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Bigg Boss 16 December 20 Written Update: MC Stan, Tina Datta, and Shalin Bhanot get into a major altercation

The nominated contestants for this week are Ankit Gupta, Sreejita De, Vikkas Maniktala, and Tina Datta.

Bigg Boss 16 December 20 Written Update: MC Stan, Tina Datta, and Shalin Bhanot get into a major altercation
MC Stan in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.04 AM, Dec 21, 2022

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All of the Bigg Boss 16 housemates are energising and dancing to the Bigg Boss tune as a new day begins. The morning wake-up alarm starts at 4-5 am, and Archana Gautam complains to MC Stan and Bigg Boss about how she can't sleep at night since the lights aren't turned off. She moans and then drifts off to sleep.

Sreejita De receives a complaint from Vikkas Maniktala that Archana misled her regarding parathas. He wants her to release Archana from her obligation. On the other hand, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia speaks with Shiv Thakare and Stan about Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot. Priyanka and Ankit are deemed real by Shiv.

Tina laments about Archana as Sreejita approaches Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary. Priyanka concurs. When Archana is clothed, Nimrit and Stan make fun of her and demand that she reveal her entire costume. Soundarya urges Shalin not to become agitated while also defending Archana.

Stan is given a warning by Bigg Boss while looking for a knife. He and Sreejita engage in verbal combat. Sreejita and Soundarya fiddle with the buzzer while they wait for the announcement. They also receive a Bigg Boss warning. Because Sreejita and Soundarya messed with the buzzer, Stan automatically wins the round.

We now have a new task. For the same reason, Bigg Boss summons Archana for a hearing. Mughal-e-Azam comes to mind for Sajid Khan when working on the nominations.

"Jab Napasand Kiya Toh Darna Kya" is the challenge that the participants must complete. Nimrit, Soundarya, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan nominate Priyanka and Ankit. Shiv and Sumbul are suggested by Priyanka. Ankit chooses Shiv and Nimrit. Sreejita chooses Tina and Vikkas. Shiv and Archana choose Ankit and Vikkas. Vikkas, Shalin, Tina, Archana, and Sreejita are the two that Sajid chooses. Ankit, Sreejita, and Vikkas are the nominees. Stan chooses Tina. Stan, Tina, and Shalin argue over this as a result.

Stan claims that Tina is his choice because she tried to return it to Shalin but gave in. Tina and Stan engage in combat before Tina and Sreejita enter the fray. Shalin issues a new challenge to Stan and promises to meet him after the program. When Stan's jewellery enters the conversation, Shalin and Stan start fighting once more. As Shalin includes Stan's parents in the argument, the other housemates arrive to stand behind him. Stan then challenges Shalin shortly after. Stan requests Shiv's permission to beat Shalin. The latter continually provokes Stan before defending himself against Sajid.

Priyanka claims that despite their best efforts, they were unable to persuade her to put up with it. Stan and Shalin keep arguing, while Priyanka admits that she has a problem with Sumbul. As Vikkas sought to talk to Tina, Tina claims she received a reality check. Stan's extortion has been noticed by Tina and Shalin.

Nimrit and Shiv order Shalin to leave as he tries to speak with Stan. Stan is urged by Sajid not to damage his reputation due to a mishap. Shalin believes the mandali is well calculated. Shiv agrees with Sajid's claim that Vikkas can alter the game.

Shalin hears Tina say she'll never be able to trust him. Stan leaves Sajid when Sajid says what he thinks because he thinks Sajid is trying to defend Shalin. The director is confident that Shalin will return to speak with Stan. Shalin converses about the nominees with Tina, Priyanka, Ankit, and Vikkas in the meantime.

Nimrit and Shiv think about Abdu Rozik and how he would act in this situation. In a dispute with Vikkas, Tina argues in favour of Stan's character. Stan and Sajid discuss the situation.

Shalin claims that no one is concerned, despite Tina's fears that the rival gang is gaining ground. Shalin is asked to wait and observe by Tina and Vikkas in order to prevent a fight.

Archana imitates. He is halted by Shalin, Tina, and Stan. Priyanka asks Ankit who she can talk to if he departs as they share a brief conversation. She informs Ankit that he is more active than Sumbul and Stan because she is worried about how she will fight without him at home.