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Bigg Boss 16 October 23 Written Update: Karan Johar exposes Gautam Vig, resulting in a squabble with Soundarya Sharma

Karan Johar's statements led to a fallout between Soundarya and Gautam.

Bigg Boss 16 October 23 Written Update: Karan Johar exposes Gautam Vig, resulting in a squabble with Soundarya Sharma
Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma on Bigg Boss 16
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 02.04 AM, Oct 24, 2022

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The Mann ki safai task is where Bigg Boss 16 Weekend Ka Vaar picks up where the previous episode left off. Ankit Gupta was chosen by Sajid Khan. Choosing Archana Gautam is Abdu Rozik. Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary is chosen by MC Stan. As do Tina Datta, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and Gori Nagori. Shalin Bhanot is chosen by Shiv Thakare, Gautam Singh Vig, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Then Manya Singh is picked up by Sumbul. Both Manya and Soundarya Sharma were chosen. Gori was chosen by Archana and Ankit Gupta. Shiv is Priyanka's choice. She chooses Gautam.

Then Soundarya informs Archana that Manya is upset due to their relationship with Gautam. Shiv is questioned by Shalin for choosing him. Stan argues for Shiv. In this scene, Shiv and Shalin argue over "Charbi utaarna".

When Karan mentions Rahul and Anjali by name, Sumbul-Shalin gets angry and says they are just good brothers. According to Shalin, the sequel will be different. Ankit explains to Sumbul how she stuck with Shalin and how the equation might have been off when she spoke to him.

Priyanka is also furious at Ankit's one-sided affection in the meantime. After everyone has departed, he gives her a close embrace. Then Ankit declares that love is reciprocal.

When Stan sees what's going on, he gets angry and asks if they should start dating to get more attention. Shiv then conducts an analysis of each household member.

Soundarya was furious when Gautam had a sexual encounter with her, Nimrit informs Tina. Tina and Shalin are now perplexed and clueless about Gautam as a result.

Gautam asks Tina what she likes best about Sumbul while she and she stay in the kitchen. He is asked to exercise by her. In the meantime, Gautam and Nimrit are arguing over Soundarya. Gautam tries to hug Nimrit, but she becomes enraged and begins to sob since he never gave her time. Soundarya becomes agitated and declares that she cannot sever friendships. They are also at odds with one another.

Sajid informs Abdu that everyone in the home is evil. They'll try to get the brothers to fight, according to Abdu. In the interim, Gautam and Soundarya reconcile. Shalin allegedly started groping Soundarya from the beginning. The two agree that Tina is incredibly rational and doesn't deserve him. Gautam talks to Nimrit after they make amends. Later, he clashes with Soundarya as well.

Karan is back. He mentions Soundarya and Gautam. After that, the host plays the recording of Manya discussing Soundarya. She alleges that Soundarya is not acting properly at home. Manya asserts that she has no acquaintance with Soundarya.

Karan then goes up to Gautam and accuses him of making up their relationship by calling Soundarya "free-spirited." He contests Gautam's assertion that he asked Soundarya to change.

Nimrit and Karan also discuss rebounding. Then he tells Sajid about sitting with Ankit and engaging in tedious conversation.

He then tells Archana and Priyanka that their friendship is working in their conversation. Soundarya and Manya start fighting as Karan walks away, with Soundarya labelling Manya a loser.

While Nimrit, Shalin, and Tina talk to an agitated Gautam, Soundarya requests that they remain alone. Upon hearing what Archana has to say, Soundarya breaks down in tears. She wonders why Gautam treated her the way he did. Additionally, on the verge of tears, Gautam receives a hug from Shalin.

Karan runs into the housemates once more. He now has batti jalao to complete. Manya and Archana chose Gautam. Nimrit and Shiv choose Priyanka. Assembling Gori are Abdu and Ankit. Sajid chose Soundarya and Manya. Sumbul and Priyanka chose Stan. Shalin is chosen by Soundarya.

The episode finishes after Karan makes the elimination announcement.