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Bigg Boss 16 grand finale: Shalin Bhanot evicted, is first contestant to be out of Salman Khan’s show on D-Day

Shalin Bhanot refuses to pay the winner Rs. 25 lakhs.

Bigg Boss 16 grand finale: Shalin Bhanot evicted, is first contestant to be out of Salman Khan’s show on D-Day
Bigg Boss 16 - Shalin Bhanot.

Last Updated: 09.56 PM, Feb 12, 2023


Shalin Bhanot is evicted from Bigg Boss 16. He was the first to get eliminated from Salman Khan’s show. With that, Shalin is the fifth finalist on the show.

He is the first contestant to be evicted on grand finale. Shalin was reportedly the least liked contestant this week and even before it.

Bigg Boss gave the contestants an opportunity to raise their prize money if they can pick someone who is the fifth finalist. They all named Shalin. Of course, Shalin did not name him but Archana Gautam. Otherwise, the others guessed Shalin’s name. Thus, it was majority vote rather than unanimous vote.

Since they all were correct, Shalin not only got evicted but they also got to win more in the prize money. They won Rs. 10 lakhs.

Shalin, of course, was upset with the decision. He tried to justify his point to everyone. Shalin even spoke about Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer Khan, the two names with who he has been linked since the start.

Salman was the one to announce that the contestants’ and audiences’ votes do match. Shalin, after some nervousness and disappointment, is out of the house. He refuses to move for some time but gets out through the tunnel eventually.

Shalin met Maahim and all the finalists before getting out. Maahim also followed him to the stage.

Shalin beat Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to come in top five. He wanted the trophy and was sure about winning it. Salman motivated the actor saying Shalin will find something huge in life. He got Ekta Kapoor’s show Bekaboo as the main lead. Along with the show, Shalin also got the golden buzzer.

Salman reminded Shalin about the prize money that he will pay Rs. 25 lakhs to the winner. He refuses to give it back.

Since the start, he was neither a part of the mandali or the non-mandali. Most of his game revolved around his bond with Tina Datta. The two met, were emotionally connected and fell apart on the show.

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