asks Stan to name the 5 shemdas and shemdis of the house. He names Priyanka, Archana, Shiv, Sajid and Abdu.

The host then moves onto Nimrit, and questions her about her birthday celebrations, especially Abdu’s fun surprise. Salman talks about the birthday celebrations that took place inside the house, and how Nimrit’s stood out from the rest, because of Abdu’s involvement. Salman asks Sajid what he worries about when it comes to Abdu, and the filmmaker says that he does not want Abdu to get hurt in his love.

Salman then says that he is confused about Sajid’s intentions, as it seems like Sajid is both supporting him and at the same time also making fun of Abdu as well. Salman says that the ‘I Love Tatti’ prank did not seem to be in good taste, and asks Sajid not to have fun with Abdu’s feelings. The host also advises Abdu and the singer says that while he was in love with Nimrit at one point, they are now friends and the chapter was closed.

Salman then goes on to talk to Shalin about his love affair with the buzzer. After Salman leaves, Stan is informed about his Shemda/Shemdi blunder, and everyone has a laugh.

The chaos of Cirkus arrives at last, as Varun Sharma, Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh arrive on the Bigg Boss season 16 stage to promote their upcoming film. They have a few fun activities in store for the housemates. For the first activity, they bring out helium balloons, and the housemates have to inhale the helium and answer questions. Varun and Ranveer give demonstrations first.

Ankit, Shalin, Sajid, Shiv, Stan, Archana and Abdu try their hand at the helium game. For the next game, they try a Cirkus themed game. When Rohit talks about how Ranveer’s character is immune to electricity. He then tells them that he will ask questions to one person, and whenever they answer yes to questions, another person will get a nasty shock. Shalin, Archana, Stan are made to put on the shock bands while Archana, Vikkas,Priyanka are asked questions about the former group. In one round both Shiv and Ankit are required to put on the shock bands.

Sajid, Shiv, Shalin and Tina are nominated this week and Rohit is required to name the person going home. The director announces that no one is going home. Jacqueline Fernandez and Pooja Hegde join them, and all of them play a few fun games.

Bigg Boss has an important announcement in store for housemates. He reveals that Abdu’s management team have brought a life changing opportunity for Abdu, where the singer is getting a chance to do a game project where he needs to be motion captured. For the same, Bigg Boss allows Abdu to leave the house for a few days to complete the project. The Supreme says that the housemates will have the choice to welcome Abdu back or not. Abdu bids an emotional goodbye to the housemates. After the singer leaves, Sajid is seen lost.

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