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Bigg Boss 16 January 5 Written Update: Archana Gautam, Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta make the housemates lose all the ration

The remaining nominees for eviction are Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Archana Gautam, Sajid Khan, Sreejita De, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and Soundarya Sharma.

Bigg Boss 16 January 5 Written Update: Archana Gautam, Shalin Bhanot, Tina Datta make the housemates lose all the ration
Bigg Boss 16 - January 5 - Written Update
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 02.10 AM, Jan 06, 2023

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Beginning a brand-new day in the Bigg Boss 16 house is MC Stan's dread that Booba betrayed him. He admits that he had trouble falling asleep after that. Archana Gautam will discuss the steam iron she requires soon. Tina Datta and Shiv Thakare both blamed each other. Soundarya Sharma is stopped by Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia from defending Archana. When it comes to Tina, Soundarya claims she doesn't want to constantly back Archana but becomes upset. Tina and Archana argue, as is to be expected. After the incident in the last episode, Archana phones Tina Chor. Archana is assisted by Sajid Khan, but she won't stop yelling. Sreejita De, Tina, and Shalin talk about the episode. Archana swears she won't look at the contenders' faces or read anything about them in the media.

Sajid and Sumbul Touqeer Khan talk about whether Sumbul's father marries. He concludes by calling her statement that no one can unlove another person the worst load of garbage he has ever heard in his life. Sumbul leaves after Sajid asks her if she cares to stop her father's smoking, only to return when Shiv Thakare drags her into the room with everyone. According to Sajid, Sumbul turned him and Abdu into villains.

Bigg Boss summons Shalin to the living room while he is conversing with Tina. While others are in the living room, the nominated contestants must move to the activity area.

Sumbul, Archana, Soundarya, Sajid, Sreejita, Tina, Shalin, and Sumbul arrived at the activity area. This week, they won't face eviction. They all receive the nameplate of the other. Tina goes after Shalin first. Tina is his. Sumbul gets Archana. Soundarya is given to Sreejita. Both Sajid and Sreejita are given to Archana. Sumbul receives Soundarya.

When Bigg Boss claps, Shalin and Tina discuss the assignment. This is so that the candidates can hurl someone else's box, as Sreejita has stated. He becomes ironic. When the buzzer sounds, Soundarya nominates Sumbul in exchange for ration. Archana pledges to fight to keep Sajid alive.

Sumbul proposes Archana for the following round. Shalin requests that Tina nominate and preserve Sreejita. When Tina declines to comply, he is free to put her forward for nomination. Shalin claims he is fine with rationing at the moment.

This time, Sreejita suggests Soundarya, who is then seconded by Archana, who mentions Shalin's desire to place his box nearby. The ration will revert if Shalin, Tina, or Archana do not propose someone. Sreejita was chosen by Sajid. Shalin asks Sajid whether he wants to be protected from evictions while they have some free time. He claims that Archana wants to save him. Abdu becomes alarmed and believes that even Sajid can leave. In the meantime, a fight is happening in the activity area. Shalin makes sure that every last bit of food is consumed, which irritates Sajid. Outside the room, Priyanka is seated on the ground. Then Bigg Boss demands the return of all of their rations. Sumbul and Shalin-Tina are having a humorous quarrel as Priyanka arrives. Even the prior meals are gone from the house. Shalin blames Sajid for the ration's continued operation. Sajid leaves the area furious. Sumbul follows suit. Bigg Boss says people in possession of the box must choose whether to nominate someone or not. Shalin wants to speak with Tina, but neither of them wants to move. She loses her cool, and everyone is nominated without restriction.

Shalin is asked to go to Tina as Sumbul's argument with him continues. Tina claims Shalin went to her since Sumbul wasn't interested in him. Shalin requests chicken, and now that he has sacrificed everything, he mocks Sumbul.

The subject will now become more general, according to Shalin. Shalin arrives to speak with Sajid as Sumbul and Tina continue to argue. Shalin is approached by Archana to defend Sajid. The mandali is informed by Sajid that Shalin has arrived to apologise shortly.

Bigg Boss discusses the rest of the house leaving with Priyanka. Priyanka is urged by Bigg Boss to uphold the truth. He claims that Tina and Shalin made a bargain with Archana in which one of them would make a sacrifice. According to Priyanka, Tina ought to have placed Shalin's box there. She believes Shalin is in error. She claims she was going to speak when Bigg Boss asked if she would.

Stan and Sajid hear Sumbul yell about Shalin. She questions whether Raja is Shalin. Sajid complains that her tirade never ends and that it sounds like he is listening to the radio. Then Sumbul visits Archana and Soundarya. Shalin, according to Archana, has mutton in the refrigerator. The crates are removed by Sumbul and placed in the storeroom.

Shalin's shifting viewpoint is something Priyanka wants to discuss with him. Shalin and Priyanka argue as she refuses to speak to him. Tina leaves as Priyanka tells Shalin she won't put up with his attitude, and Shalin throws a plate. Only Tina, according to her, will put up with his actions.

Then Shalin informs Priyanka that Archana was to blame. When Tina does return, Shalin informs her that there is a daily ration. Shiv requests that Bigg Boss summon Sumbul to the emergency room since she has gone insane. As she discusses the assignment with Sreejita, Shalin, and Tina, Archana imitates Priyanka.

Priyanka admits to Tina that she completely fails to comprehend Shalin. The latter claims that he got into a confrontation with Archana to the point where the two women were unable to communicate.

By 8 o'clock, Shalin goes to sleep but is roused by Bigg Boss' voice. He needs to re-invite everyone into the living space. The housemates receive dinner from Bigg Boss. They receive fruit. As a result, Shalin, Priyanka, Sreejita, and Archana start to argue.

Sajid queries Abdu about why he is not dividing the ration as the captain of the house once Priyanka begins to do so. Tina is assured they are safe by Shalin. Shalin leaves as a disagreement results from this. As a result of his rage, Abdu moves away from the mandali. Shiv travels to find him. He walks furiously while kissing Abdu on the head. He directs Abdu's actions.

Sreejita, Shalin, Tina, Priyanka, and Shalin discuss Sumbul. Then they recall how he used her as a barter system, forcing her to perform all of his manual labour in order to remain in the group. Shalin continues, "Sumbul isn't happy, and it's crucial." He would therefore be glad if she left.

Shalin is dressed as a lady and introduced to Shiv by Sreejita and Tina as the wild card he requested. Shiv receives a kiss on the cheek from Shalin. In the meantime, Sajid queries Abdu about his irate response to Sajid's explanations. Before his return, according to Sajid, people were missing Abdu's masti. According to Abdu, he has no problem with his pals chatting with other people. He can only visit once or twice, though. Then, Abdu admits that he is the same guy as Shiv and Stan. Abdu asserts that he is not Sajid's child and that he would prefer to sit with other people as well. Abdu is doing a great job, according to Shiv, who also requests that he give Sajid a hug and explain the circumstances. Abdu arrives late at night with Shiv and hugs Sumbul, Stan, and Sajid. He hugs Sajid tightly. Shiv laughs, and there is a Shiv and Abdu moment. After hugging Shiv, Abdu pauses. Soundarya is informed by Archana that she will witness Nimrit and Soundarya's friendship. She begs Soundarya to stay safe because every single person she had trusted had betrayed her.