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Bigg Boss 16 November 9, 2022 written update: Archana calls Abdu foreigner, says 'he shouldn't have come to the show'

Archana, Sajid supports the captain.

Bigg Boss 16 November 9, 2022 written update: Archana calls Abdu foreigner, says 'he shouldn't have come to the show'

Archana, Abdu in Bigg Boss 16

Last Updated: 08.22 AM, Nov 10, 2022


As soon as everyone wakes up, Abdu talks about a dream he had. Moving on, Tina accepts and tells Shalin that she has done mistakes. 

On the other hand, Ankit realises his fault and tells Priyanka that he will try and support her more now, while the latter ignores him.

Abdu expresses his concerns about not being heard by anyone in the house. Archana starts shouting as someone keeps paper towels in the bathroom, while Nimrit advises the captain to do whatever he thinks is right.

Bigg Boss says that people always talk behind the backs of the captains. He later announces that everyone is required to give marks to Abdu on his captaincy out of 10. Archana gives him 6 marks and says that he gets influenced by other people. Everyone starts defending the captain, while Archana starts yelling to prove her point. Meanwhile, Abdu also starts shouting back at her when she doesn't stop.

Ankit and Priyanka give the captain 7 marks each, while Stan and Tina give him 10. Gori and Soundarya give 9, while Gautam gives 8. Shalin and Sajid give 10. Sajid says that Archana calling Abdu a foreigner is not nice, as he was a guest in India.

Moving on, Archana tells that Abdu should not have come into the house if small things hurt him as she is here to win. Shalin on the other hand announces that no one should talk about his and tina's relationship, while Sajid teases him and says that they both complement each other.

Sajid also gives his take on the argument and soon loses his temper with Gori as well. Archana butts in to defend Gori, earning her the ire of everyone else, including Shalin and Shiv. Soon Shiv and Archana start to raise their voices and have a huge fight.

Moving on Archana gets called into the confession room and asked to tell whatever happened between her, Sajid and Gori, To which she replies that the filmmaker called her a dancer from Haryana or Gujarat and she thinks it is offensive. After a while, Bigg Boss shows Archana's confession room video to everyone in the house and tells Archana that calling someone a Haryanavi dancer is not offensive and she should not take it that way.

Gori asks Archana why she intervened. Sajid says Gori is a little lost.

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