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Bigg Boss 16 January 8 Written Update: Sajid Khan calls Shalin Bhanot a fool for trusting Tina Datta

Farah Khan Kunder enters the Bigg Boss house and surprises Sajid Khan.

Bigg Boss 16 January 8 Written Update: Sajid Khan calls Shalin Bhanot a fool for trusting Tina Datta
Bigg Boss 16 - January 8 - Written Update
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.27 AM, Jan 09, 2023


Shalin Bhanot, who thinks Sajid Khan is a fool for placing his trust in Tina Datta, engages him in conversation to start Day 98. The Mandalis choose to embrace one another even as the alarm goes off rather than go stand for the anthem. Shiv Thakare wakes Sumbul Touqeer Khan up because she refuses to stop sleeping.

Shiv Thakare yells after being struck by Nimrit Kaur Ahulwalia. Sumbul, Soundarya Sharma, and Archana Gautam will soon be joined by Sajid to talk about Shalin and Tina. Shalin will travel to Tina, according to Archana, who labels him a gadha.

MC Stan shares his desire with Abdu Rozik and Shiv. On the other hand, Sreejita De discusses her dream—of her fiancé, Michael—with Tina and Priyanka. The housemates receive meals from Bigg Boss. Sumbul and Shalin both collect money. Shiv makes Shibul angry when he remembers her dozing. Shalin has anger management issues, according to Tina, so she doesn't want to be friends with him or be in a relationship with him.

Nimrit and Sumbul are irritated when Shiv and Stan play a practical joke on them. Sajid and Sumbul discuss the situation, and he tells Shiv that Sumbul is angry and sobbing. Nimrit breaks down in tears as well. Shiv heads over to apologise to her when Stan asks.

Shiv is compared to Shalin by Abdu, and Sumbul-Archana begins to play with Maahim. Nimrit hugs Shiv when he surprises her and apologises to him. While having sex with Maahim, Archana discusses families. She sings a song to her. Soundarya is urged to forget and move on by Shalin. She declines to comply. He defends his stance in front of her.

Shalin explains to Archana that he is only putting up with things. She tells him to take it easy in life. Sajid claims to be in total despair. In his opinion, the fakeness has had an impact on Shalin, and Soundarya concurs. Shalin admits to being at fault for believing Tina when she said their children would be adorable and then telling Priyanka about it.

Abdu fabricates his feelings for Soundarya. He also makes fun of it with Stan. Abdu is told by Shiv and Stan that it's not love but rather something else. Then Abdu gets some food from the pantry. Tina is astonished when Priyanka tells her what Shalin said to her. Shalin receives criticism from Sreejita for falling for Tina's brand. As she continues, Tina and Priyanka enter the room.

Tina and Shalin finally speak, and she inquires about his problems and invites him in. She fills in when he doesn't. Tina acknowledged having affection for him. Tina claims that Shalin's actions have perplexed him, and she can thus assert that he has duped her. Tina claims she needs a rest.

Sajid responds that it is for amusement when Stan requests him not to talk about the situation. Sreejita is then called out by Tina. Sajid is dragged into the conversation by Shalin and Tina. Since Shalin will manipulate them, Tina begs Priyanka to avoid speaking to him. Shalin is told by Sajid to maintain his composure because Tina will return. Tina predicts that she'll end up striking Shalin.

Abdu confesses to Sumbul that he is depressed and dislikes people like Tina and Shalin. He claims that crying is not funny. Everyone wants to cry, but since Sumbul isn't afraid to cry, crying is acceptable. In the middle of the night, Bigg Boss and Sajid issue a warning to Stan and Shiv while they converse. As Sajid departs, Abdu mounts Shiv and rushes Shiv. After that, he goes to the captain's room to sleep.

