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Bigg Boss 16 January 19, 2023 Written Update: Nimrit and Shiv have a fallout; Tina reveals Shalin’s ‘gameplan’

Nimrit wins the captaincy task again.

Bigg Boss 16 January 19, 2023 Written Update: Nimrit and Shiv have a fallout; Tina reveals Shalin’s ‘gameplan’

Last Updated: 07.45 AM, Jan 20, 2023


Bigg Boss teases Sumbul for hanging from Nimrit and Shiv’s arms. The ticket to the finale week task starts. There are two cut outs, one of Nimrit and one of Shiv. The duo have to battle each other for captaincy, and the housemates get to decide who will win it. Bullets will roll from a slide in the garden area, and the housemates are required to catch, and stick the bullets into the cutouts of the person who they do not want to be captain.

Nimrit and Shiv are the supervisors. Tina sticks a bullet into Nimrit, while Soundarya, Shalin sticks a bullet into Shiv. Shiv and Soundarya over Soundarya’s friendship with Gautam and Sreejita, and Shiv asks her to choose between Gautam and Sreejita. Shiv questions the authenticity of her relationship between Gautam. Soundarya grabs another bullet and sticks it into Shiv’s cutout, and thus Nimrit wins the task.

Shiv and Soundarya’s argument continues, with the latter saying that Shiv is questioning her character. Soon Archana and Tina also become a part of the argument. Stan and Shalin also argue. Soundarya criticises Tina for meddling. Soon Bigg Boss intervenes, and announces Shiv as the loser, and Nimrit as winner. He lightens the mood by commenting on Soundarya’s Hindi.

As the argument continues, Archana and Priyanka comment about how a lot of it seems to be for the camera. Shiv denies questioning Soundarya’s character. Priyanka also takes Shiv’s side. Soundarya says that everyone is making a mockery of her personal life. Soon Soundarya and Priyanka start yelling at each other. Priyanka questions Soundarya’s friendships.

When Tina talks about how Sreejita had said bad things about her, and how Soundarya’s ‘feminism’ did not gear its head at the time, Nimrit also mentions the bad things Tina said about Sumbul. Tina and Nimrit get into a full blown argument, and Sumbul also becomes a part of it. Then Archana and Shiv also start arguing. Archana has a heart to heart with Nimrit.

Archana and Priyanka also start to argue. Soundarya tells Shalin that Shiv is trying to character assassinate her. Soundarya tears up talking about it. Soundarya tells Shiv not to talk about her relationship with Gautam, and tells her that such words will affect her as a woman and as an actress. She says that she does not want to talk about her personal life.

Tina, Shiv, Stan and Sumbul believe that Soundarya is playing the ‘woman card’. Nimrit and Soundarya have a serious talk. Soundarya questions whether Shiv is as good a friend to her as she is to him. She says that Shiv and Priyanka are playing politically.

Shalin and Shiv also have a discussion. Tina talks about how Shalin tries to meddle into other people’s business, and is glad she did not end up with Shalin. Shalin’s attempt to advice Shiv ends up in Shiv and Stan accusing Shalin of playing the game.

Shalin says that Priyanka is overconfident, while Archana says that it is because she believes herself to be the face of Colors. They comment on Priyanka’s booming laugh. The two criticise Priyanka for not having her own point of view.

Shalin asks Nimrit if she knows who is on her side, and Soundarya also agrees. Shalin also reminds Nimrit of what her father told her.

Shiv tries to talk to Nimrit, who is visibly upset. She refuses to talk to Stan and Shiv. Priyanka and Tina talk to Shiv, and Nimrit says that it is getting on her nerves. Soundaraya says that Shiv is talking to them on purpose, knowing the effect it has on Nimrit.

Nimrit confronts Shiv about it. Shiv then jokingly tells Nimrit that she also talks to Shalin. But Nimrit becomes serious, and Shiv assures that the topic of conversation is never Nimrit. The captain becomes emotional talking about how much she supported Shiv. Nimrit talks about how she is well aware of how her talks with Archana bothers Stan, so she is wary of it. Shiv apologises and jokingly ‘punishes’ himself. They hug it out. Tina tells Priyanka that Shalin might next play Sumbul, now that Sajid is not there to protect her.

The next day dawns on the Bigg Boss house. Shiv talks about Nimrit’s bond with Shalin, which bothers him as well. Tina discuss with Priyanka that she wants to leave the house voluntarily, as everything thats going on in the house is affecting her health.

Sumbul trims Shiv’s hair, and the mandali have fun with it. Tina and Priyanka talk again, where the former reconsiders her comments of trying to leave the show voluntarily. Archana and Priyanka talk about the former would do after Bigg Boss. Shiv and Stan discuss Priyanka’s ‘cuteness’.

Nimrit has a task for the housemates from Bigg Boss. In Team A there’s Shiv, Stan, Tina and Sumbul and in Team B there’s Soundarya, Priyanka, Archana and Shalin. There are two boards in the garden area and a basket full of jumbled letters with numbers at the back. The housemates have to guess the words according to hints. Then the team members have to scoop out the malai from containers of milk and put it in another container. Team A wins the game.

Priyanka and Tina discuss Shalin. Tina reveals that Shalin had asked their common friend to set up a meeting between them as he wanted to meet her. She reveals that Shalin had told her about how they should play as a team, never nominating each other. She said that he had met with Gautam as well and planned with him as well. Tina had refused this. She also rivals that Shalin had asked something very cheap from her, something materialistic.

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