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Bigg Boss 16 promo: Salman Khan calls out Sajid Khan’s double standards

Friday’s episode of the show saw Janhvi Kapoor arrive at the house as a guest, to promote her new film Mili.

Bigg Boss 16 promo: Salman Khan calls out Sajid Khan’s double standards

Last Updated: 02.06 PM, Nov 05, 2022


Sajid Khan’s entry into the Bigg Boss house this season certainly brought about a lot of controversy. But inside the house, the filmmaker seems to have tried to be on his best behaviour, for the most part, being a mentor to Abdu Rozik and trying to be the voice of reason for a number of housemates as well. But it seems that Sajid’s conduct in the house of late did not sit well with Salman Khan.

A new promo for the upcoming episode of the show shows Salman call out Sajid and ask him what he is doing in the house, prompting the filmmaker to say that he would show it all when the time comes. Salman argues that Sajid will not get the kind of time he expects to get and says that the contestant is giving people a reason to oust him. The host also adds that Sajid comes off looking like a hypocrite at times, when he keeps on changing the stands he takes. Salman also calls out Sajid’s double standards.

Friday’s episode of the show saw Salman making sure to give some of the housemates a piece of his mind. Archana and Shalin were among the contestants who came under Salman’s radar. While the host criticised Archana for making incessant demands from Bigg Boss for her clothes, Shalin was scolded for his annoying chicken obsession by Salman.

The previous episode of Bigg Boss saw a special guest on Shukravaar Ka Vaar, when the house was graced by the presence of Mili actors Janhvi Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal. In the true Mili spirit, Janhvi gave a special freezer task to the housemates.

Will Sajid be able to convince Salman of his intentions? Find out on the Shanivaar Ka Vaar episode, streaming tonight at 9:30 PM on Voot.

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