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Bigg Boss 16 February 12 Grand Finale Written Update: MC Stan picks the winning trophy; all the contestants reunite

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel promote Gadar 2.

Bigg Boss 16 February 12 Grand Finale Written Update: MC Stan picks the winning trophy; all the contestants reunite
Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16

Last Updated: 09.01 AM, Feb 13, 2023


On the final day of the competition, Krushna Abhishek enters the house to start the Bigg Boss 16 grand finale episode. Bharti Singh comes next. Salman Khan enters with a dhol and joins the fight. Salman begs Krushna to call his business associate. Bharti asks Krushna to go, as Salman refers to her as a heroine. Salman then departs, and Krushna then greets the competitors. He discusses his wild card with Shiv Thakare. When Bharti arrives as the wild card and tucks him under the dupatta, Shiv sings Piya Tu. Shiv yells when he notices her. Shiv is still jokingly said to be with the mandali, although the members of the mandali actually observe things from a chamber.

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is mentioned by Archana Gautam as someone who requested assistance. Nimrit observes her from inside the room. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary refers to Sumbul Touqeer Khan's mast as a "maula." Shalin Bhanot requests to be cast in Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik's movie. Shalin asserts that Abdu had a firm opinion, but Archana counters that Abdu lacked a personal viewpoint. The mandali returns home at that point. Archana is not his friend, says Abdu. Krushna announces that he will finish the show in 30 minutes as long as Sajid acts appropriately. The mandali allegedly met outside the residence, according to Sajid. Shiv goes to hug Abdu in the air after being freed.

Each and every other former Bigg Boss 16 competitor is present, and Archana is instructed to freeze. Priyanka strolls to meet Ankit Gupta. Sreejita De is greeted by Shalin, who even sobs. In the climax, Tina Datta vanishes. While Bharti contacts Shiv, Stan, Sumbul, and Nimrit for a rap, Krushna calls Priyanka, Shalin, and Archana. Shiv is given the initiative, and Priyanka returns it. Ankit offers commentary as Stan continues. After Sumbul, Shalin tries his hand as well. It also includes involvement from Krushna and Bharti before concluding with Archana and Nimrit.

Krushna also mentions the friendship between Archana and Vikkas Maniktala. Soon after, Krushna roasts Sreejita, and Bharti joins in. Krushna discusses Priyanka before moving on to Shiv-Stan. By comparing Archana to chips (70% air), Bharti ridicules her. Bharti refers to Priyanka and Ankit as "paperweights."

The next round is a game of musical chairs, pitting Archana, Priyanka, and Shalin against Nimrit, Shiv, and Stan.

The loser will face consequences. Shalin is seated on top of Nimrit, and Krushna makes fun of her for using Non-Mandali as support. Nimrit is required to pull the rubber while donning a birthday hat. Shalin is defeated in the ensuing round and changes into a murga. This time, Priyanka sits in the chair, and the Mandalis yell "cheating" at her. Priyanka triumphed, while Stan would have lost. She is given adrak shots.This time, Stan fails. He claims that he wouldn't invite Booba's non-Mandali family members to the wedding. Stan must put on dentures. In the end, Shiv and Archana compete. Because of the tie, Archana prevails.

Together with Soundarya Sharma, Nimrit, and Priyanka, Abdu performs. Abdu is picked up by Bharti after acting like he's fainted following Priyanka's hug. In the upcoming challenge, Krushna stays clear of Archana. Sajid discusses Shiv. Then, Krushna and Bharti express their opinions. Sajid states that the writing was intended to be humorous, as Ankit interjects. The next two in line are Soundarya and Archana. Ankit and Priyanka have just arrived. Ankit is still silent.

This is the next assignment. First up are Shalin and Nimrit. Nimrit must behave just like Shalin. He declines to respond. Shalin fails in her effort. Next are Shiv and Priyanka. This time, Shiv fails. Ankit has returned. Stan and Archana follow. Sumbul leaves after Stan rejects Following that, Archana refuses to perform with "Mandali's side actors." Sumbul turns around, and Stan enters. Stan Paalak is called Archana. Stan gives Archana Shemdi another call.

