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Bigg Boss 16 November 07, 2022 Highlights: PriyAnkit drift apart thanks to Nimrit, Shalin-Tina-Sumbul in a fix too

The house is divided after Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary's argument.

Bigg Boss 16 November 07, 2022 Highlights: PriyAnkit drift apart thanks to Nimrit, Shalin-Tina-Sumbul in a fix too
Bigg Boss 16 - Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, Ankit Gupta.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.36 PM, Nov 07, 2022


Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia have an argument over food. This erupts in two groups having their stand on matters in the house.

Here's everything that happened on the episode...

November 07, 2022 10:45 PM IST

Sumbul has to choose between Tina and Sajid's ration. Like most guessed, she picked Sajid. Sumbul has to justify why she's returning Tina's boxes. Tina is not happy with the reason and she even argues with Shalin over it. Shalin supports Sumbul and Tina loses it even more. Frustrated, she walks out the door.

Tina refuses to do lunch and dinner. She wants to do breakfast. The actress gives in eventually, as Shalin walks out.

Bigg Boss talks to Sajid's group about betting. He wants to bet with them too.

Gori is the next delivery executive. She has to choose between Priyanka and Archana's ration. She picks Priyanka over Archana. Shiv then teases Archana.

Tina confronts Sumbul. When she justifies the situation, Shalin gets uspet and behaves like a strict father with Sumbul. Shalin walks out, followed by Sumbul. An ill Tina talks to Nimrit and eventually, goes to Sumbul to complain about Shalin's behaviour. Sumbul is also upset with it and refuses to talk to him.

Tina walks out and tries to call Shalin back. That is where the episode ends.

November 07, 2022 10:30 PM IST

Priyanka calls out Ankit for not supporting her. She wants him to make new friends. He feels he will leave after a week or two. Priyanka apologizes for ruining his birthday and asks him to go be with Nimrit. She says he is anyway very attached to them. Ankit asks her to back off and Priyanka gets emotional.

Bigg Boss talks about ration. When Abdu writes chicken, Shalin says he won't get anything. He goes for mutton and eggs. Only half the orders will be delivered. Stan has to decide which ration will he distribute. Abdu and Archana says they won't let others have their ration if they don't get it.

Stan delivers Shiv's ration and gives Gori's back. He calls the incident with Sajid a lesson.

As Archana whispers to Gori, Bigg Boss stops her and asks her to say it out loud. She then says that Stan is staying among snakes. Soon, Shiv and Priyanka have an argument. Meanwhile, walking away, Archana laughs out loud by herself. Soundarya joins her as the argument continues.

Sajid asks Priyanka to fight for the right causes. He asks her to retrospect if she was ever wrong. Archana, on the other hand, asks Shiv also why Priyanka took her fight. Sajid asks Priyanka to go in politics.

November 07, 2022 10:15 PM IST

Sajid calls Gori 'jaahil' and Sumbul agrees. He then talks to Abdu about the matter. Gautam talks about the incident with Priyanka, Archana and then, Soundarya.

Tina tells Shalin she's skeptical in front of the cameras and has to stay cautious. Shalin tells the cameras they are good friends. Tina brings the jacket (Sumbul) topic and Shalin agrees he wouldn't give her the jacket and won't even take back the one she has.

Nimrit says she wants to punch some people. Priyanka, Archana and Gautam are on the list. Soundarya only little. Sajid then tells Abdu that Nimrit cannot be his girlfriend and he should not fall in love. Sajid gets worried seeing Abdu say he loves her a little.

Stan is called to the confession room. He refuses to stay with the fake people. As Bigg Boss convinces him to go back to the house, Sajid calls out Stan and asks him to chill. Stan thanks Bigg Boss for explaining to him.

November 07, 2022 10:00 PM IST

A new day begins with Shiv talking to Sajid about Nimrit-Priyanka and Nimrit talks about the same with Shalin. Shalin feels Priyanka is getting cheaper and Nimrit agrees. Sajid calls Ankit stupid to support her.

Stan is still the same. Sajid tries to talk to him but eventually walks away.

Abdu orders orange juice for Shiv, Tina, watermelon juice for Soundarya and posion for Archana. Meanwhile, Priyanka discusses her side of the argument with Gautam. He says that she has to step back and see that he doesn't support her.

Sajid calls out Gori after she gives ration to other contestants. The two have an argument and Shiv gets into it. Sajid then gives all the ration to Gori. She starts crying and asks to change the room.

Archana and Priyanka discuss the situation. As Ankit enters the scene, Priyanka stops. Gori still argues with Sajid and he warns her. The filmmaker then blackmails he will ruin all the food. Shiv tries to stop him and Ankit steps in.

Shiv and Tina hug and Shalin gets jealous. Abdu stops them saying physical isn't allowed. As Shiv goes to Nimrit, Abdu follows him. Meanwhile, Shalin gives Tina a hug. When he says he gets angry, she asks him to change the girl and says there's one (Sumbul) in the kitchen. He says he'll wait till wild card.

PriyAnkit have a moment as he asks her what's wrong. She then confirms it's one-sided and is upset that he didn't react even when so much happened with her, even though she always stands for him. Priyanka then goes to Stan, who asks her to support Gori. She asks him to support her himself too. He calls all his former friends fake.

Gori keeps the besan back and gets it back from Shiv. Sajid has an argument and asks Stan if he understood what is happening. Stan refuses to comment and goes back to sleep without even eating.

November 07, 2022 09:45 PM IST

Soundarya Sharma sits on Gautam Singh Vig's lap as he talks about his detox diet. Gautam demands and Soundarya's gives him kisses.

Meanwhile, Abdu Rozik jokes they will go to the bathroom again. Abdu and Shiv Thakare recreate the scene. Abdu plays Soundarya and he walks out saying his father and mother are seeing the show.

MC Stan is upset and he gets a group hug with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Abdu. Shiv also joins him and so does Sajid. Gori also comes to console him later. She holds his hand and Stan says everyone is fake and he's upset with that. He wants to leave and remembers how he left his childhood friends because they were fake. The house gets to him.

Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary blames Sumbul Touqeer Khan for not cooking well. Nimrit tries to explain and Priyanka-Nimrit go loggerheads. Tina then recalls the incident and Nimrit says Priyanka was targetting Shiv. Priyanka comes in and complains about the quantity. Nimrit calls the argument petty and frustrated, she tells Shalin Bhanot that she will slap Priyanka's face and walks out.

Gori is upset after talking to Stan and Gautam-Soundarya try to console her. It is Ankit Gupta's birthday and Shalin, Tina, Nimrit, Abdu, Shiv and Archana come to wish him. Priyanka still feels the actions are to show off to her.