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Bigg Boss 16 February 06, 2023 Highlights: Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia evicted from Salman Khan's show

Meanwhile, audiences rooted for MC Stan and Shiv Thakare.

Bigg Boss 16 February 06, 2023 Highlights: Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia evicted from Salman Khan's show
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in Bigg Boss 16

Last Updated: 12.41 AM, Feb 07, 2023


Here's everything that happened on the episode...

February 06, 2023 10:55 PM IST

Bigg Boss talks to the contestants about top five of the season. Shalin ends up crying because of the respect he got through the show.

The voting lines are now open. As soon as Bigg Boss talks about five bedrooms, Shiv and Stan refuse to sleep separately. Archana also refuses to do that. Thanks to Stan, Bigg Boss gives everyone room of six. As Shalin bids goodbye to the room, he also bids Tina Datta goodbye.

Archana tries to talk to Shalin and mocks him that he was scared about leaving the show. As Shalin says he scribbled something to come so ahead on the show, Archana trolls him again. This leaves Priyanka rofl. Archana also can't stop laughing as she feels Shalin is touching her kundali. With that, the episode comes to an end.

February 06, 2023 10:42 PM IST

Shalin talks about the evictions and why he's spending time with everyone. The mandali is also scared. Meanwhile, Shalin calls the journey tough. Bigg Boss wants to bet 5 kgs chicken with Shalin. The actor refuses to bet.

The lights turn off and the contestants get confused about what is happening. Bigg Boss calls the nominations fair. Nimrit is evicted from the show. Priyanka comes and apologizes to Nimrit that she has to leave. The mandali gathers and starts crying while giving a group hug. Nimrit wants to see Stan and Shiv compete for the trophy. She warns Archana against harassing Shiv and Stan in the next six days.

Shalin and Priyanka discuss Nimrit. Stan gets furious on seeing them. He felt that either Shalin or Archana would leave. Shalin recalls how Nimrit fought through depression and anxiety but stood strong. Seeing her, he realized that he behaved stupid in front of Bigg Boss.

February 06, 2023 10:29 PM IST

The contestants now have to give a performance. Shiv-Nimrit, Archana-Shalin, Priyanka and Stan have to perform. Shiv-Nimrit dance to Kaala Chashma. Archana-Shalin perform to Mr Lova Lova, followed by Dance Pe Chance. Shalin actually trips on Archana during the song. He gets a scolding from Archana, who asks Bigg Boss to replay the song. They do so and Shalin recreates the steps this time. He then touches Archana's feet post the performance. Priyanka dances to Param Sundari. Shalin blames Archana for dropping her. Archana then goes to the audience and he gets trolled from everywhere. Stan goes next and raps to Ek Din Pyaar. With that, the rounds come to an end.

February 06, 2023 09:58 PM IST

Archana tells Priyanka that she made a mistake with Shiv but nobody understands it. She then tells Shalin the same thing. Nimrit says Priyanka made up things and said the same things like her. Shiv then recalls Shalin did the same thing. Nimrit calls it irritating.

Archana wants to laugh that people felt she isn't real. She discusses the same with Priyanka. Later, Archana tells Shalin she feels he spoke but didn't listen to anyone.

A new crowd is here and they root for Shiv just as much. Bigg Boss reminds him that it isn't all of India.

Archana goes against the mandali this time. She targets Shiv. Nimrit, Stan pick Archana and Shalin. Shalin goes next after Priyanka and does his signature step for the fans.

Shiv and Stan discuss Shalin playing the sympathy card. Shalin, on the other hand, tells Priyanka he is behaving the way he is.

February 06, 2023 09:52 PM IST

Bigg Boss announces the nominations task, which leaves Archana shocked. Shiv tells the mandali that he was sure there would be something till the last day. This time, the task involves an audience. Archana is squirrel, Shalin is wolf, Stan is giraffe, Shiv is horse, Nimrit is bear and Priyanka is cat. Archana goes first and gets a 'Shiv challa hai.' The audiences tell her she doesn't look real. Nimrit goes next, followed by Shiv. As soon as Shiv goes, he gets a lot of cheers from the crowd. Shiv reveals he was waiting for this dream since six years. Stan gets cheers too. He has one manta - mandali rahe idhar. Priyanka goes next. The audience goes for votes.

February 06, 2023 09:45 PM IST

Bigg Boss finale week commences with Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary talking about monkey. Soon, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is seen sleeping next to Shiv Thakare. Archana Gautam pokes them saying 'jaagte raho.' Shiv and Nimrit crib about Shalin again.

Shalin tells Priyanka he wants her. Archana then drags Tina Datta's name. Soon, Priyanka and Shalin dance on Main Yahan Hoon Yahan. Shiv and Stan mock Shalin's singing among their selves.

Archana then does sexy dance moves and Priyanka teases her to do that with Shalin. Stan, meanwhile, creates a new rap.

Archana then turns Shalin into a lady again. Nimrit and Stan discuss they are irritated seeing Shalin's face. Shalin has least interest and goes to Maahim. Archana then teases Maahim with cat sounds and plays with her.

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