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Bigg Boss 16 December 29, 2022 Highlights: Sumbul Touqeer Khan safe from evictions thanks to Shiv Thakare

Shalin Bhanot and Vikkas Maniktala had a man-to-man fight too.

Bigg Boss 16 December 29, 2022 Highlights: Sumbul Touqeer Khan safe from evictions thanks to Shiv Thakare
Bigg Boss 16 - Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Shiv Thakare.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.48 PM, Dec 29, 2022

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Bigg Boss has given the contestants an opportunity. The week is dedicated to them and today, one person is safe from nominations. As the day progresses, the real bonds also come to light.

Here's everything that happened on Bigg Boss 16 in its latest episode....

December 29, 2022 10:45 PM IST

Nimrit tells Sreejita about Shalin trying to state that Nimrit is addicted to drugs. Sajid questions Shalin about calling Sumbul weak. Sumbul gives it back and Shiv encourages her to keep the fight going. Tina tries to stop Shalin and Sumbul goes to fight with him. Shalin asks Sumbul to cry and she takes a jibe at him again, stating she will never cry again. Shiv comes to defend Sumbul too.

Bigg Boss discusses the Shalin-Sumbul matter with Priyanka and Nimrit. Meanwhile, the mandali discuss Shalin's behaviour for Soundarya. Shiv, especially, loses his calm. Shalin, on the other hand, says three people will follow one person. Sreejita and Shalin discuss to break the family.

Sumbul tells Nimrit that Shalin tries to talk to her. Nimrit makes Sumbul promise what he wants to talk to her.

Archana gets a nightmare. Vikkas comes to her, followed by Priyanka. The dream is about Salman Khan watching her brother Gulshan not feeling well. All the housemates wake up and once Archana goes back to sleep, they do too. The episode ends on that note.

December 29, 2022 10:10 PM IST

Shiv refuses to give Maahim a kiss because of cameras. He asks her to keep a napkin because of her dripping saliva. The contestant says chaatna isn't Maahim's duty alone.

The nominated contestants will be reported in the task which involves editors Abdu, Sajid, Archana, Stan and Shiv. They can save someone from evictions anyway. Stan and Archana refuse to go together again.

Bigg Boss complains to Sajid and Tina complains to Bigg Boss too. Archana promises to ruin Nimrit's life, since the mandali wanted to save him.

Stan and Archana talk to Sumbul, who takes the topic of Tina. Nimrit talks about Priyanka and vice-versa. Soundarya talks about Shalin and his 'fake fight.' Sreejita targets Vikkas and Stan drags Tina too. Tina and Shalin target Nimrit. Vikkas targets Sumbul. Shalin hints at substance abuse related to Nimrit, irking her. Archana picks Priyanka, Stan picks Vikkas but when Shiv explains the task, Stan re-thinks his decision. Archana and even Vikkas himself argue with Shiv. Stan finally picks Sreejita. Shiv supports Nimrit and picks on Archana too. Nimrit and Vikkas stay nominated.

Sajid and Abdu go next. Sumbul picks Shalin this time and he picks on Soundarya. Despite Archana's plead to save Soundarya, Sajid shows interest in Shalin's title for Sharma. Sreejita targets Tina. Soundarya picks Shalin again. Priyanka picks Soundarya. Archana then feels Sumbul is used in both the groups. Tina targets Sreejita. Vikkas loses his turn this time. Sajid picks Soundarya's dig on Shalin and Tina's headline for Sreejita. Shalin and Sreejita stay nominated.

The mandali discuss about who will win the task. Nimrit picks Tina for Shiv's round. Sumbul picks on Priyanka and they have a wordplay. Sreejita picks on Soundarya. Shalin's target is Sumbul. Sajid tells Stan that Sumbul won't ditch him till the last moment, Nimrit would. Priyanka picks on Sumbul too. Tina picks on Soundarya too, just as Shiv predicted. Shiv picks Soundarya, Priyanka and Tina. Thus, Sumbul is safe. Every person expected that.

December 29, 2022 09:45 PM IST

A new day commences with Archana Gautam revealing to Sajid Khan that she doesn't like Shalin Bhanot at all and would talk to him only when he spoke to her. She also gossips about Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, making Sajid laugh. He talks about Sreejita De. Archana reveals that Sreejita said she will curse her if she gets out of the house. As Archana gets upset just thinking about it, Sajid tries to shut Archana down.

Shalin talks about one more day left for eviction. Just then, the Bigg Boss anthem goes off. Archana and Soundarya Sharma twin and have fun in it, when Sajid confronts Sreejita. She says that she hasn't cursed Archana but wouldn't give her blessings either.

Shiv Thakare assigns duties. MC Stan refuses to take Archana's help in cleaning the powder room. This leads to an argument. Shiv warns them all to not irk him or he would ruin their day.

Tina Datta tries to tease Shalin with Archana. He says he would kill Archana with a bullet three minutes after they propose. Sreejita, on the other hand, complains about the morning incident, in front of Archana. The latter feels Sreejita needs masala. Stan comes and asks Archana to not drag herself in his matters. Sajid says Archana has won since she got eight minutes footage of arguing and 16 minutes footage of people talking about the incident.

Shalin tells Sreejita that Archana will be out if she gets nominated next week. Shalin wants Soundarya to leave the house on Shukravaar Ka Vaar.

Sajid jokes that everyone fought with him when he got Sumbul Touqeer Khan in their team. Soon, Archana feels Shiv's real colours will come out at the end. Archana feels Shiv has become strong thanks to Priyanka. Shiv is then seen giving Sumbul motivation to speak up. Archana then disses PriyAnkit's relationship. She feels they won't even meet each other outside the house.

As Shalin tries to give Tina a back hug, she refuses. Priyanka discusses the two's issues with Sreejita and how they aren't accepting how they feel. Tina then goes to meet and play with Maahim. Shalin focuses on Maahim over Vikkas Maniktala too. The latter asked Shalin to give him eggs and vegetables. Tina then calls Shalin 'kaamchor' again and asks Shalin-Vikkas to fight, which they do. Priyanka tells Shalin that Tina is consoling Vikkas over him. Sajid feels Vikkas and Shalin's fight is pre-planned.