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Bigg Boss 16 November 18 Written Update: Will Shalin Bhanot take a voluntary exit from Salman Khan's show?

After the altercation between MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot, everything in the Bigg Boss 16 house spiraled out of control.

Bigg Boss 16 November 18 Written Update: Will Shalin Bhanot take a voluntary exit from Salman Khan's show?
Shalin Bhanot in Bigg Boss 16

Last Updated: 07.30 AM, Nov 19, 2022


The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 opens with a confrontation between Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer Khan, with Tina leaving Shalin Bhanot. Tina queries Sumbul's obsession with him. She and Shalin argue loudly as a result. Tina yells and discusses the problem with Sajid Khan. Speaking to the gathering, Gautam Singh Vig also discussed Sumbul's remarks about black and white. Tina implores Stan to unwind. Then Sumbul queries Soundarya Sharma over Tina's decision to switch sides. She continues to shiver and says she wants to go home. Shalin challenges Bigg Boss to review the video and respond to the incident. Priyanka and Ankit then appear and announce their intention to depart. Ankit promises to persuade Salman Khan to allow him to return home.

Sajid then inquires as to whether Stan provoked Shalin after Tina questioned Archana's removal. Tina speaks up for Stan and informs Gautam that she has brought Archana back. Bringing up Sumbul once more is Gautam. Sumbul requests that Stan, Shalin, or she be evicted from the house by Bigg Boss. Shalin questions Sumbul about her response to Tina. Unhappy, Sumbul nevertheless puts Shalin and herself up against Tina. Sajid's group welcomes Soundarya. Priyanka and Ankit, on the other hand, move to the other room while Tina returns to Shalin. They are joined by Archana Gautam.

Tina talks about violence while Shalin and she argue. Shalin claims he wants to visit the confessional to view the video. He raises his hand and claims that he was provoked. He receives a warning from Bigg Boss for speaking in English. Shalin says he prefers to communicate in English and will not speak Hindi. Sajid asks Priyanka not to get involved as she enters the room. That infuriates Priyanka. Shiv Thakare hears Stan yell for her. Shiv contacts Priyanka's family ("gunday") and urges them to adopt Archana.

Priyanka is defended by Ankit, who asserts that they don't need a friend like him. Priyanka wants footage, says Gautam. Ankit informs her that the subject will be discussed in front of Salman Khan if she doesn't calm down. As a result, Priyanka and Ankit are at odds. Archana speaks up for herself and begs the groups not to bring her name up. Soundarya goes to help her feel better. As Priyanka screams at him as well, Sajid becomes agitated. He claims that he still requested Bigg Boss' intervention.

By bringing Archana back into the home, according to Sajid, a poor example was established. Instead of standing by Stan, Priyanka begs Sajid to speak with him. When Nimrit intervenes, Priyanka and she start shouting again as well. Shiv stands up for Stan and claims that the rapper didn't strike Shalin. Also unable to stop, Priyanka claims Stan goes to other people. Priyanka, according to Sajid and Nimrit, is inciting everyone.

Stan responds to Sajid's inquiry regarding the address by outlining the entire scenario. Shalin Bhanot hugs Tina Datta to help her feel better. Archana Gautam is defended by Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, who asserts that Stan's situation is distinct. She has Ankit Gupta's support. Priyanka refers to it as the group's strategy and declares she won't argue daily because her health is crucial. Ankit then declares his desire to depart. If Bigg Boss doesn't resolve the situation, Priyanka says she will stop participating. Shalin leaves Tina and stands up for Priyanka. Shalin asserts that he must leave if the group does not.

Tina argues to Nimrit that she had to support them but chose to prioritise her buddy Shalin. Stan, according to Nimrit, is so upset that he might start crying at any moment. Tina interrupts Priyanka and Shalin as they are speaking. There is a disagreement between the two as a result. Ankit also intervenes in-between the fights, undoubtedly in Priyanka's favour. While Sumbul Touqeer Khan sobs, Shalin tries to comfort her by holding her hand. When Tina gets in the way, she and Shalin get into a fight. Shalin and Sumbul are having a moment when Ankit enters.

Sajid Khan is informed by Tina of what transpired and is informed that Tina has become a target. Sajid asserts correctly, and the group responds as Priyanka cries out. If there are any provocations of violence, according to Sajid, Archana should leave as well. In the meantime, Gautam and Priyanka are at odds. Stan queries Sajid about the propriety of sueing in a friendship. At that point, Bigg Boss summons Tina, Shalin, and Stan to the confessional. Priyanka talks to Ankit about the situation while remaining incensed.

Bigg Boss discusses the advice he was given with Shalin. He has viewed the entire video. Bigg Boss tells Shalin to be cool as he recounts the entire scenario. He is indignant at the profanity. Tina must determine who is responsible and who is not. Tina's choice, according to Shalin, is meaningless to him. Shalin is arguing once more, as Tina explains. The three continue to argue, and Bigg Boss occasionally loses control of his composure.

Later that evening, Shalin tells Bigg Boss that he no longer wants to be a part of the show. As he discusses the presenter, Salman Khan, he cries. Shalin replies that he will be an anchor when Bigg Boss asks him if he wants to be one. Shalin then asserts that he must leave before Shiv Thakare and Stan. Shalin claims that because of his safety, one of them must leave. Bigg Boss says he's cool with Shalin leaving on his own volition. Shalin is happy to pay the fine. Salman will take Shalin home, according to Bigg Boss' vow. The same is said to Priyanka and Ankit by a beaming Shalin. Shiv slept, so they say.

Shalin is overly aggressive, and Tina warns Nimrit. Shalin is summoned back to the confessional just as he turns to speak with Priyanka and Ankit. Shalin is instructed by Bigg Boss not to speak to the candidates who were acting violently in response to the incident. Ankit should, in Tina's opinion, leave the house. She then informs Nimrit that Shiv may not be someone she can trust, and vice versa. She had a hunch they'd clash shortly. Bigg Boss informs Shalin that he will provide the necessary information to Priyanka. Sumbul is disappointed at learning about Shalin's choice, and Tina is dismayed that Priyanka's plan was successful.

Shalin admits to Gautam Singh Vig that he wants to win this competition. He refers to Tina as a "player" and declares that the performance is over. Shalin sobs, and Gautam comforts him. Sumbul becomes enraged after hearing their conversation. Shalin is urged by the woman not to return it there. Shalin claims he is unable to.

In front of Tina, Nimrit halts Shalin. Shalin is instructed by her to give the matter some thought. Shalin assigns Tina the responsibility. He believes that she has played the game in such a way that she will triumph. He then leaves the conversation and declares he will never speak to her again. Sumbul is asked to leave by Tina, but she declines, saying that she will only leave if Shalin wants her to.

Bigg Boss is informed by Tina that she will go in his place. Bigg Boss promptly throws her out when she claims that if he departs, she will turn into a statue. Shalin is afraid of himself, and she wants to talk to him. He leaves her and Sumbul behind. After that, an angry Tina remains still. That is how the episode concludes.

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