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Bigg Boss 16 November 18, 2022 Highlights: Shalin Bhanot to take voluntary exit from house, needs to wait for Salman Khan's approval

Things have gotten out of control in Bigg Boss 16 house after Shalin Bhanot-MC Stan's fight.

Bigg Boss 16 November 18, 2022 Highlights: Shalin Bhanot to take voluntary exit from house, needs to wait for Salman Khan's approval
Bigg Boss 16 - Shalin Bhanot.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.05 PM, Nov 18, 2022


Bigg Boss 16 house is divided since Shalin Bhanot and MC Stan's fight. In fact there are major arguments between Shalin and Tina Datta too.

Find out what happened in the episode...

November 18, 2022 11.00 PM IST

Shalin tells Gautam Singh Vig he wanted to win this show. He calls Tina a player and says he's done with the show. As Shalin breaks down, Gautam consoles him. On hearing their talks, Sumbul gets furious. She asks Shalin to not go and give it back. Shalin says he can't.

Nimrit stops Shalin in front of Tina. She asks Shalin to sleep on it. Shalin blames Tina. He feels she has played in such a way that she will win the game. He then walks out of the conversation and says he doesn't want to talk to her ever. Tina asks Sumbul to go out and she refuses to leave, stating that if Shalin wants her to go, then she will go.

Tina tells Bigg Boss that she will go instead of him. She says she will be a statue if he leaves, so that Bigg Boss throws her out soon after. She wants to talk to Shalin but he's scared about himself. He walks out on her, with Sumbul. An upset Tina keeps standing at one place post that. The episode ends on that note.

November 18, 2022 10.45 PM IST

Later at night, Shalin talks to Bigg Boss and says he doesn't want to stay on the show anymore. He breaks down while talking about host Salman Khan. Bigg Boss questions Shalin who wanted to become an anchor and he promises that he will be. Shalin then says that either Shiv Thakare and Stan go out or him. Shalin says it is about his safety and thus, either one of them has to leave. Bigg Boss says he's okay with Shalin's voluntary exit. Shalin is okay to pay the penalty. Bigg Boss promises Salman will take Shalin home. A happy Shalin says the same to PriyAnkit. They say Shiv slept.

Tina tells Nimrit that Shalin is too aggressive. As Shalin goes to talk to PriyAnkit, he is called to the confession room again. Bigg Boss asks Shalin to not talk to the contestants who were reacting aggressively on the incident. Tina feels Ankit should leave the house. She then tells Nimrit she doesn't trust Shiv and it might be vice-versa. She feels they will fight soon. Bigg Boss tells Shalin that he will tell Priyanka what is needed. On hearing Shalin's decision, Sumbul is upset and Tina is frustrated because Priyanka's strategy worked.

November 18, 2022 10.30 PM IST

Stan questions Sajid if absuing is wrong in friendship. That is when Bigg Boss calls Shalin, Stan and Tina to the confession room. Priyanka is still furious and discusses the matter with Ankit.

Bigg Boss talks to Shalin about the advice he received. He has seen the whole footage. Bigg Boss asks Shalin to be calm and narrates the whole incident. He is furious about the cussing. Tina has to decide who is guilty and innocent. Shalin says Tina's decision is of no value to him. As Tina explains, Shalin argues again. The argument keeps continuing between the three and Bigg Boss also loses his calm from time-to-time.

November 18, 2022 10.20 PM IST

Sajid asks Stan about the address and he explains the whole situation. Shalin Bhanot gives Tina Datta a hug to calm her down. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary defends Archana Gautam and says Stan matter is different. Ankit Gupta supports her. Priyanka calls it the group's planning and says she won't argue everyday because her health is important. That is when Ankit says he wants to leave. Priyanka says she will shut down if Bigg Boss doesn't solve the matter. Shalin walks out on Tina and supports Priyanka. Shalin says either the group goes or he goes.

Tina defends to Nimrit that she had to support and chose her friend Shalin over them. Nimrit says Stan is in a condition that he can cry any second. As Priyanka talks to Shalin, Tina comes in between that. Thus, there's an argument between the two. Ankit also comes in between the fight, obviously in support of Priyanka. Meanwhile, Sumbul Touqeer Khan cries and Shalin holds her hand to try and calm her down. Tina comes in between them and she and Shalin have an argument. Ankit comes as Shalin and Sumbul have a moment.

Tina tells Sajid Khan about what happened and says that she has become a target. Sajid says rightfully and as Priyanka starts screaming, Sajid and group react. Sajid says Archana should also go if it comes to provocation of violence. Meanwhile, Gautam and Priyanka have an argument.

November 18, 2022 10.00 PM IST

As Priyanka comes in between, Sajid asks her not to come in between the matter. Priyanka gets upset on that. Stan calls her out in front of Shiv Thakare. Shiv asks Priyanka to adopt Archana and calls her family 'gundey.'

Ankit comes in support of Priyanka and says they don't need a friend like him. Gautam says Priyanka needs footage. She doesn't calm down and Ankit says the matter will be spoken about in front of Salman Khan. Thus, PriyAnkit have an argument.

Archana comes in her own defense and asks the groups not to drag her name in the matter. Soundarya goes to calm her down. Sajid loses his calm when Priyanka screams on him too. He says he asked Bigg Boss to interfere anyway.

Sajid says that by bringing Archana back in the house, a wrong example was set. Priyanka asks Sajid to talk to Stan rather than support him. Nimrit steps in and she and Priyanka also have a loud argument again.

Shiv defends Stan, saying the rapper didn't hit Shalin. Priyanka also cannot stop, saying Stan goes to others. Sajid and Nimrit say Priyanka is provoking everyone.

November 18, 2022 09.45 PM IST

Bigg Boss 16's new episode commences from Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer Khan's fight and Tina walking out on Shalin Bhanot. Tina asks why is Sumbul so possessive about him. Thus, she and Shalin have a loud argument. Tina screams and talks to Sajid Khan about the situation. Gautam Singh Vig talks to the group too about Sumbul saying about black-and-white. Tina asks Stan to relax. Sumbul then asks Soundarya Sharma why did Tina go to the other side. Still shivering, she says she wants to go home.

Shalin challenges Bigg Boss to check the footage and take action on what happened. Just then, PriyAnkit come and say they will also leave. Ankit says he will ask Salman Khan to let him go home.

Tina questions Archana's eviction and then Sajid asks Stan if he provoked Shalin. Tina defends Stan and tells Gautam about bringing Archana back. Gautam brings Sumbul topic again. Sumbul asks Bigg Boss to remove Stan, Shalin or her from the house.

Shalin asks Sumbul why she reacted to Tina the way she did. Upset, Sumbul still defends herself and Shalin over Tina. Soundarya joins group Sajid. Tina, on the other hand, comes back to Shalin and PriyAnkit go to the other room. Archana Gautam joins them.

Shalin and Tina have an argument as she talks about violence. Shalin says he wants to go to the confession room and check the footage. He says he was provoked to raise his hand. He talks in English and gets a warning from Bigg Boss. Shalin refuses to talk in Hindi, stating that he can emote better in English.