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Bigg Boss 16 January 9 Written Update: MC Stan, Sumbul Touqeer, Sreejita De, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia nominated for eviction

Farah Khan Kunder keeps the contestants entertained on entering the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 16 January 9 Written Update: MC Stan, Sumbul Touqeer, Sreejita De, and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia nominated for eviction
MC Stan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sreejita De, Sumbul Touqeer

Last Updated: 07.27 AM, Jan 10, 2023


The family members of a few contestants arrived to remain in the house for a whole day during the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 16. Priyanka's brother, Farah Khan, Shiv's mother, and Sajid's sister were invited into the house and given the responsibility of standing in for the three housemates during the job to nominate people for eviction. The three outsiders arrived carrying news from the outside world as well as some illuminating information. The housemates were given the chance to make up some of the lost prize money as Shalin and Tina's relationship took a new turn.

Archana bemoans how miserable she is. She expects a close friend or family member to visit the residence and inspire and direct her. As the captain, Archana keeps Abdu from falling asleep, and he imitates and mocks her.

Bigg Boss calls all the housemates to gather in the living room. The residents are taken aback by how tidy and well-organized the home is. Bigg Boss makes the comment that if the show hadn't been cancelled, it would have concluded today. When he inquires about fatigue, a few residents respond that they are. He says that he will offer the roommates "holidays" one at a time as he asks new people to take their place in the activities on different days.

The supreme adds that he has given rations for the entire house and that he has invited certain VVIP visitors. He says the housemates must freeze when he says "freeze," and they can move when he says "release." He claims that how the housemates participate in this game will have an impact on how much food is available.

"Freeze," Bigg Boss commands while the housemates are working on various projects. Abdu chuckles when he is interrupted while getting dressed. Sajid becomes upset with him for doing this because he worries that it will impact rations.

On her birthday, Bigg Boss welcomes Farah Khan, who hugs her brother, who is still frozen. She cries as she gives him a hug and tells him that everyone is happy for him and that he is doing well. Sajid sheds tears and sobs as well, but he maintains the freeze. Shiv and Shalin are among the other housemates she encounters. She gives Shiv a hug and tells him she loves him while thanking him for looking after Sajid. She mentions how often Sajid teases Sumbul and says "I love you" to her as well. When Bigg Boss releases Sajid, Farah rushes to visit the other housemates and gives many of them, including Abdu, hugs and kisses.

As soon as Bigg Boss releases everyone, Farah greets the happy housemates. Farah claims to be delighted and ecstatic to be here, and she has brought food. Ankit sends a message through Farah, letting her know how much he misses Priyanka. The finest Bigg Boss season, excluding Sidharth Shukla's, according to Farah. The quarrels between Shalin and Tina's mothers are revealed by Farah. She will spend tonight in the captain's room, according to the filmmaker.

Farah informs Sajid that many people, including Tabu, offered their best wishes. Farah admires Shiv, Stan, and Sumbul. Sumbul is asked to freeze by Bigg Boss. Shalin and Tina's romance is referred to by Farah as the most monotonous love story. Farah answers Shalin's question regarding the dispute between his and Tina's other acquaintances.

Farah claims that memes concerning Tina's mother and Sumbul's father have been created. Sajid has shed a significant amount of weight, observes Farah. Sajid, according to Archana, is a finicky eater. Sajid, according to Farah, is obnoxious on the show. Farah said she gets anxious whenever Sajid requests to be put forward for eviction. She discusses her observations, such as how Priyanka's hair falls when she cooks and how she keeps the faucets running while she does it.

Bigg Boss declares a freeze and welcomes Shiv's mother to the program. He cries as she gives her son a hug. After Shiv is freed, she goes and greets everyone. When Shiv's mother gives them hugs, tells them she loves them, and gives them all blessings, many of the housemates cry. She spends a lot of time exploring the residence and interacting with the residents. Farah discusses the altercations Sajid had with Shalin and Archana. Shalin thanks Farah for helping him in his career.

