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Bigg Boss 16 January 12 Written Update: Simi Garewal brings new perspective for the housemates

Shalin Bhanot calls Tina Datta fake, and she doesn't hold back.

Bigg Boss 16 January 12 Written Update: Simi Garewal brings new perspective for the housemates
Simi Garewal and Abdu Rozik in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.18 AM, Jan 13, 2023


The Bigg Boss theme song begins to play as Shalin Bhanot and his mother are discussing winning the trophy on day 103. Shalin dances with his mother, and Tina Datta dances with her mother, while Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia share a private moment.

Marathi, Hindi, and English are just a few of the languages in which MC Stan discusses his raps. Tina's mother receives an apology from Shalin for not spending more time with her. She claims that she isn't offended and that he should make sure that no one feels bad about what he did. As he touches Tina's mother's foot, Shalin's mother becomes agitated. He becomes enraged with her as well, claiming that his actions are justified.

In response to Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary's "Haaye garmi," Abdu Rozik wanders around in a towel. When everyone has frozen, Bigg Boss releases Shiv Thakare so that he can play with Abdu. Shiv tries to dress Abdu, but he won't have it. Abdu is still wrapped in a towel when Bigg Boss releases and then freezes him. While Shiv dresses Abdu, Shalin continues to discuss the situation with his mother. When Priyanka is freed, she approaches Abdu while he is still getting dressed and giggles. Abdu begs Bigg Boss to let everyone go, and he does.

When Bigg Boss instructs everyone to freeze once more, Tina's mother begs her not to hurt anyone. The family members must depart from the home. Tina promises Shalin's mother that she will stop by and get some halwa. Only Shalin and Tina are released after everyone is instructed to freeze. Before they depart, they spend some time with their mothers. Shalin doesn't get to meet Tina's mother, but she does. In the tunnel, Tina makes fun of Shalin while making nautanki jokes. Then, Bigg Boss sends each housemate home.

When Nimrit comes to Abdu and Shiv to discuss something, Abdu informs him that Nimrit and Shalin are now friends. Shiv remembers Nimrit kicking Shalin in the behind with the pillow. Nimrit claims that a mother like Shalin's would be ideal. It is not a proposition, and Sajid thinks Shalin is really fortunate to have a mother like that. Soundarya Sharma's mother walks inside as everyone freezes. Sajid, Stan, Shalin, Nimrit, Shiv, Abdu, and Archana are fired from Bigg Boss. Soundarya is liberated as a result of Sajid's begging.

Shiv dresses Sumbul while Bigg Boss freezes everyone else in the house. When Nimrit makes a joke about "bade papa," the visitor actually enters the home. As Sumbul's face is obscured, Sajid loses it. He begs Bigg Boss to let Sumbul go. Instead, Bigg Boss fires Nimrit, Abdu, Shiv, Shalin, Stan, and Sajid. He goes to see Archana and tells her that because of her, everyone wants to be an MP. Sumbul's bade papa amuses the inmates, especially Sajid. Big Boss has finally released Sumbul. Shiv is thanked by Bade Papa for acting like Sumbul's older brother. He requests that she be open with the mandali.

Shalin and Soundarya meet her mother. Then, Bigg Boss orders everyone to stand still. When Sreejita De's fiancé arrives at the house, Shiv clutches her hand. Shiv releases her hand, and Michael congratulates everyone while giving her a hug. He hugs Shiv as well. Shiv is freed and gives Michael a hug in return. Also released is Abdu. Soundarya queries her mother as to whether Gautam Singh Vig said anything improperly. After she rejects him, Soundarya requests that her mother speak up. In front of them, Archana compliments Michael. When Sreejita is at last freed, she is ecstatic beyond measure.

Tina's mother's entrance scene is reenacted by Archana. When Tina becomes irate, she claims that even Stan does not enjoy her behaviour. Archana complains to Sumbul's bade papa about the mandali taking advantage of her. Priyanka queries Shalin about Sajid's veracity. He imitates Sajid while they converse. After speaking with Sumbul's bade papa, the filmmaker learns that she is incapable of having children. He claims that her innocence simply will not go away in Bigg Boss. Sumbul is told by Sajid to act like a 10-year-old and that she was popular when she was younger. He continues to say this as he leaves. The mandali then talks about how even Sajid might be mistaken. Shiv approaches Sajid, who is dozing, to speak.

Shiv and Nimrit recollect how Sajid was responsible for the birthday incident's escalation. Shiv talks to Stan separately about Sajid and how Sajid didn't even pay attention to him. Stan then approaches Sajid, and the director begins to open up gradually. Michael approaches Archana, who perceives that her wish to converse with a foreigner has been realised. She learns from him that Sreejita was angry about Archana's nomination. While speaking with Michael, Archana stumbles. Michael is taught "maarte maarte mor bana dunga" by Archana. Michael would allegedly make Sreejita a "peacock" at home, jokes Archana. Michael has resentment against Sreejita's friendship with Shiv and Abdu.

Shiv accepts Sajid's apology. Then he claims that by ragging Sumbul, they have turned into villains. Sumbul is even instructed by Sajid on how to speak to the media outside. Nimrit and Sajid discuss how the unconvincing claim turned into a story. Shalin advises Nimrit not to think too much.

A surprise is given to the residents. There is Simi Garewal at home. She claims Sajid Khan is to blame for her introduction to the program. Stan is the first guest on the talk show, and he expresses his gratitude to God before being joined by his mother. The next person in line is Priyanka, who has to choose between becoming famous and always being loved by her boyfriend. She chooses love. Shiv also has to decide between finding a life partner and achieving. He chooses fame over love.

Tina experiences difficulties in her career. Acting and politics are both things Archana wishes to do. Tina or chicken must be Shalin's choice. According to Tina, he would pick chicken. Shalin claims he would choose any item on the alternative platter. Shalin is described as charming by Simi, and he agrees. She doesn't understand why everyone chastises him. Shalin fears Salman Khan more than Bigg Boss.

Tina is melancholy, while Archana is dramatic. According to Nimrit, men make better friends than women. She remembered how women undermined one another. Priyanka said she would push both her friends and herself. Then Simi addresses Abdu in his language. She claims she loves him deeply, and he does too. Simi claims he has won a lot of hearts. Abdu demonstrates Sajid's claim that a single embrace from him can make people cry.

Sumbul teaches Simi that there can be disagreement but not always dialogue. Archana claims she wants a committed boyfriend. Priyanka wants to finish her sisters' children's education, Tina wants to win hearts, Soundarya wants to continue enjoying Bigg Boss 16, Shiv wants to take his family to see his movie, Nimrit has a similar dream, Sajid wants to entertain once more, and Shalin wants the trophy. Shiv wants to take his family to see his movie. When Simi leaves, there is a standing ovation from everyone.

With Stan and Shiv, Shalin talks about the most recent match. On the other hand, Archana asks Nimrit to show her own feelings instead of repeating Shiv. That makes Nimrit angry once more. Tina counters Shalin's claim that it is his ration by saying that it is actually her old one, despite Priyanka. Shalin exits after swearing as Shiv stands up for her. Tina responds to Shalin's criticism of her story as being false, and they argue in front of the public.

Archana thinks the altercation was orchestrated. Shalin then refuses to discuss Tina when Priyanka asks him about her. Shalin believes Tina wants to have control over his life and asks Priyanka why she is unclear. Shiv kisses Abdu as they share a brief moment. Nimrit expresses her gratitude for Soundarya's mother being present at midnight. They discuss Archana. The episode finishes with Nimrit wondering why Archana isn't sweet.