Sajid warns the mandali about what transpired last night as the day begins. Stan and Shiv said Abdu reacted excessively, warning them and referring to them as "paagal." Shalin requests chicken from Bigg Boss. After speaking with Archana, she tells him that being approachable is unimportant. Abdu upsets Nimrit and Sumbul while they do yoga. Shalin then discusses his conversation with Tina with Shiv. Fruits are given as rations to Sumbul and Priyanka.

Shalin claims that surprises are a part of life, and Sajid refers to him as "puraana chawal." The latter claims that Salman Khan is, after Amitabh Bachchan, Indian cinema's biggest superstar. Then, Sajid mocks Shalin's remark about Shukravaar Ka Vaar and deems him somewhat stupid, which again serves him well because he hurts himself more than others. Sajid claims that when he tries to do good, he hurts other people.

Tina is then spoken to by Sajid, who claims that she is easily swayed. He claims she exploits her trusting eyes. Shalin is also making advances toward Priyanka. Sajid believes Shalin and Tina are no longer together. Nimrit advises him to wait and find out. Shalin will attempt to work things out with her, Tina assures Priyanka.

Sajid is perplexed when Archana informs him that she removed the chole from the broom. He is subsequently given an explanation by Archana, who also labels him picky. Tina declares that Shalin and Soundarya have formed a new group when she speaks to them.

Shekhar Suman then appears, carrying Bigg Bulletin. He arrives with a camera and claims it is equally perplexed as Shalin. He then approaches Abdu and Shiv. Shiv and Shalin revive their romance. Then, the camera declares that Archana is truly in love. Shekhar claims that Bigg Boss can see Archana, so she ought to consider that as well. Additionally, he asks the competitors if they want to be recorded while performing. As expected, Shalin and Tina enter the conversation. Shekhar believes Nimrit's imitation of Tina was what most perplexed him.

Shiv receives a complaint from Nimrit about his silence. He simply avoids having fun with her out of concern that they could argue. Upon hearing this, Nimrit exits. He believes she is changing and that she avoids him when he is sad. They eventually exchange hugs. Tina claims Nimrit makes jokes about other girls after saying "girl power." Tina declines when Priyanka claims they do as well.

Abdu and Archana discuss rationing. Shalin, she continues, had a really odd appearance as a young woman. Every time Tina and Shalin argue, Soundarya is considerate toward Shalin, as pointed out by Priyanka. Archana then informs Soundarya that they will speak with Shalin in a corner to pass the time.

Abdu claims he needs a hug and is depressed. Shiv then embraces him. Abdu approaches Sreejita, who also embraces him. Abdu responds to Shiv's summons by arriving to present Sreejita with a package.

Farah Khan joins the show when Bigg Boss commands the inmates to freeze. More rations are sent to Sumbul's homes. When Abdu sees milk, he also gets excited. Archana and Soundarya decline to visit the ration store and engage in bartering.

A new mission is announced by Nimrit. Chocolate kisses are exchanged between Soundarya and Archana. The chocolates are given by Sumbul to Nimrit, Shiv, Stan, Abdu, and Sajid. Nimrit chooses Sajid, Shiv, and Stan. Shiv chooses Abdu. Stan chooses Sajid and Tina. Nimrit, Stan, Shiv, Sajid, and Sumbul are chosen by Abdu. Abdu, Stan, and Shiv are chosen by Shalin. Sreejita chooses Nimrit. Sreejita was chosen by Priyanka. Stan, Abdu, and Priyanka are chosen by Tina. Sajid decides on Priyanka.

Sumbul and Shiv talk about Salman's farm. Sumbul finds it annoying when Sajid, Stan, and Shiv discuss Shalin with her. Sajid queries Sumbul over her requests for Shalin. She doesn't want to tell Shalin about the "I love you" talks. Sumbul is offended when Shiv labels her immature. Sreejita visits to see how she is doing.

Shalin remains beside Soundarya while she sobs. Sumbul, who is lying on the couch, also starts crying. Shiv arrives to transport Stan and her back to their starting point. Sumbul then sits next to Sajid on his bed while he apologises to her.