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Bigg Boss 16 December 22 Written Update: Sajid Khan calls MC Stan 'emotional' and Sumbul Touqeer 'boring'

Contestants continue to receive letters from their families.

Bigg Boss 16 December 22 Written Update: Sajid Khan calls MC Stan 'emotional' and Sumbul Touqeer 'boring'
Sajid Khan in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 01.47 AM, Dec 23, 2022

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Ankit Gupta receives a tearful hug from Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary to start the new day in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta have a romantic moment while Archana Gautam quarrels. Sreejita De made the remarks after noticing them. According to Soundarya Sharma, their acting is getting old.

Sreejita confesses that Tina has made advances on every lover of her acquaintances, including Michael Blohm-Pape, Sreejita's fiancé. Sreejita describes how Tina sued Aneri, her closest friend, for failing to stand by her, claiming she doesn't have a problem with boys and only requires Tina's attention. According to Sreejita, people who are unhappy with themselves from a young age onward begin acting in certain ways.

When Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is summoned to the medical room, Sajid Khan becomes irate with Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Sumbul leaves when Sajid and MC Stan beg her to go with Nimrit.

Sreejita and Archana discuss people who refuse to perform their duties and eat. Archana receives it back from Sreejita, and Soundarya encourages her. Sreejita is dragged along by Priyanka.

Shalin admits to Tina that he has never used steroids. When she inquires about the same thing again, the two get into a fight.

Shalin expresses regret to Stan. Stan apologises and informs Shiv that everything is being done for the cameras. Because Shalin has chicken, Stan claims he is being a nice boy.

After visiting the Bigg Boss house, Archana claims she is now more attached to her family. Bigg Boss will soon announce the challenge, and Stan will once more hit the buzzer over Soundarya. In this round, there are three strikes as well. After the mission is completed, Shalin gives him the letter from Ankit. This time, the competitors also wasted milk.

The next round starts, and the first blow has already been delivered. The second strike then came. This time, Stan is put to the test. There is also the third strike. Stan is criticised by Sajid for making the competitors lose the ration once more and for acting emotionally. Stan leaves and sobs to himself.

Sumbul reads Stan's letter, in which Abdu Rozik is also mentioned. In a call from Bigg Boss, Archana accuses Sreejita De. This time, among other things, the contestants dropped adrak. Sreejita and Archana are going to argue soon. Shiv dates Sreejita, Shiv is the target this time. He tells about his experience travelling with Soundarya, Archana, and the crew. In this round, there is no strike. Shiv retreats while Sajid, Stan, and Sumbul enjoy themselves.

Shalin is the first target in the ensuing round, and he reacts by launching the opening blow. This is also the second strike. Now, Soundarya is put to the test. She requests the letter after the third strike but is denied. Before revealing their losses, Stan gathers the housemates.

Shalin approaches Sajid to inquire about chicken. The next phase has begun. Stan must decide which letter to accept from Priyanka or Archana. Stan is undoubtedly interested in reading Priyanka's letter. Here is the initial strike, then the second and third. Ankit joins Priyanka as she continues to read her shredded letter.

Archana becomes enraged over not receiving the chance to read her family's letter. Soundarya hugs Archana after she sobs. In his own way, Stan apologises to the woman. Archana finally becomes peaceful as Sajid comforts her.

This time, the competitors also fell short. Archana refuses to speak with Bigg Boss, claiming that only she among all of them has the option to date Priyanka. Only Sumbul notices that Stan stole food from the storage area. Additionally, Sajid begs Stan to return it, and Stan complies.

Furious, Archana reprimands Bigg Boss for associating her with Priyanka and declines to speak to Shiv and Stan. Then, Bigg Boss reveals who was responsible for the contestants' loss of their meal. Bigg Boss and Archana are alone in the living room. Bigg Boss claims that due to Archana's actions earlier in the day, there was no strike. Bigg Boss reads Archana's letter as a prize, and she is free to respond however she pleases. When Archana hears the letter, she is ecstatic.

As Shiv was with Soundarya and her group, they argued as Shiv spoke to Nimrit. Stan and Tina embrace after their disagreements.

Soon after, Tina reprimands Shalin for attempting to influence and he refuses to give rations. Soundarya and Archana discuss the letter.

This is the next assignment. Shiv, Stan, and Shalin are working on it. Shiv receives four points, followed by Stan with three and Shalin with two. The round is won by Stan and Shiv. Stan easily prevails in the following round, winning the support of the other residents. He triumphs in both the round and the hamper.

Sumbul rejects Sajid's attempts to speak with her. In response to Sajid's calling Sumbul uninteresting, Sumbul vows she will not speak to her for a full day. Shiv and Stan invite Sumbul to speak to Sajid after Sajid apologises. Even after Shiv drags her out of bed, she returns.

Shalin and Vikkas Maniktala discuss Tina.