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Bigg Boss 16 October 26 Written Update: This week, Bigg Boss declares no captain of the house

Archana Gautam tells Abdu Rozik to fight someone because he is currently nominated.

Bigg Boss 16 October 26 Written Update: This week, Bigg Boss declares no captain of the house
Bigg Boss 16 - October 27 - Written Update
  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 02.05 AM, Oct 27, 2022

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After the Bigg Boss anthem in the morning, Archana Gautam is seen speaking with Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. She claims that she doesn't want to be a captain because she wants to return to normal and is becoming tired of all the powers she possesses. Now that he has been nominated, Archana tells Abdu Rozik to pick a battle with someone.

Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer, on the other hand, may be seen having an argument because he did not defend her during the nominations phase. She tells Shalin how upset she is with him, and he nicely tells her that she is being unfair because she is safe and not in danger. Later, to cheer her up, he gets near to her, lifts her up, and gives her a firm hug.

Sajid Khan makes an effort to control Abdu. The movie director accuses him of being duped by everyone who nominated him on the last day. Then he asks the young singer if he wants anyone kicked out of the house. Gautam Vig gives his name as Abdu. Sajid gets him to talk to Bigg Boss through the in-house camera and tells him that he wants Gautam to be taken off the show.

Next, Gautam assures Shalin that he is not acting foolish because he can see how Tina Datta and Sumbul feel about him. While Gautam, Shiv Thakare, and MC Stan discuss the situation and make jokes about Shalin, the Naagin actor goes and speaks to Sumbul about it.

Archana gets a phone call from Bigg Boss after some time. He tells her that she is no longer captain and tells her to meet everyone in the common area. Bigg Boss criticizes the actor-politician and tells her she should feel humiliated because she didn't respect her authority and tried to quit as captain.

After that, Bigg Boss made an evil laugh announcement, telling everyone to run to the throne kept inside the house. The captain is whoever takes the first seat in the chair. Shiv is given the opportunity to occupy the chair first. Moving on, Shiv is asked to be removed from the captaincy chair or a weekly ration, and Archana is called to the activity area to make her decision. Shiv is her preference over shopping.

After Stan comes in and chooses the groceries, Shiv is no longer a candidate for captain. After the subsequent whistle, Gautam advances to the chair and wins the race. When Bigg Boss calls on Soundarya Sharma to make a decision, the actor responds that she wants Gautam to take the chair.

Before, everyone was upset with Nimrit, but nobody in the house confronted Soundarya about leaving such a sizable portion of the ration. As a result of this happening, Bigg Boss uses Nimrit by controlling her. After that, the actor becomes enraged with everyone inside.

Bigg Boss eventually tries to make fun of Ankit Gupta. He first summons him to the bathroom, then to the kitchen, and lastly to the activity area, where he asks him to select between Ration and Gautam. The Udariyaan actor selects food for the entire household.

After some time, Bigg Boss calls everyone together in the common room and announces that no one will serve as captain this week and that MC Stan and Ankit's earned ration can either be kept to themselves or shared among the entire house. It all depends on them.