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Bigg Boss 16 January 15 Written Update: Sajid Khan bids farewell to his housemates and departs from the show

Housemates break down upon seeing Sajid Khan get evicted from the reality show.

Bigg Boss 16 January 15 Written Update: Sajid Khan bids farewell to his housemates and departs from the show
Bigg Boss 16 - January 15 - Written Update

Last Updated: 07.49 AM, Jan 16, 2023


Sajid Khan begins day 105 of Bigg Boss 16 by remaining awake, and Tina Datta wonders why he's up so early. Abdu Rozik was not happy at home, and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary was aware of this. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia is advised by Tina Datta to play her own game because she is a powerful woman. According to Tina, she feels unwelcome in the Mandali. She continues by stating that there was a time when she missed having Nimrit home.

Then, Sajid confronts Archana Gautam about her actions. He informs her that she loses patience during arguments after a certain point. Sajid becomes upset when Archana claims to be famous. Tina discusses chicken with Shalin, first via Priyanka and then directly. Nimrit admits to Soundarya that she has made numerous attempts to defend Archana's conduct. Shiv Thakare allegedly harbours greater resentments than Soundarya.

Archana gives Shalin compliments. Shalin exits after Tina calls her out. Sajid makes light of Sumbul's on-camera poop. Sumbul becomes irritated but does not demand that the joke end. Priyanka is informed by Shalin that Mandali is not the program. Shiv concurs with Stan's admiration of the reporters. Shalin claims that he will save her and that he wants to be the captain. According to Shalin, the mandali is similar in that its members are a mix of those who are strong on the inside and weak on the outside, and vice versa.

Shalin and Tina are still speaking, despite everything, Soundarya tells Archana. Shalin responds, "Not at all," when Priyanka says the same thing to him. Archana bemoans her mistakes in front of Salman Khan. The participants soon heard a strange noise coming from Shekhar Suman. He converses with the contestants in Tapri.

Shekhar likens Archana's sobs to the sound a balloon makes when it deflates. He threatens them by holding up a razor. Then he discusses Farah's assertion and how she committed numerous house thefts. Once the host reaches Priyanka's brother, he finds him to be just as mute as Ankit Gupta. Nimrit claims that Priyanka is so talkative that everyone else must keep quiet. Shiv's mother is praised by Shekhar. The Shalin-Tina equation has gotten the most attention, but the Sreejita De issue has also come up again. Shalin is ridiculed, while Shalin's mother is praised. Shekhar wants Archana in the rival gang and Sajid in his. "Don't be harsh on her," says Shalin again. He makes fun of the whole house before leaving.

Archana says that Nimrit's father liked talking with Archana and wanted Nimrit to join the group. Contrarily, Soundarya confronts Priyanka and expresses her gratitude for their conversation. In light of this, Nimrit speaks with Stan.

Shalin disguises himself as a woman once more, and Nimrit inspires him. Tina can hardly contain her laughter. He approaches Shiv in this manner, who commends him. Sumbul attempts to contain her laughter as she studies Shalin.

Eventually, Nimrit confronts Soundarya regarding Priyanka. She also discusses the interaction she had with Archana. The mandali is then informed of the situation by Nimrit. According to Sajid, wars are won in the war room rather than on the battlefield. After a while, Nimrit goes up to Archana in front of Soundarya and tells her not to lie about her dad.

Shalin and Nimrit talk about how Nimrit felt having her father around. Following that, Stan makes fun of Priyanka's absence from training. Stan resists Archana's attempts to speak with him. Tina and Priyanka scold Stan for imitating her. When Soundarya discusses Priyanka with Sajid, Sajid responds that Priyanka is a leader and everyone she leads escapes. He claims that all she wants is weekly protection from nominations.

Stan continues to talk to Priyanka and Shiv about the issue. As he makes his point about Archana bringing foolish muck to the fight, he suddenly becomes caustic. Both MC Stan and Sajid Khan imitate individuals. After meeting Maahin, Archana Gautam jokes with her that she will bite and kick her, making Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia giggle. The mission, which involves cooking, is announced by Shiv Thakare. There are two teams: Shiv-Nimrit and Shalin-Soundarya Sharma. Shiv is chosen by Tina Datta and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, while Soundarya is chosen by Archana.

Soundarya tries to confide in Shalin about the discussions they will have as Tina leaves with Priyanka. She merely does this to receive a warning for whispering from Bigg Boss. Soundarya informs Archana that Shalin and Tina communicate via sign language as he folds his hands. Shalin, on the other hand, discusses the same matter with Priyanka and is given a warning by Bigg Boss for whispering. In a later conversation, Priyanka tells Tina that the bond does not dissolve quickly.

Nimrit and Shiv make jokes that are similar to each other. Shiv says that Vikkas Maniktala should have been on the show. Shiv and Tina can be seen whirling after that. Nimrit and Sajid are perplexed by this as Shalin passes by them.

Strange things happen in the home. The house is entered by thieves as a terrifying event is replayed. Nimrit detects the images of Sajid Khan. Riteish Deshmukh converses with the director. He warns Sajid that if he does not leave the show of his own free will, he will be kidnapped.

Bigg Boss says in a statement that Sajid is no longer a part of Bigg Boss 16. Both the mandali and he mourns his departure. Sajid claims that everyone deserved the prize and that he understood he had to leave. He claims that everyone is his friend, and they would all get together and have fun outside the home. Since the announcement, Sajid has packed his suitcase every day.

Shalin senses that the house is starting to feel empty while Priyanka is in shock. Before he leaves the house, they meet him. Tina, Soundarya, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and Nimrit cry as Stan gets upset. Shiv stumbles and lands on Sajid's feet. Shiv and Archana both start crying after he departs.

As she approaches Sajid's pictures, Archana speaks with Bigg Boss about the family's disintegration. Shalin and Priyanka are known as "nautanki" by Nimrit. When Tina visits Nimrit to see how she is doing, Nimrit goes to hug Shiv and Stan. Sumbul follows suit. When Shalin approaches them to speak, everyone ignores him until Shiv refers to Sajid as a unique competitor. He then departs from the group. Shiv claims that everyone has become lonely.

Sajid, according to Tina, is comparable to an older brother. Then Shalin intervenes, upsetting Tina. Nimrit is informed by Soundarya that Tina and Shalin are relieved. Shalin goes on to say that he will act like Sajid because he is old. He acts like a child, so Nimrit begs him to back off. Shalin then imitates Sajid and claims that he was also a child. Stan believes the dojo of Mandali is gone. When Sajid leaves, he and Shiv are unsure about what to do.

As Archana tries to converse with Priyanka, she becomes enraged. Nimrit remembers their promise to support one another all the way to the end. Then Sumbul informs Nimrit that Shalin will attempt to speak with her. Instead, the Mandali approaches them. Once more, Sumbul leads them in a group hug. Boys are different, while girls think in distinct ways. After that, Priyanka apologises to Archana.

Then Shalin informs Priyanka that Nimrit is similarly invisible to Sumbul. He discusses team-versus-individual gaming. Although Priyanka knows he's worried about Nimrit and Soundarya, she begs him to let them alone.

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