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Bigg Boss 16 January 19, 2023 LIVE Updates: Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary reveals Shalin Bhanot keeps washroom door open

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia stays the captain

Bigg Boss 16 January 19, 2023 LIVE Updates: Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary reveals Shalin Bhanot keeps washroom door open
Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia in Bigg Boss 16
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.31 PM, Jan 19, 2023


Here's everything that happened on the episode...

January 19, 2023 10:45 PM IST

Nimrit announces a new task. Team Tina guesses the first, second, third, fourth round right. The fifth round is radd. Team A aka Tina, Shiv, Stan and Sumbul win the hamper.

As Shalin comes in between, Shiv and Stan lose their minds. The mandali then celebrate the win. Shalin and Soundarya have mask treatment, while Priyanka, Archana and Tina have fun. Priyanka and Tina lock Archana in the storeroom and make her talk to Bigg Boss to get her out. The mandali have fun times too. Tina reveals Shalin told their mutual friends that he wanted to meet her. She questions how Gautam and Shalin became brothers on the show on day 2. She reveals Shalin ensured that Tina's PR is his PR. Tina says Shalin asked something very cheap from her and won't reveal so on cameras. Priyanka reveals Shalin keeps the washroom door open.

January 19, 2023 10:40 PM IST

Tina regrets her statement of wanting to get out of the show. Soundarya brings the Shiv topic again and Nimrit is least interested.

Archana tells Shalin that everybody will go crazy during the end. Priyanka asks Archana's plans and she says she will make a grand entry in helicopter in her area.

Sumbul talks to Nimrit about Shiv. Nimrit says Shiv never shares what he feels. Priyanka asks Stan to talk to her and Tina. Stan says 'nako' and walks out. Shiv says Priyanka isn't cute or naughty and she thanks him.

January 19, 2023 10:30 PM IST

Day 110 commences with Nimrit giving Soundarya a hug. Shiv and Stan discuss about Nimrit spending time with Shalin. Sumbul explains Nimrit's problem and he doesn't understand the reason.

Tina says yesterday's episode has taken a toll on her health. Priyanka agress. Tina feels she will be schooled and called wrong on Shukravaar Ka Vaar with Salman Khan.

Sumbul and Nimrit discuss Tina-Priyanka and the woman card and equality. Stan says everyone will cry after leaving the Bigg Boss house.

Shiv talks to the crow. Soundarya says his family members are in the house. Nimrit stays with Shalin and Soundarya while Sumbul spends time with Shiv and Stan, only to follow Nimrit again. Shalin is upset that thanks to Tina, his mother cried.

Sumbul does Shiv's hair as Nimrit and Stan watch. Shalin says he can help them if needed. Stan mimics Shalin, making it a hilarious situation. Shiv says he didn't want Shalin to touch his hair.

January 19, 2023 10:25 PM IST

Nimrit talks to Shiv about the two women trying to break them up. Shiv tries to make fun and then apologizes to Nimrit. She says even Shiv will be irriated if she names Archana with him. Nimrit is upset that Shiv named Priyanka over her. Soundarya had pointed the same out to her. Nimrit and Shiv finally hug out their differences.

Tina tells Priyanka that Shalin will try to talk to Sumbul, knowing that Sajid Khan is not there to stop her.

January 19, 2023 10:16 PM IST

Shiv and Shalin talk about their incident. Tina then talks about how Shalin did not stand up to Shiv and thanks herself for not falling in love with Shalin. Stan calls Shalin wrong for dragging Sumbul's name in arguments. Shiv gets irked and walks out on Shalin.

Shalin tells Archana that Priyanka is overconfident that she is going to win the show. Archana says she's one of the faces of the channel. Shalin then calls out Priyanka's laugh. He then talks to Nimrit and asks who is on her side and isn't.

Nimrit ends up crying and Shiv and Stan try to talk to her. Shiv tries to give Nimrit a hug but she runs away from his arms. She then pulls Sumbul with her.

Priyanka and Tina explain to Shiv what is happening with Nimrit. Nimrit gets irked with them. Soundarya pokes Nimrit saying she will be affected and Shiv knew about that.

January 19, 2023 10:05 PM IST

Soundarya tells Shalin that Tina got upset because she picked on Shiv. Tina, on the other hand, continues arguing with Nimrit. Sumbul does so too.

Meanwhile, Shiv accuses Archana of playing woman card. She asks him to play male card. Priyanka then calls out Soundarya. Archana talks to Nimrit about Gautam being dragged on the show. Archana then approaches Priyanka, who says Soundarya does chugli. This leads to an argument between the two.

Stan and Shiv discuss Archana playing woman card. Soundarya cries to Shalin that Shiv is trying to character assassinate her. She then asks him to stay away from the topic. Tina questions why Soundarya and Nimrit didn't take a stand for her but play the woman card now. Tina wants to see if Soundarya talks to Shalin after speaking about self-respect. Priyanka points out that Soundarya is. Stan on the other hand, is done with everything.

Nimrit talks to Soundarya, who says that she has seen Shiv's real face and asks Nimrit to beware.

January 19, 2023 09:45 PM IST

A new episode on Bigg Boss 16 commences with Bigg Boss asking Sumbul Touqeer Khan about her fun moments with Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. The Ticket to Finale week challenge is here. There's a cutout of Nimrit and Shiv. The contestants have to catch a bullet and name either Nimrit or Shiv to get out. The first one to get three bullets will be out. Tina catches a bullet and gives it to Nimrit. Soundarya goes next and picks Shiv. This leads to an argument. Shalin picks Shiv too. Soundarya catches the bullet again and picks Shiv again. Thus, Nimrit stays the captain.

Soundarya says her relationship with Gautam Singh Vig turned sour four days before he left. Tina Datta gets into Soundarya's argument with Shiv, irking Soundarya further. Soon, Priyanka and Nimrit also get into an argument. Soundarya gets into an argument with Shiv again. Archana and Priyanka take a corner and say they don't need footage. Soundarya walks away saying her personal life has become a joke. She gets into an argument with Tina soon after. Nimrit points out how Tina has told Sumbul many things.