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Bigg Boss 16 January 10 Written Update: Housemates celebrate Farah Khan's birthday with a cake

Family week continues on Bigg Boss, with more housemates' loved ones entering the house.

Bigg Boss 16 January 10 Written Update: Housemates celebrate Farah Khan's birthday with a cake
Bigg Boss 16 - January 10 - Written Update
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.19 AM, Jan 11, 2023


On the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 16, more members of the contestants' families entered the compound as the family week continued. Sajid is questioned by Bigg Boss about his opinion of Farah's appearance. He discusses their relationship and how happy it made him see his sibling. Bigg Boss wants Sajid to talk to Farah and make an avatar of the contestant that hasn't been seen before.

Asha, Shiv's mother, is waiting for her to join her for supper while Archana works on making parathas for her. Asha is anticipating having Archana and Soundarya over for tea. According to Asha, she hasn't eaten anything cooked by someone else in 40 years. Sajid and Farah are summoned to the activity space.

Farah makes fun of Sajid when he interviews her, and the two have a good time joking about it. Farah continuously roasts Sajid. Farah and Sajid describe an instance in which the two got into a quarrel when they were kids. Farah admits that she enjoys watching Bigg Boss a lot. The interview is broadcast to the other residents of the home as well.

Sajid relates a tale in which Farah wrecked the bike of two youths who had assaulted him. Farah also described Sajid's treatment of Abdu as "maternal." Sajid says Abdu will be going home, as well as calling Stan and Shiv her brothers, Farah. Sajid claims that even though he had a challenging time on "Bigg Boss," he was appreciative of the other candidates and the way they treated him.

Farah's birthday is celebrated by her housemates with cake. Farah is forced to leave shortly after Bigg Boss freezes everyone. He releases Sajid, Stan, Shiv, Nimrit, Abdu, and Sumbul one by one, then Shalin, Archana, Soundarya, Priyanka, and finally Tina so that they can bid Farah farewell.

Abdu is hugged and kissed by Shiv's mother. Shiv is like his brother, Abdu tells him, and the two of them are going to Bigg Boss UK together. Sajid and Stan make fun of the idea that if Sumbul's father attends the concert, he will attack Shalin. When Shiv's mother comes up to Shalin to find Shiv, Shalin directs her to the room. The other residents of the residence quickly awaken when the siren sounds. Stan claims to possess coffee powder. Shalin is asked by Shiv's mother to stop making fun of Shiv and to give him another chance to be captain.

Tina is requested by Soundarya to leave the coffee in the communal area. Tina talks about how 12 people will now need to share a cup of coffee. Priyanka and Tina warn Priyanka's brother to expect trouble over the new coffee distribution system. The former questions Soundarya's inclusion in the count given that she is a vegan. Soundarya contends that everything is distributed among 12 people, including the meat. While Priyanka claims that even nut butter should be shared among 12 people, Soundarya disparages her as having a little heart. Shiv's mother chuckles as the events unfold.

Nimrit notes that Tina never seems to initiate a dispute on her own. The question of why Sumbul speaks so little is raised by Priyanka's brother, who claims to have interacted with Sumbul the least. According to Priyanka, her brother had high admiration for Sumbul.

Shalin makes fun of the "dosh" in his kundli that he calls the "Salman dosh." He says sorry, to Shiv's mother's laughter. Shiv's mother speaks up for Shalin before Shiv. Shalin is a TV actor, and Asha claims that everyone in the game must perform. Shiv's assault on Shalin is condemned by her. Shiv is asked to create some for Shalin.

The housemates are frozen, and Shiv's mother and Priyanka's brother soon have to leave. The mother of Shiv gives blessings to everyone. When departing, she starts to cry. Only at the very end is Priyanka set free, and she and Shiv say goodbye to their loved ones. Priyanka says that her brother told her that some of the other residents said she sometimes pretended to be nice to Abdu just for pictures.

Everyone is frozen by Bigg Boss when Stan's mother, Wahida, shows up. Upon seeing Stan, she breaks down in tears and gives Abdu a blessing. She visits everyone, meeting them while being visibly moved. She sobbed during their prolonged hug. She compliments him on his good performance and sincerity. He crumbles in her arms despite her best efforts to offer him courage. Everyone else will be let go soon. Shalin and Archana express regret for their remarks.

When Archana's brother enters the house, she cries and cries. She sobs while Gulshan dances and laughs; he gives her a hug while making fun of her. He makes fun of her by telling her that he came in place of Archana's mother. All the other contestants are released by Bigg Boss, but Archana keeps going. Before Bigg Boss says the release, Archana pursues and yells at Gulshan for not letting her mother come. Sajid, Shalin, and Stan haul Gulshan away for not making fun of Archana. Archana accuses her brother of stopping her mother from coming, which makes the siblings fight quickly.

The frequent arguments between Archana and her brother amuse the other residents of the house. Next, Nimrit's father shows up. Nimrit's father makes fun of Archana for how the kitchen is set up. Stan's mother discusses with him the disagreement with Archana that upset her. Nimrit receives game-playing advice from his father. With Shalin and Shiv, Gulshan enjoys singing and dancing.

Bigg Boss claims that Archana's brother steals the spotlight. For the captaincy duty, the garden is transformed into a chicken farm, and each round begins when the sound of a chicken is heard. Trays with bird food are to be filled by the residents. Shiv triumphs in the opening round, eliminating Tina and Soundarya.