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Bigg Boss 16 February 5 Written Update: Shekhar Suman enters the house in his final Bigg Bulletin sequence; ration task gets cancelled again

The finale week of Bigg Boss 16 is finally upon us.

Bigg Boss 16 February 5 Written Update: Shekhar Suman enters the house in his final Bigg Bulletin sequence; ration task gets cancelled again
Shekhar Suman enters the Bigg Boss 16 house

Last Updated: 07.14 AM, Feb 06, 2023


Day 126 of Bigg Boss 16 begins with MC Stan discussing Shalin Bhanot with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakare. Within the following 12 days, Stan wants to reveal Shalin's reality. On the mandali's chilling location, Shalin is soon seen playing with Maahin. Maahin eats breakfast with him and snoozes on his lap as he pettifies her. Then Maahim follows her trail.

Nimrit receives a complaint from Archana Gautam regarding housecleaning. When Nimrit informs Archana that Shiv has a responsibility in the toilet, Archana goes and fulfils it. Shiv gives Nimrit a jugaad and orders her to get Archana out. Nimrit finds a way to free Archana. Shiv's eye needs to heal, thus Archana assumes his responsibilities. As the concert is already drawing to a conclusion, Shalin laughs, and Archana chastises him as well. She warns him that if it were her house instead of the Bigg Boss' house, she could force him to do anything.

Archana tries to stop Shiv as he starts to sweep. She is urged to forget it by Shiv. Once more, Stan and Shiv evaluate Shalin. Shalin says he doubts Archana's claim that she joined the channel. Shalin has an Ulta Kundali, according to Archana, and this makes her afraid of him. When Nimrit asks whether everyone will speak, Archana addresses her group and says the same thing. Shiv claims they won't harbour any resentments, but they don't feel like communicating with them.

With his final Bigg Bulletin before the big reveal, Shekhar Suman is back. This time, he displays stalwart behaviour. He discusses the video for Stan-Music Priyanka and Shiv-Roti. Archana's For them, Shekhar creates a rap. The captaincy of Shalin is back. When discussing the assignment, he claims that people were perplexed as to who Shalin and Archana were.

Award night is here. The garam tawa is Archana. Shekhar refers to her as the kitchen queen. Because Shalin is stuck between Salman Khan and Tina Datta, he gets Fata Hua Dholak. According to Shekhar, only Priyanka's leg has received a film offer. Ghungroo ki tarah is dedicated to Shalin by Shekhar. Shalin is asked by Shekhar whether he wants to go to Tina's or his own home. Shalin claims he abandoned tea, or T. Stan bestows the "taang adaana" trophy on Priyanka. He creates taang by combining Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Shiv and Stan receive a dosti prize. Shekhar describes Shiv as "fire," whereas Stan is "water." Shekhar then comments on Stan's abs, telling him that even Shalin has abs, but they don't get the attention of females. Shekhar claims that the two are constantly arguing. Nimrit receives the "captain ka chashma" honour.

When Shalin and Archana invite him to enter the house, Shekhar says farewell to everyone. Then Shekhar catches them off guard by actually entering the house. He discusses their shared connection. Both the contestants and Big Boss show respect for the host. Shekhar said he loves the show and is glad he agreed to it. A standing ovation is given to the host before he leaves.

At midnight, Archana tells Priyanka about Shalin's attempts to appear innocent throughout the task. They argue in the morning when Archana mentions Nimrit and gives Priyanka an example of how Nimrit's wound recovered. Then, Archana asserts that showing compassion is likewise pointless. She discusses Priyanka's demeanour and the impending crisis following Archana's departure from the program. Shalin ends up giving her advice on how to dress.

We now have a new task of ration. Archana and Shalin give Nimrit six, which he gives to Shalin. Priyanka gives two each to Stan and Shiv, and Nimrit gives the other two to Shalin. Shalin consents to take the sixth ride. Shiv, Shalin, and Archana choose Nimrit as their fifth choice. Stan is chosen by Priyanka, and vice versa. Archana is Nimrit's choice. Fifth on the list is Nimrit. Stan should be in the fourth spot, according to Archana. And Priyanka concurs. Shalin chooses Shiv. Archana enjoys watching the argument between Shalin and Shiv. Nimrit, Stan, and Shiv select Archana. Despite the majority, Archana declines to use the restroom at number 4. Despite Bigg Boss' announcement, she remained unwavering. As a result, the ration duty is cancelled. Priyanka is asked by Bigg Boss to choose Archana. Bigg Boss distributes the shared ration to the housemates as Priyanka begins to argue. The housemates are now pitted against Archana as a result of her activities.

Shalin queries Stan over how Shiv mentioned Shalin during the task. Shalin is asked by Stan to speak with Shiv directly. They do come face to face, but Shiv won't explain anything. Archana won't listen while Priyanka patiently attempts to explain. Stan discusses it with Mandali. The mandali and Shalin then had a conversation about Shiv with Archana and Priyanka. When Priyanka tries to speak with Shalin, he responds by saying he's the same way. However, Shiv and Stan continue to label them as false.

We now have a new task. Priyanka and Nimrit's cuisine must pass Archana's inspection. Archana will sample the dish after Shalin describes how she consumed the ration. They are given a timer by Bigg Boss. After preparing one dish, they move on to the next. Priyanka receives a warning from Bigg Boss as Shalin approaches for food. Shalin is then instructed by Bigg Boss to hold the paneer for him. He also urges Shalin to keep the paneer on the table while discussing the protein content of the dish.

Bigg Boss asks Shiv Thakare and MC Stan if they should call in a doctor as backup due to the meal they prepared. The food is too hot for Stan. Given how delicious the food is, Stan asks Shiv to consume it. Archana Gautam tells Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to make sure they have the right toppings. She asks Shalin Bhanot to leave her. Stan refers to Shalin as a "khaudre log." Shiv makes fun of Archana for stealing food from others. Then Archana actually succeeds in trying to share food with Shalin.

Shiv makes Nimrit giggle as he forces her to try their cuisine. Shalin and Archana discuss the mandali. Shalin can't take his eyes off the meal, which makes Priyanka chuckle. Archana is overjoyed when she learns that measurements will be taken for the final costume. Archana is perplexed when Priyanka inquires as to her source of excitement. Shiv and Stan continue to criticise Shalin.

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