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Bigg Boss 16 January 27 Written Update: Anil Kapoor plays The Night Manager game with contestants; Farah Khan hosts the episode

Mika Singh also makes an appearance during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Bigg Boss 16 January 27 Written Update: Anil Kapoor plays The Night Manager game with contestants; Farah Khan hosts the episode
Anil Kapoor promotes The Night Manager on Bigg Boss 16 (Courtesy: ColorsTV/Twitter)

Last Updated: 07.51 AM, Jan 28, 2023


This time around, Shukravaar Ka Vaar is hosted by someone other than Salman Khan, and that's Farah Khan. She soon calls Mika Singh to the stage. He promises to bring Honey Singh and Badshah with him when he competes on the show. On the programme, he adored Sajid Khan and Abdu Rozik.

The residents welcome Mika. As Bijli begins, he moves to his song with Shalin Bhanot and brings Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary to the stage. He is joined by Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Archana Gautam, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and then everyone in the house starts to dance. Then he makes love to Archana. Mika recalls the situation with Nimrit and her father and forces Archana to sing and MC Stan to rap with "Something Something."

This is the 440-volt task. Archana bestows Shiv Thakare. Nimrit was chosen by Tina Datta. Shalin is Priyanka's choice. Mika likens Shalin to Salman, which moves him to gratitude. Nimrit is then chosen by Priyanka, and vice versa. Shalin and Sumbul decide on Priyanka. Shiv, choose Archana for Stan. The majority of the shock treatments go to Priyanka. In front of the mandali, Nimrit yells something about Priyanka, and Stan joins in. With Tina and Archana, Priyanka acts in the same way.

After Sajid Khan's departure from the show, Farah then enters the house and re-meets the participants. The host mentions a renowned actor. She is referencing Anil Kapoor. In order to promote "The Night Manager," he is here. Stan is questioned by Anil over the tapori tongue. Anil is taught the language by Stan, and vice versa. Anil transforms into Majnu bhai.

Shalin is Anil's next objective. He must behave as he did on the program. The following victim is Archana. Archana blushes when Anil approaches her and asks her to write a shayari. Instead of Archana, Anil does shayari. Since she is unable to do a shayari, Farah suggests that Anil give her a back embrace.

A portrait of Rose is given to Archana as a present. Then, for Anil, Sumbul dances to Besharam Rang from Pathaan. Farah compliments Sumbul, noting that she danced just as well as Deepika Padukone. Anil admits that he is The Night Manager's antagonist.

The competitors must choose a manager. Shiv is mentioned by Archana, Tina, and Priyanka as someone who defends his friends. Priyanka is chosen by Shalin, Stan, Sumbul, Shiv, and Nimrit. Shalin then offers to demonstrate his walk for Anil. The day manager is Priyanka, and the night manager is Shiv. Anil then departs from the program with that. Farah leads him outside. Archana Gautam smiles as she recalls Anil Kapoor's greeting. She feels disappointed that she was unable to speak a shayari in front of him.

We now have a new task. Sumbul accuses Archana of calling Touqeer Khan a joker, prompting Archana to apologise. Shiv Thakare is the King, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is the Queen, and Archana refers to herself as Ikka. Shalin Bhanot addresses himself as "Ikka," Priyanka as "Queen," Shiv as "King," and Archana as "Joker." Shiv chooses Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia as the ikka, Archana as the joker, MC Stan as the king, and Sumbul as the queen. In Sumbul, Stan, Priyanka, Archana, and Shiv are each known as the king, queen, joker, and ikka. Shiv is made king by Nimrit, Priyanka is made queen, and Stan is made Ikka. Soon after, Archana requests that Bigg Boss continue the show because Stan has only recently opened. Nimrit also refers to Archana as a joker. This results in another dispute. A disagreement also exists between Stan and Tina Datta. Shiv and Archana argue once more after Stan again refers to her as a joker. Stan refers to Priyanka as "Queen" and Nimrit as "Ikka." Shiv, herself, Sumbul, Joker, and Archana are all nicknames used by Priyanka. Shalin speaks up as Archana is called. Shiv, Archana, Sumbul, and Priyanka are the choices Tina makes for the royal court. Shiv is king, Priyanka is queen, Archana is the joker, and Ikka is erratic, according to Shalin. Being Ikka is what drives Priyanka to fight back. She ultimately consents to serve as queen. Stan, the casino's owner, is then called by Shalin. Shiv then makes fun of Priyanka by asking Sumbul if she is a mandali member.

Shiv draws attention to comparisons made between the Mandali members and crocodiles and chameleons. Priyanka is speaking with Sumbul, according to Nimrit, because she thinks she's brilliant, and the mandali is informed. While Tina and Archana talk about how Stan first claimed he wanted to leave, Stan is now excited for the trophy, according to Tina and Archana.

When Farah first sees the candidates, they are engaged in physical conflict. Farah does nothing but watch as they fight on. Farah quips that she can hear Priyanka's voice all the way to the Filmcity gate. Farah lets the competitors dance to the song from Shah Rukh Khan's movie Pathaan while discussing it.

She then discusses the assignment and determines who is who. The host then admits that everyone has been mistaken. Archana is the first, and she is in error. Ikka is Archana. Priyanka is also not the queen. She and Shiv must take a seat once more. Stan then brings the queen a stool. Farah refers to Tina as the queen. She is aware that she must take responsibility.

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