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Bigg Boss 16 January 26 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot once again accuses Tina Datta of playing the 'victim card'

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Shiv Thakare fight for the same room during the episode.

Bigg Boss 16 January 26 Written Update: Shalin Bhanot once again accuses Tina Datta of playing the 'victim card'
Bigg Boss 16 - January 26 - Written Update
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 05.31 AM, Jan 27, 2023

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The Bigg Boss 16 house continues to have a horrific vibe as Day 116 passes. They must remove all of their belongings from the rooms. After leaving some of her belongings behind, Archana goes as Bigg Boss declares the time limit. Tina Datta says there will be work to do in the rooms, and she calls the lighting "mood lighting." Shalin Bhanot desires a conversation after being proven wrong. Bigg Boss says that Archana had the whole room to herself because she was too busy with her wealth and Shayari. There are now only the Captain's Room and Rooms 3 and 4. Bigg Boss teases Tina, Archana, and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary as she whispers. The trio wishes to enter the trio room. Shiv laughs in jest at them. The groups are unable to agree on a preferred room. Of the four-bedroom, Shiv occupies one bed while Priyanka occupies the other. Nimrit and Sumbul are accused by the woman of touching Priyanka indecently. Bigg Boss needs to interrupt them. In contrast, Archana declares to the cameras that she will reside in a single room.

Sumbul and Nimrit talk about what happened to MC Stan. Shiv, on the other hand, continues to make an effort to explain everything. Shalin describes Priyanka and Archana as being stubborn for refusing to switch rooms. There is then a quiet discussion of the issues. Tina responds that Archana is the wrong person to talk to because she has the entire room to herself until Priyanka reaches out to her.

We now have a new task. It involves a scooter, which Priyanka dislikes but Sumbul Touqeer Khan is enthusiastic about. Stan is looking at the ration. Two competitors will choose 10 things for their own rations in the rationing task. Whom Shalin wishes to travel with is questioned. He claims not to be with Shiv because Shiv is a vegetarian and he is not. Then, each competitor tries to use a scooter. As Shalin reveals his address and Bigg Boss draws attention to it, the two of them become closer.

Nimrit claims that she shops with her mother. Nimrit and Tina must go shopping. Tina prefers non-veg, while Nimrit prefers veg. Tina believes she can take the entire basket, and she does so. Shalin queries Bigg Boss, who at last says they can bring as much weight as they choose.

Next up are Shalin and Priyanka. She desires to consume vegetables in order to obtain atta. Shalin, though, prefers chicken. The two are unable to agree on anything. The "forced decision" is deemed lame by Stan. When Shalin accepts on behalf of others, the competitors are taken aback. The other residents of the house objected to his request to switch stalls. They are asked to switch to a non-vegetarian diet, but Priyanka declines. Shiv and Stan make fun of Priyanka and Shalin's conversation. Stan claims that the two are wasting their time and that it is time for them to shit.

Stan requests that Shiv and Archana be sent shopping by Bigg Boss. He acts in that manner. As it occurs, Stan begins to dance. The two competitors order vegetables. Stan then makes his way to the others with Sumbul. Shalin's attempts to exchange coffee for further goods are criticised by the rapper. Bigg Boss takes up Shalin's case. When Shalin notices Stan's ration, the rapper tells him to play the game alone. On the other hand, Priyanka informs Tina that if Shalin really wanted chicken, he should have battled with her. Stan needs to go to the non-vegetarian counter and inform Shalin of what is available there. Stan dances while holding a chicken packet. Tina and Bigg Boss also discuss chicken soup. Tina consumed Shalin's food. Tina receives a packet of chicken at Bigg Boss' request. Shalin declines it with folded hands as she tries to give it back to her. Shalin steals the packet from Priyanka when she offers it to him.

Shalin returns the chicken to them as Tina approaches to engage in combat. In front of Nimrit and Stan, Shiv calls Tina out, accusing her of stealing rations and then giving them away after making an announcement. He continues to argue with Priyanka when Tina returns with the bundle.

The room is once again mentioned by Bigg Boss. The competitors ask him to continue. Nimrit requests that Archana speak with Priyanka regarding changing rooms. In contrast, Archana demands a guarantee from Nimrit and Sumbul that they will leave the room if anything happens.

Shiv claims that, after seeing Priyanka, his day is wrecked. Shiv becomes agitated as Priyanka refuses to move. Shiv asks Stan the same thing as Priyanka begs Tina to stay. No one will move, according to Priyanka, and there will be jagrata. Shalin discusses their altercation from the kitchen.

Priyanka is summoned to Archana's room. Priyanka muses while yearning for the sun. In the end, Priyanka gives in. Shalin receives the chicken he desires from Bigg Boss. The same goes with Tina. Nimrit requests the last say on room selection. Tina, Archana, and Priyanka enter the trio's room. Tina will apply makeup in a four-person room.

Shiv leaves the room once more as Priyanka approaches the dinner table. Stan continues. While Tina is joining Priyanka, Shalin exits as well. Tina claims to have found a therapist in Priyanka and that she would be broken without her. Archana informs me that the cauliflower is glowing at midnight. Then she says, "Bade kele chahiye," to Bigg Boss. Stan wants the six-person room back since it contains Mandali's history.

Tina commends Archana's shayari as the day gets started. It was written for Shalin. He used the phrase "raade daalo" when speaking to Stan in front of the mandali. After then, Shalin writes a shayari for Archana. Maahim arrives as Shalin rants. He then calls her, and she runs over to him. He proposes a group, but Maahim rejects it and prefers to perform alone, saying that doing so is just like him. While singing, Tina spanks Archana. She does it once more. Sumbul criticizes them and talks to Shiv about it before asking, "Who are they to judge?"

The men have a new duty to complete. Shiv, Shalin, and Stan must complete the mission. That's the face-washing task. The first person to leave is Shalin, and the last is Stan. Shiv and Shalin advance to the following round. Shiv identifies Archana as the irksome zit. Shiv is given a thrashing by Shalin, who also mentions Tina. Nimrit chooses Shiv, and he succeeds. Shalin is then criticised by Archana for mimicking the spanking. When Priyanka intervenes, Shalin is eventually referred to as "Shiv." She claims that he thought by example. He says Tina is playing the victim card as she tries to communicate.

After the argument, Shalin calls Tina a "babe," which irritates her even more. Then, Priyanka commands Tina and Archana to be less playful. Nimrit chuckles as Shalin imitates the scene with the mandali. He demonstrates how Tina requested that Archana spank her behind. Priyanka phones Sumbul one by one because she thinks the incident is being made fun of. He visits Archana while Nimrit and Shalin attempt to resolve the conflict. Sumbul learns about Priyanka from Nimrit.

Finally, Tina, Priyanka, and Archana meet Shalin. Archana requests that he also apologise to her, as he does to Priyanka. He won't apologise for bringing up the old issue. Then, Priyanka addresses Tina and requests that she not use his name or make jokes in front of him. Tina declines to carry out his instructions. During the chat, she declares her love for their relationship.

For herself, Archana has a shayari. She commands Nimrit to leave. Shiv becomes enraged when Shalin requests that she tell it to the mandali. Nimrit departs, assuring Archana that she will hear it at night. This episode ends with a furious Shiv and Nimrit-Shalin trying to reason with him about how they handled their situation.