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Bigg Boss 16 promo: The housemates are taken hostage; what new chaos does Bigg Boss have in store?

Sreejita De and Abdu Rozik left the house this week.

Bigg Boss 16 promo: The housemates are taken hostage; what new chaos does Bigg Boss have in store?

Last Updated: 07.01 PM, Jan 15, 2023


The Bigg Boss 16 house has witnessed its fair share of surprises- from emotional and heartwarming to shocking and flabbergasting, many of them thanks to the supreme himself. As the housemates are close to ending their time in the Bigg Boss house, it seems that the supreme has saved his best surprises for last.

A new promo for the show, shared by Colors TV shows chaos erupting inside the house, and for once, the housemates are not the reason for it. The housemates are rudely awakened from their slumber by the entire house shaking as an eerie red light fills every room. Just as everyone gathers together in the midst of the hullabaloo, masked people dressed from top to toe in black surround them and point weapons at the housemates, who obediently raise their hands. To their shock a voice is heard speaking Sajid Khan’s name.

The promo was captioned “Bigg Boss ke ghar mein hoga hamla!”.

Check out the new promo below:

The previous week saw Bigg Boss give the housemates a heartwarming surprise, as everyone’s family members were invited on to the show to spend an entire day with them. But every good thing must come to an end, and soon the threat of evictions loomed near, and Sreejita De exited the show yet again.

But in a shocking twist, the previous episode saw Abdu Rozik having to leave the house as well. Abdu had been allowed to leave the house for a short while once, when an important work opportunity came up for the singer. Although he returned to the house later, the singer’s work commitments required much more of his time than Bigg Boss could allow, and Abdu voluntarily left the show on the previous episode, leaving a number of housemates heartbroken and emotional.

What does Bigg Boss have in store for the housemates next? Find out on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, tonight at 9 PM on Voot and Colors TV.

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