Winners are announced by Big Boss, who also discusses a voyage. Through Krushna and Bharti, Tina will depict Shalin's journey. Like Tina said, Bharti advises Shalin not to overreact. Everyone applauds the two as they fool around with the cameras. Shalin departs. They receive a standing ovation from everyone else. Bharti travels from Tina to Soundarya via Sumbul. Shalin gives Soundarya an ulfat call. Then Bharti transforms into Stan. Krushna then leaves the room.

Archana continues to act, while Priyanka accuses her of frequently lying. Then, Priyanka decides to work with Salman rather than wed Ankit. Stan, in her opinion, has a superior personality; thus, Ankit can only learn how to love from Stan.

Krushna reappears as Dharmendra, carrying a dhol. After giving Sajid and Farah Khan his gratitude, Krushna teases them for not giving him a film role. Then Archana begins a shayari in support of Krushna. Ankit is said to be his favourite competitor. This time, Sreejita is the target. Manya Singh will win the competition, in Krushna's opinion. His father's name is Gautam Singh Vig, and he has the last name Vikkas. Before Krushna leaves the house, everyone starts to groove. Salman's return as host for the grand finale is mentioned by Krushna.

Retrospective travels are made. The romance between Tina and Shalin is reviewed. Also, Priyanka's is. The voices of Priyanka and Archana are mentioned. The shayari of Archana is recalled. The episode with Sumbul and her father is also witnessed. Additionally, the mandali is recalled. Also recalled are Salman's hospitality towards Shalin and his reprimanding of her.

Tina is present on stage while the Bigg Boss theme song is performed again. Salman has returned. He runs into the finalists while they are conversing with Big Boss. Mothers of the competitors attend the competition. Archana apologises to Shiv's mother.Shiv gets to know Archana's mother. Along with the top five, Salman meets the mothers. The mother of Shiv claims she wants to arrange Archana's nuptials. Salman makes fun of Shalin's mother for serving him dahi rather than chicken.

Salman discusses the victor. Then he talks about the Gautam and Ankit-starring film Junooniyatt. He cracks jokes about how they should stick with each other rather than their partners. Salman quips that Shalin and Ankit are the recipients of the horse trophy. The host makes Priyanka-related hints. Salman presents him to his father before panning the camera to Tina. Salman tells Tina that Shalin had conversations in bed after she left.

Salman claims he doesn't want to know the answers to the ex-contestants' questions about life since they would be positive. He also makes fun of Nimrit. He makes light of her legal degree once more and cracks jokes about Priyanka's voice with Ankit. Ankit claims he missed Priyanka's voice and travelled to Thailand for a massage. He makes fun of having a mandali inside his building with Sajid. Abdu acknowledges that he will visit Big Brother. Salman then informs Sumbul that she has joined Chak De!

A surprise awaits Stan. He is prompted to smell the fabric by Salman. Once more, Booba is in. Salman also makes fun of Touqeer Saab and Tina's mother. When the actual Touqeer Saab enters, Stan impersonates him. Salman quips that he has entered the competition. Touqeer Saab makes an imitation of himself. He calls Stan cute and claims he has never been angry with him. Salman jokingly says that Touqeer Saab will reveal the truth to him.

Salman discusses kaali zabaan with Archana. Tina and Shalin will talk, according to Archana. Salman jokes that they won't talk until the music stops. Stan, in Archana's opinion, has a crush on Priyanka. Salman gives Ankit and Priyanka a dulha. In response to the query, Archana states that everyone is content. If Sajid and Abdu hadn't left, in her opinion, she would still be among the top five. Shalin and Shiv, in her opinion, wouldn't make the top five. Salman compares Archana to Dolly Bindra and Priyanka Jagga in his memory. He dedicates a shayari to her and congratulates her on her fame. Salman makes light of the fact that Archana would wed 12 MPs. She acquires a personal AV. People must maintain their modesty, he claims, because the manufacturers often elevate you. Then he shows off her performance. Salman asks Sajid to take Gulshan to the movies because he needs to perform. Shalin and Shiv imitate him. Salman claims that if Gulshan's talent catches on to him, he will be fired from the business.

