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Bigg Boss 16 January 22 Written Update: Soundarya Sharma evicted from Salman Khan's show; Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia bags Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2

Ekta Kapoor and Dibakar Banerjee enter the Bigg Boss 16 house for auditions.

Bigg Boss 16 January 22 Written Update: Soundarya Sharma evicted from Salman Khan's show; Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia bags Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2
Soundarya Sharma (Courtesy: ColorsTV/Twitter)
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Last Updated: 02.16 AM, Jan 23, 2023


Salman Khan talks about the nominees Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta, Soundarya Sharma, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan to start off Bigg Boss 16: Ravivaar Ka Vaar. Then he talks about welcoming Dibakar Banerjee and Ekta Kapoor. Shiv Thakare trains Sumbul to dance while Salman introduces himself to the competitors. After watching Bhaijaan, Stan rushes to the television. According to Salman, Bigg Boss has become a dancing competition. He then asks Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia about Shalin and Tina from his point of view.

Shiv has a ticket to see the game from the front row, while Nimrit has a ticket to the finale week. Salman says, "Take Shiv's case." He asks Shiv if his dancing will help him go on dance reality shows and cautions Shiv that Bigg Boss isn't Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Stan is to be commended at this point. They are questioned about their bond, though. Shiv brawls over the girl card and claims he was avoiding some viewpoints because of it.

"Paap ka ped" is then introduced by Salman. When Salman hears paap, Archana Gautam gets up, leaving him perplexed. The paapis must be identified by the participants. Nimrit is described by Archana as the paapi who performs bhed chaal. Nimrit is mentioned as Laalach ka Paapi once more. Tina is called Dhongi by Sumbul. Nimrit calls Tina Ghamandi. Shiv addresses Shalin as "dhokebaaz." Stan agrees to perform after Salman praises him as a talented dancer. Then Stan imitates Tina. According to the rapper, Soundarya engages in bhed chaal. Tina gives Shalin Krodhi a call. Shalin refuses to respond when Salman brings up the event in the confessional. Nobody has responded the way Salman has, he claims, and Shalin is losing his mind. Nimrit is said to be envious of Priyanka. Bewakoof is the moniker Soundarya goes by. "It is simple to name people," she continues. Soundarya isn't being used, Salman claims, and he encourages her to start because they are the ones who see her. She labels Shalin and Tina as being lazy. Shalin receives the bewakoof tag, and Tina is made fun of by Salman for not understanding what she has lost. Shalin gives the bewakoof tag to Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, and then he puts it on himself. Later, Salman makes fun of Shalin by stating it suits him. Four out of the nine tags go to Shalin.

Shalin converses with Soundarya while Salman leaves the competitors alone. She receives his buddy request. Shalin receives criticism from Archana for the Dubai incident. Priyanka discusses Tina's unfair criticism of the Mandali. Ekta and Dibakar are then welcomed to the show by Salman for "Love Sex Dhokha 2." When the movie is announced, Ekta says she's there to choose the cast. The movie is based on the gaming industry and a reality program.

Before the two enter the home, the host announces that an eviction will take place. He runs into the competitors and helps one of them. Sumbul is mentioned, and he believes Soundarya is secure. It's safe in Sumbul. On the basis of who hasn't lived up to expectations, the roommates must determine who will be kicked out. Shiv and Priyanka named Soundarya. Nimrit and Sumbul choose Tina, while Stan, Archana, and Shalin nominate Shalin. They must now break the tie because it is a tie. The nominees are not permitted to talk about or affect the choice. Salman then bids them farewell.

The other residents mix up Shalin and Soundarya. Angered, Archana tries to stand up for Soundarya. Shalin, Shiv, Priyanka, and Stan concur that Stan is more involved. Then Nimrit mentions Tina. Shiv calling everyone a phoney irritates Nimrit. Shiv loses his temper during the struggle between the two. Even if the excuse is legitimate, Nimrit declines to assume Soundarya's name. Stan claims that Shalin's participation is harming his reputation and career. Shiv claims that despite the cacophony of voices, he wasn't irritated. Priyanka declined to provide Tina with any information. On the other side, Soundarya receives a hug from Archana. As mentioned, Priyanka names Soundarya as the person who needs to leave the house. Archana defies and crumbles. Soundarya has kicked off the program. Stan admits that he desired Shalin's departure. Inconsolable, Nimrit and Archana give Soundarya an embrace. Soundarya is asked by Archana not to visit Gautam. She continues by expressing her shock at what has happened. After speaking with Priyanka, Archana affirms that Soundarya wouldn't express her mind.

Sumbul is reprimanded by Shiv as she slumps onto the couch and keeps sobbing. Tina and Archana discuss the argument between Shiv and Nimrit. Nimrit, in her opinion, will exit the mandali. Shiv apologises for his behaviour in a second conversation with Nimrit. Salman discusses Ekta and Dibakar's diversion. Ekta visits the residents and discusses LSD 2. She also discusses picking one of the eight competitors. The candidates for the post must attend an audition.

Both a snake and a ladder must be picked up by them. Stan is the snake, while Priyanka is the ladder, according to Archana. Shalin is selected by Sumbul to be the snake, and Stan, Shiv, and Nimrit to be the ladder. In the end, she decides on Nimrit. Nimrit chooses Shiv as a ladder and Tina as a snake. Shiv chooses Stan as a ladder and Archana as a snake. Stan chooses Shiv as a ladder and Archana as a snake. Shalin is the snake, and Tina and Archana are the ladders, according to Priyanka. Tina becomes an option. Nimrit and Shalin are the snakes Tina wishes to choose. She ultimately chooses Shalin. Tina chooses Priyanka for the ladder, as was predicted. Shalin chooses Tina to be the ladder and Priyanka to be the snake. Tina repositions the ladder. The largest snakes are Archana and Shalin.

Finally, the auditions are taking place. Priyanka and Archana try out for the Naagin scenario. Dibakar claims that Priyanka is natural, whereas Archana is not. Sumbul and Tina move on to recreate Uttaran. The act is adored by all. Next, Priyanka and Shiv reenact Rangrasiya. Touqeer Saab impersonates Stan. With Shiv, Shalin recreates Dream Girl. Dibakar didn't enjoy Shalin's performance, but Ekta did. Shiv and Nimrit did a great job acting out the fight from Naagin, which made Ekta and Dibakar happy. The directors talk. Ekta queries Shalin about her choice. He refers to Priyanka. Nimrit is Dibakar's choice for LSD 2. She also selected a different actor for Naagin 7. In order to congratulate Priyanka, Ekta calls Shalin. Ekta keeps things a surprise.

Priyanka expresses her happiness for Nimrit to Archana. After that, Archana informs Priyanka that she has a Salman Khan movie, making her giddy. Shiv talks about having too many friends and getting reprimanded by Salman. Nimrit, Priyanka, and Tina talk once more about Shalin. As soon as Priyanka congratulates Nimrit, the episode is over.