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Bigg Boss 16 November 1 Written Update: Shalin, Priyanka get into a HUGE fight; Priyanka-Ankit’s relationship is marred

Captain Gautam Vig debuts a new look, which earns for which he is made fun of by Sajid Khan.

Bigg Boss 16 November 1 Written Update: Shalin, Priyanka get into a HUGE fight; Priyanka-Ankit’s relationship is marred

  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 10.30 AM, Nov 02, 2022


Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss saw a massive argument break out between Shalin and Priyanka, caused by an innocent act of Abdu Rozik. Priyanka and Ankit go through a rift in their friendship, while Soundarya and Gautam also find themselves at odds. The housemates selected three people for eviction this week as well.

Soundarya is upset as she feels that despite having worked in the kitchen for so long, people still take her for granted. She gets emotional and argues with Gautam when the captain asks her to take up some of Archana’s duties as well. Soundarya’s attitude does not sit well with Tina, who complains to Shalin. Soundarya and Gautam’s argument soon gets intense, and Stan has to intervene to calm them down.

Gautam debuts a new clean shaven look, for which he is relentlessly made fun of by Sajid and Abdu.

Abdu delightfully mimics and makes fun of Shalin for his intense need for chicken. Among others, Priyanka also laughs at this, which angers Shalin. The actor calls Priyanka out for making light of his medical condition, to which Priyanka replies that she was just laughing at Abdu’s antics, to which Shalin says that he has no problem with Abdu as they shared a special bond. She soon goes on the offensive and says that she just said that everyone needs a particular level of protein in their diets and as Shalin starts raising his voice, she declares that she brought out his ‘real’ personality and warns him that he messed with the wrong girl. For once, Archana is not the one who is seen raising her voice, as she watches it all from a distance.

Ankit is caught in the crossfire, as Priyanka becomes furious with her friend as he did not support her. He tries to make peace with her, but Priyanka refuses to listen and the two soon start to ice each other out. They both say that they will take care of their own things only from now on.

Soundarya and Gautam continue their argument. Although they argue, they make up the next day, when Gautam says that he does not want to argue with Soundarya over other people.

The housemates are assembled by Bigg Boss before the nomination process begins, and the supreme asks them if Gautam should be given special powers in addition to his captaincy, to which they all say no. the nomination process involves a task- the housemates are given special jackets, resembling half spheres, to wear on their backs. They are asked to ‘stab’ the people they want to nominate, also citing the reasons for their choice. Soundarya, Sumbul and Archana are thus nominated for eviction this week. As punishment, they are also required to wear the jackets until Bigg Boss tells them to remove it.

Gori and Soundarya try to hatch a plan so that they can be free of their kitchen duties. When they try to put their plan in action and tell Gautam, the captain asks Soundarya to continue with her old responsibilities for two more days.

The episode ends when Bigg Boss allows the three nominees to take off their jackets and asks them to neer forget who stabbed them in the back.