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Bigg Boss 16 January 1, 2023 Written Update: Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbichiyaa celebrate Lohri with the housemates

Sreejita De was evicted from the house.

Bigg Boss 16 January 1, 2023 Written Update: Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbichiyaa celebrate Lohri with the housemates

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.13 AM, Jan 14, 2023


Salman Khan enters with the Hindi version of RRR’s Naatu Naatu song, and kickstarts the show by congratulating the RRR team on their Golden Globe win. He says that two VVIP guests are also gracing the contestants this week and we see Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbichiyaa enter the house to celebrate Lohri.

The comedian duo make jokes about Shalin, Tina, Abdu, Sajid, Archana, Stan and even Archana’s brother. The two even start to pull Bigg Boss’ leg, saying that it feels like the supreme has started behaving like the contestants’ ‘jiju’ at times, even cracking jokes with them.

Haarsh explains the rules of the next task. The housemates have been divided into two teams, yellow and pink. Three members from each team will participate in the task- with one on a swing, one pushing the swing and one throwing the person on the swing a ball. The catch is that the person on the swing can only catch the ball with their feet. It’s Sajid vs Tina in the first round, and Sajid from Team pink wins. Its Abdu vs Sreejita and Abdu’s team Pink win again.

The next task involves two members of a team being bond to to each other back to back, and being required to taste a dish blindfolded and explain it to their partner, who must then guess what it is. Archana and Shalin go first and guess two. Shiv and Nimrit go for the next round, and they guess one. But Nimrit accidentally say the name of the last food. Soundarya and Priyanka go again, and guess 2. Stan and Sumbul go next and guess one. The Yellow team wins in the end.

There is one more task, which is a fun and physically demanding task where one is required to take a bucket of water and run across a slippery, shaky ramp, and fill the water in a container. Shiv, Nimrit, Stan and Sumbul go first from pink team. Archana, Soundarya, Shalin and Priyanka go form the Yellow team. Team pink wins.

Next is a numbers task, where housemates are required to give housemates numbers 1,2 and 3, based on a certain criteria, which will not be revealed until the end. Sreejita, Stan and Tina are given numbers 1,2 and 3, and then the criteria is revealed to be ‘Kaamchor’. Soon it turns into an argument. Shiv then chooses Soundarya, Tina and Shalina as 1,2 and 3, for not having any identity. Priyanka chooses Shalin, Tina and Soundarya for the word ‘Gadha’.

Haarsh and Bharti ask Shalin if he really thinks he is a gadha, and he says yes. Shalin chooses Tina, Archana and Priyanka for having a ‘ghatiya soch’. Tina gets angry about this, and she and Shalin get into an argument. Team Pink wins a basket of sweets, and Tina-Priyanka-Shalin argue over what he did.

Salman meets the housemates, and has fun recreating the incident where Tina’s mother hugs Sreejita, mistaking her for Tina. Salman jokes that Shalin seems adopted, and about Archana and Gulshan’s high pitched voice. Shalin and Shiv show the dance moves Gulshan taught them. Salman addresses the ‘Salman kundli dosh’ joke that Shalin said, and Salman jokes back with him. Shalin laughs and says that he won't joke like that again, but Salman doesn't believe him.

Salman gives a task, housemates have to name their weaknesses and the housemates who exploit their weakness. The next task is here. It is about naming housemates who use weakness. Archana says she says negative things when she argues, and names Shiv. Soundarya says she cannot accurately judge people and becomes emotional and blindly supports people, and she names Archana. Sumbul says she is too quiet but picks no one, but criticises Shalin, Tina and Sreejita. Nimrit says she is too gullible and picks everyone except the mandali. Shiv says him winning Bigg Boss Marathi makes people think he is playing a game, and picks Shalin, Tina and Archana. Stan, Abdu pick Priyanka. Sajid picks Nimrit, Priyanka and Archana. Shalin names Tina and vice-versa. Priyanka chooses Soundarya. Sreejita picks Soundarya, Nimrit.

Salman says that Priyanka seems to be the one who the housemates think exploits their weaknesses the most. The actress apologises to Stan.

Salman welcomes Haarsh and Bharti, and celebrates Lohri. The two joke around with the host. The two even bring their child Gola,and joke that the child isn't speaking because the channel has not paid the child. They leave the child with Salman, and the host dances with the host. The host also has a gift for Gola, in the form of a bracelet similar to that of Salman’s.

Salman talks to the housemates about evictions. Sreejita, Sumbul, Stan and Nimrit are nominated for eviction this week. Sreejita is the one who is evicted