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Bigg Boss 16 November 9, 2022 Highlights: Archana picks fights with Sajid, Shiv, Tina, Nimrit and more

Sajid loses his temper at Gori, and Archana defends the dancer.

Bigg Boss 16 November 9, 2022 Highlights: Archana picks fights with Sajid, Shiv, Tina, Nimrit and more

Last Updated: 11.14 PM, Nov 09, 2022


Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss saw Archana pick fights with most of the housemates. Some of the remnants of the arguments of the days before popped up, and Bigg Boss gave the housemates a quirky task to let Abdu keep his captaincy for one more week.

Here’s all that happened:

8:30 PM IST

Sumbul and Shalin continue their argument. She criticises Shalin for butting in between her and Tina’s issues. Tina tries to ignore the two. Archana comments that Shalin seems to go to Tina when he fights with Sumbul and vice versa.

9:15 PM IST

Archana calls Sumbul weak. Ankit takes offence when Archana says that he is in the background.

9:30 PM IST

Priyanka asks Ankit what Archana said. In the end, the two end up arguing and make up just as easily. They again argue, when Priyanka tells Ankit that he does not support her. Ankit talks about how she tries to pick fights with Archana.

9:45 PM IST

Shalin refuses to eat anything Tina made, but soon gives in.

10:00 PM IST

Tina and Shalin argue. Shalin calls Tina over righteous and tells her to leave him alone. Shalin says she made fun of whatever is going on between them and says that he was tired of her over smart attitude.

12:00 AM IST

Shalin says that Tina seems fake, and Nimrit disagrees with this.

12:15 AM IST

Tina also discusses the situation with Nimrit. Tina reveals that she used to cry in the bathroom. Gori sobs and says that she lost respect for Shiv after last night’s incident.

9:00 AM IST

Abdu talks about a dream he had.

10:30 AM IST

Stan says that Gori was in the wrong, regarding the row with Soundarya.

9:45 AM IST

Tina tells Shalin that she’s thinking about her mistakes. Ankit says that he will try to support Priyanka more. The latter ignores him.

Abdu says that no one listens to them. Archana yells about someone keeping paper towels in the bathroom. Nimrit tells Abdu to do what he thinks is right.

2:00 PM IST

Bigg Boss says that people always talk behind the backs of the captains. The housemates are required to mark Abdu’s captaincy out of ten, and give the reason for their marking too. Archana gives Abdu a 6, saying that Abdu is being influenced by people he likes and not as strong as she thought. Archana starts to yell when everyone else goes against her and defends Abdu.

Sumbul and Shiv’s gives the captain 10. Abdu also starts to yell at Archana when she does not stop. Nimrit gives 9.9, saying everyone has flaws. Soon everyone who gives Abdu marks also criticise Archana.

Ankit gives 7, saying that Abdu had a problem with dividing duties. Priyanka also gives Abdu 7, saying that the captain seems to be influenced by a group of people. Priyanka also talks about the unfair division of duties, which leads to another argument. It becomes Priyanka, Ankit, Archana versus Tina, Nimrit and Shiv in a yelling match.

Stan also gives Abdu 10, and says that Abdu is not unfair. Tina gives 10. Gori gives 9. Gautam gives 8 for his lack of authority, upon which Shiv and Tina argue that Gautam also did a similar thing when it came to Archana, during Gautam’s captaincy. Soundarya gives 9, saying that Abdu seemed a bit indifferent. Shalin and Sajid give 10. Sajid says that Archana calling Abdu a foreigner is not nice, as he was a guest in India.

3:15 PM IST

Archana tells Sajid that she was there to win, and Abdu should not have come to the house if small things hurt him.

3:30 PM IST

Shalin tells everyone not to talk about Tina and his relationship. Sajid says that the two seem to complement each other well.

4:15 PM IST

Soundarya discusses Gori’s argument with Shiv. The argument is brought up again, with Shiv adding to the conversation as well, and then storms out.

Sajid also gives his take on the argument, and soon loses his temper with Gori as well. Archana butts in to defend Gori, earning her the ire of everyone else, including Shalin and Shiv. Soon Shiv and Archana start to raise their voices and have a huge fight.

Archana advises Gori to stand up for himself.

4:45 PM IST

Sajid and Gori continue their argument. Sajid asks Gori to drop her attitude, and Gori agrees. The two hug it out.

Archana is called into the confession room to explain what happened.

5:00 PM IST

Gori asks Archana why she intervened. Sajid says Gori is a little lost.

5:30 PM IST

The housemates are shown Archana’s video in the confession room where she is seen talking about Sajid’s comment calling Gori a dancer from Rajasthan or Gujarat. Bigg Boss tells Archana what actually happened, and Archana says that she did not hear everything that happened. The supreme criticises Archana for hanging onto that word dancer. Bigg Boss says that the Haryanvi dancer comment is nothing offensive, and that Archana is trying to make it into something offensive. He repeats his proclamation that no one should be stereotyped on the basis of their caste, religion, profession or anyhtign else.

5:45 PM IST

Soundarya and Gori try to console Archana. Priyanka says that Archana did not learn from what Bigg Boss siad. Archana still feels that she did nothing wrong.

6:30 PM IST

Bigg Boss says that he has no reason to fire Abdu, and gives a unique task. A gold mine is made in the garden. Priyanka is appointed the supervisor of the mines. Miners are to go and mine for gold in the pool and deposit it in the godowns marked ‘For Abdu’ and ‘Change Abdu’, to determine if Abdu’s captaincy will continue or not. Priyanka decides who will go into the mines.

Tina and Soundarya are sent into the mines first. Shiv and Soundarya argue over whether Soundarya was able to get out of the mine before the buzzer. Sajid and Archana hug it out.

Bigg Boss clarifies the rules from Priyanka.

7:00 PM IST

Nimrit and Shalin ask Shiv not to over react. Archana and Nimrit are chosen for round two.

7:15 PM IST

Archana asks if no one else wants to become captain or not. Archana declares that most of the people are Abdu’s chamchas.

7:30 PM IST

Tina says that she will support Abdu, which is the right thing to do. Shiv taunts Archana. Abdu begs Shiv to stop.

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