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Bigg Boss 16 November 24, 2022 LIVE Highlights: Bigg Boss tells the entire house about Sumbul’s conversation with her father

Shalin and Tina become furious with Sumbul.

Bigg Boss 16 November 24, 2022 LIVE Highlights: Bigg Boss tells the entire house about Sumbul’s conversation with her father

Last Updated: 11.21 PM, Nov 24, 2022


Bigg Boss decided to come clean with a major confession to the housemates, which made the house erupt in chaos. The supreme reveals all the details about Sumbul’s conversation with her father, including what he said about Shalin and Tina. Suffice to say, Shalin and Tina were not pleased.

Here’s all that happened:

Day 54, 9:15 AM IST

Shalin says that his priority is to make Tina the captain. Sajid says that everyone should get a chance to be the captain. An argument breaks out between Tina and Nimrit, when the latter questions why Tina does not seem to trust her. Shalin tries to comfort Tina and asks her to hug it out with Nimrit.

Day 54, 9:30 AM IST

Nimrit tells Shalin that Tina does not trust her, despite the former trying to defend Tina many times. Shalin tries to play peacemaker between Tina and Nimrit. Tina says that her reactions are coping mechanisms, and Nimrit says that Tina becomes too defensive at times. The two soon make up.

Day 54, 12:15 AM IST

Ankit and Sajid discuss the public voting process. The former has a conspiracy theory that public voting is not the only thing that decides the housemates’ fates. Sajid disagrees.

Day 54, 3:45 PM IST

Bigg Boss discusses the disagreements in the house, including that of Sajid-Archana, Priyanka-Ankit, Shalin-Tina, and says that it has affected the household’s climate. He says that the relationship between Bigg Boss and the housemates should be based on transparency. Bigg Boss confesses that he allowed Sumbul to call her ailing father. He shows the contestants the video of the call, where Sumbul’s father is heard telling her to stay away from Shalin and Tina.

Bigg Boss says that he is frustrated with Sumbul and her father for taking advantage of the phone call to talk about the game, and not about the father’s health.

Day 54, 4:00 PM IST

Shalin becomes furious about what Sumbul’s father said. Tina also says that her character assassination is taking place. Sumbul also breaks down, and is comforted by Shiv. Sumbul defends her father. Shalin goes to talk to Sumbul in his fury. Sumbul tells them she tries to stay away from Tina and Shalin. Nimrit says that family intervention is not fair at all. Sumbul starts to hyperventilate and Nimrit, Shiv and Sajid comfort her.

Day 54, 4:15 PM IST

Priyanka says that there is no use in reasoning with Sumbul at this point. Tina declares that she has no respect for Sumbul’s father. She says that it seems like Sumbul and her father seem to be plotting about the game. Sumbul is called into the medical room. Soon Tina tries to pick up a fight with Shalin. Nimrit says that it seems like Shalin is having it worse than Tina.

Day 54, 4:30 PM IST

Tina asks Sumbul and her father to stop dragging the former into all of this, and calls Shalin a fool for being involved. Sumbul reminds Tina of what the latter said to Salman Khan, about Sumbul’s obsession with Shalin. Tina and Sumbul start to yell at each other. Tina asks Sumbul to move out. Archana jokes that one group has been broken, and Soundarya says that the matter was sensitive. Archana and Soundarya joke around with each other.

Day 54, 4:45 PM IST

Sumbul apologises to Shalin and Tina. Tina questions why Sumbul shared a bed with Shalin and Tina.

Day 54, 5:30 PM IST

Bigg Boss has a fun sea themed activity for the housemates. Tina , Nimrit and Shiv’s photos are pinned to a board. The garden has been converted to a BB Fisheries. There are 2 workstations, one for Shiv and his favourites and the other for the rest. A horde of fish fall on Shiv, and the rest of the house are required to collect and fill baskets with fish,rice and salt. In the end, whose photo stays on the board will be the captain next week. Soundarya says Nimrit upturned her basket, and the two argue. Arguments break out between the two teams, when Archana breaks the rules and participates despite her name not being called.

Day 54, 6:15 PM IST

Nimrit, Shiv and Tina’s photos remain on the board. Thus one of the three will be captain next week. Shiv taunts Archana. The latter taunts him back. Sajid loses his temper again and is stopped by the rest of the housemates when he goes to give Archana a piece of his mind. Sajid says Archana deserves at least one slap. Shiv and Archana have a yelling match.

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