Salman discusses evictions. The prize money can be increased at the contestants' discretion. The competitors must choose whoever is ranked fifth. For a chance to win Rs. 10 lakhs, they must match the audience's votes. Shiv has chosen Shalin. Likewise, Stan. Shalin decides on Archana. Shalin is also chosen by Priyanka and Archana. Shalin is asked by Salman, who will be leaving. An actor experiences anxiety. He's gone. As a result, Shalin is chosen to play the lead role in the television series Bekaboo.

Salman recalls Shalin's promise to award the winner Rs. 25 lakhs.

Recalling Shalin's desire to host Big Boss, he declines to do so. It's time for Shalin's performance, and his time with Tina is remembered. When Shalin claims he wants to be single, Salman responds that he isn't single on purpose. At the show's conclusion, the actor sings the song "Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan." It features Pooja Hegde and is a romantic song.

Salman then discusses Mandali versus everyone. A new Mandali video just dropped. They are humming the Bigg Boss theme song and dancing. The ties between Sajid-Abdu, Shiv-Nimrit, and Stan-Sumbul are apparent. Archana performs in the middle of it all.

Gadar 2 is being promoted by Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. Abdu soon creates the persona and appears on stage, thrilling Salman. Sunny was amused by the Yaara O Yaara Step. A handpump task is available. Shiv is safe to go first. Stan and Priyanka are both secure. Evicted is Archana. She begins to sob as she approaches the stage. During Archana's speech, Salman makes jokes with her. He instructs Vikkas to imitate Archana. Salman then gives Archana a cheer as she continues to sob for her mother. Ameesha meets Hrithik Roshan and Gautam Singh Vig from television, thanks to Salman. The Kaho Na Pyaar Hai title track is then played as Gautam and Ameesha dance.

Salman is on stage as Krushna reprises his role as Dharmendra. When Salman makes fun of Kashmera Shah, Krushna responds that he sent her to America and threw her out of the country so he could have fun. Shalin and Archana, who are sitting next to each other, are given a standing ovation by Krushna. He makes fun of Gautam and Shalin's game and lauds Salman for his part in Pathaan. In the cycles of Being Human, Salman questions the purpose of production. Salman is to have a "cycle moment" with Krushna. After seeing the situation, he inquires about Touqeer Saab and his poems.

Manya is his next prey. He claims Sumbul is the best person to learn about mud from. "Ankit will play the role of Munni in Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2 moving forward," he says as he approaches Ankit. Stan has just picked up on the game, so Krushna asks Salman for a two- to three-week extension. Salman can't stop laughing when he meets the parents. Shalin laughs and leans over to Sreejita to tell her that Tina's mother is the person who is supposed to get hurt. Rakhee saw Tina's mother, Krushna recalls.

Salman introduces Gashmeer Mahajani, Karan Kundra, and Reem Shaikh as the actors in Ishq Mein Ghayal. After hearing the tale, he makes fun of Shalin-Tina. Salman sings "Are you serious?" by Tejaswi Prakash and makes jokes about Karan's dancing. In contrast to Gori and Karan, Sumbul dances with Gashmeer.

Here is the performance by Priyanka and Ankit. Booba gets a call shortly after. Salman then grants Abdu's request for permission to start singing You Very Well, Bro. Here is the performance by Shiv and Priyanka. Salman acknowledges the same. He continues by discussing eliminations from the top three.

Salman discusses evictions. Shiv is the last person he speaks with before Priyanka and Stan. In a message to Stan, Bantai, Munawar Faruqui, Karan Aujla, Badshah, Raftaar, Seedhe Maut, and Ikka are involved. In his native Amravati, Salman discusses Shiv's mandali.

Here we are at the third removal of the evening. That's Priyanka. Now vying for the trophy are Shiv and Stan of Mandali. Following Priyanka's eviction, Ankit begins to sob. On stage, she, however, beams and says hello to her parents. Shiv and Stan are waiting to take the stage to see who will receive the trophy while they wait.

Shiv and Stan hug each other as Salman makes fun of the winner. Shiv hugs Stan while lifting him into the air. Salman continues to make jokes before announcing Stan as the winner. A rap song is performed to close the show.

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