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Bigg Boss 16 November 8, 2022 Highlights: Sumbul tells Shalin that they are no longer friends

Sumbul, Priyanka and Gori are selected for nomination this week.

Bigg Boss 16 November 8, 2022 Highlights: Sumbul tells Shalin that they are no longer friends

Last Updated: 11.07 PM, Nov 08, 2022


Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss season 16 saw Shalin’s relationships with Tina and Sumbul being put through the wringer. Bigg Boss had a special nomination process in store for the housemates, and Abdu’s rewards for his captaincy extended to some of his best friends in the house as well.

Here’s all that happened:

Sumbul talks to Ankit and Priyanka about how she had advised Shalin to calm down numerous times.

8:45 PM IST

Sajid PLACES A bet with Bigg Boss of 1000 rs about who will be the delivery boys, which he loses. Sajid gets Shalin and Ankit’s rations, and he can deliver only one. Sajid chooses to deliver it to Shalin, who gave the former a tee shirt.

9:00 PM IST

Ankit is chosen to be the next delivery boy. He gets Abdu and Gautam’s boxes, and he delivers it to Abdu.

9:15 PM IST

Archana is the next delivery executive, who gets Nimrit and Soundarya’s boxes. The former delivers it to Soundarya.

9:30 PM IST

Priyanka is the last delivery executive, and gets one single parcel, which happens to be Ankit’s birthday cake. Things are not good with Tina and Shalin.

10:15 PM IST

Sajid searches for Sumbul. Sumbul leaves the kitchen when Tina arrives to help.

Sajid tells Stan that Gori insulted him. Shiv also joins in criticizing Gori.

Shalin and Sumbul argue over Tina. Shalin asks what she has against Sumbul. Shalin tells Sumbul not to take Tina’s ration.

11:45 PM IST

Archana tries to taunt Priyanka and Ankit. The latter tries to stop Priyanka from being angry. Priyanka asks Archana not to tell her what to do.

12:00 AM IST

Tina and Nimrit discuss what Tina said to Shalin. Tina said Shalin is never there for her. Nimrit asks Tina to draw a line. Tina tells that Shalin wants both Tina and Sumbul’s loyalty.

12:15 AM IST

Gori discusses Sajid with Priyanka, Nimrit, and some of the other housemates. Stan, Shalin, Shiv gather around Sajid, as Gori comes to the room and takes away a blanket.

8:00 AM IST

Archana, Shalin, Abdu and Shiv groove to the anthem.

11:15 AM IST

Archana taunts Shiv and asks if he loves her. Shiv jokes around and tells her to tie a rakshabandhan.

1:00 PM IST

On Abdu and Sajid’s ‘talk show’, Shalin is joked around with.

2:30 PM IST

In the kitchen, Shiv gets angry at Gori in the name of taking the ration and not heeding his words. Gori says she won't change her attitude. The two argue.

2: 45 PM IST

Gori discusses her argument with Shiv, with Archana. Shiv discusses it with Sajid and Stan.

3:45 PM IST

Abdu is in the confession room and is appreciated by Bigg Boss saying that everyone was happy when he was selected as captain. Bigg Boss asks Abdu who his favourite contestants are and he picks Sajid, Shiv, Stan and Nimrit. Bigg Boss asks if Abdu wants to save them for the nomination process, to which the captain says yes. Bigg Boss announces this to the rest of the housemates.

5:15 PM IST

The nomination task involves a flower shop and a balcony. The favourites are to be in the slower shop, while three of the non favourites will be in the balcony. The non-favorites have to convince the shopkeepers to give them flowers, which they will have to give the people in the balcony. At the end of the task, whoever receives the lowest number of flowers will be eligible for eviction.

5:30 PM IST

Gori, Archana and Shalin are in the balcony first. The three try to convince the flower shopkeepers to give them the flowers, and why the two deserve to go. Ruckus breaks out as the housemates try to convince the shopkeepers to give them flowers. Gori receives the lowest number of flowers, while Shalin, the highest. Nimrit and Shiv were the shopkeepers.

6:15 PM IST

Gautam, Tina and Sumbul are in the balcony, while Abdu and Stan are shopkeepers. Archana argues with Stan over not being given flowers. The lowest number of flowers are received by Tina, while Sumbul gets the lowest.

6:45 PM IST

Abdu tells Sumbul that Shalin had given her the flower. Sumbul is still upset with Shalin. Shalin tells Sumbul she wants to go home. Sumbul says she doesn't care about Shalin. Shalin says that he argues with Tina everyday over Sumbul. The latter yells at him when Shalin accuses her of taking the jacket that caused the row between him and Tina. Shalin says he had stood by Sumbul even when anyone told him not to. Shalin gets emotional when talking about how much he stood up for Sumbul. Shalin says that he has taught Sumbul much more than Bigg Boss has. Sumbul says that they are not friends anymore.

Tina says that she does not love Shalin. She says that she does not want Shalin’s name attached to her at all.

7:00 PM IST

Abdu and Sajid are the shopkeepers, while Ankit, Soundarya and Priyanka are on the balcony.

Gautam accuses Shalin of stealing flowers. Shalin denies this and says that Abdu gave it to him. Priyanka gives back the flower Shalin gave her after Gautam makes a scene. Priyanka gets the lowest number of flowers. Archana makes fun of Priyanka. Gori, Priyanka and Sumbul are nominated this week.

7:15 PM IST

Archana relentlessly taunts Priyanka, and the two yell at each other. Tina argues with Shalin over the people he gave flowers to, especially Soundarya.Tina calls Shalin cheap. Tina gets angry with Shalin and says that he lacks loyalty. Shalin tells Nimrit that Tina is playing with him.

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