Priyanka screams and whimpers while being frozen as her brother is greeted. She is performing exceptionally well, according to his brother. Sajid, Priyanka, and Shiv will be excused from their daily tasks, according to Bigg Boss. Concerned about her family, Priyanka queries her brother.

Shalin often gets advice from Shiv's mother. Stan chuckles as she asks him to put the chicken away. Farah claims to Tina that she treats Mahin the dog far better than Shalin does. Tina receives advice from Shiv's mother over her relationship with Shalin.

Sajid attempts to uplift them constantly, according to Stan and Nimrit. Even Shiv's mother admits that Shalin is similar to Shiv's older brother. Soon, Farah's meal for the whole house shows up, and everyone sits down to eat. Archana prepares meals for Shiv's mother. Farah facetiously refers to Archana as "bahu."

Shalin queries whether Tina's devotion to him is forced. The sincerity of Shalin and Tina's relationship is a topic of discussion between Farah and Sajid. Shiv's mother and Farah both mentioned something to the effect that Tina seems to be torturing Shalin, so Tina asks Priyanka's brother if this is the case. Shalin apologises to Sumbul. She accepts Shalin's apology but rejects his offer to talk things over.

Farah informs Tina that it appears that she is the one who consistently initiates and starts conflicts with Shalin. While admitting that she is quite sensitive, Tina tries to justify herself. When Tina asks Farah for help, the latter responds by advising her to act on her feelings. Tina is open and honest about her feelings for him. Stan requests that Bigg Boss bring his mother. Shalin is urged by Farah not to be aggressive. Farah talks to Tina and Shalin about their connection. Sajid joins in on the discussion as well. Shalin and Tina argue with one another.

Tina and Shalin discuss the issue. They are incredibly dissimilar to one another, according to Shalin, so it would be better if they kept their distance. Shalin claims that although she still has his trust, it would be better if they kept their distance.

Farah informs Archana that not everyone is a fan of her. Farah claims that people enjoy her jokes and that she is told not to cry. Farah describes the dispute Archana and Sajid got into when the filmmaker became agitated when his father was brought up. Farah reprimands Sajid for soiled the VVIP restroom. As soon as the nomination assignment begins, Bigg Boss announces that he will bring each housemate individually into the confessional. For their loved ones, Farah, Shiv's mother, and Priyanka's brother will take over.

Bigg Boss says he will categorise the housemates into three groups: lost (Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, and Abdu), hyperactive (Archana, Sajid, Priyanka, and Shiv), and active (Sumbul, Sreejita, Stan, and Nimrit).

The first person invited inside is Farah. Bigg Boss declares that the assignment involves both nominating people and recovering the reward money. According to Bigg Boss, by nominating each category, a percentage of the stolen reward money will be recovered. In the event that the hyperactive category is nominated, Rs. 5 lakhs will be returned; in the event that the active category is nominated, Rs. 10 lakhs will be reimbursed; and in the event that the lost category is nominated, Rs. 20 lakhs from the prize money will be returned. The lost category is proposed by Farah, Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, Priyanka's brother, and Archana. Shiv's mother suggests joining the active group because of Tina. Because of Shalin and Tina, Sumbul, Stan, and Nimrit also suggest the "active" category. Stan declares that he is getting into the game and enjoying it. Hyperactivity is the category that Abdu suggests. Nimrit learns from Abdu that the players' strengths are the reason he selected the hyperactive category. Because of Tina, Sreejita also suggests the "active" category.

Farah is informed by Bigg Boss that Sajid's damage to the VVIP bathroom has been repaired. The lost category has received the most nominations, according to Bigg Boss. So the candidates for eviction are Stan, Sumbul, Sreejita, and Nimrit. Abdu gets teased by the other housemates as it is discovered that he is the only one who nominated the "hyperactive" category.

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