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Bigg Boss 16 Highlights: Archana Gautam calls herself 'honest' and Shiv Thakare a 'chaos creator' - Watch

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia gets evicted from the show.

Bigg Boss 16 Highlights: Archana Gautam calls herself 'honest' and Shiv Thakare a 'chaos creator' - Watch

Archana Gautam

Last Updated: 05.24 PM, Feb 07, 2023


The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 has been the most thrilling and exciting one. As the top six contestants met the Bigg Boss fans from the outside world as well as garnered their love and most importantly their votes to remain among the top five. The makers shared a small snippet from the show that sees all six contestants having honest conversations with the in-house public and entertaining them with a few performances.

The video begins with Archana sharing her views only about Shiv out of everyone in the house and also criticizing him."I want to say something special about Shiv. From the beginning till now, you have been under others' shadows. You create big chaos out of small issues about others. Shiv has an especially to portray others in a wrong way," says the actress. She further adds, "Meanwhile, when it comes to me. I have been playing all alone since the beginning. Whatever I say about people, I say it to their faces. People might feel that I am fake. But, I will tell them that I am like this in real life as well."

After that, Nimrit comes on the stage in front of the in-house fans and says that she is very thankful for the show as it came to her when she was not at her best. "I have shown my vulnerability in the show. People have commented about my body weight as well and have also made fun of my depression. I am not like those people who come in between any conversation or argument if it is not affecting my heart," adds the Chhoti Sardarni actress.

Moving on, four other contestants make small speeches in front of the public. Post that, Archana and Shalin entertain everyone with their fun dance. In the end, after creating a lot of suspense, Bigg Boss announces that Nimrit is the one who is evicted and won't be able to make it under the top five. Before taking leave from the BB house she says 'I love you' to Bigg Boss and hugs Stan and Shiv with teary eyes.

Watch the highlight video here:


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