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Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan comes out in Archana Gautam’s support, tells Shiv Thakare ‘dose doon kya?’

Bigg Bulletin host Shekhar Suman had previously supported Archana Gautam in the fight, calling her the lifeline of Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan comes out in Archana Gautam’s support, tells Shiv Thakare ‘dose doon kya?’
Bigg Boss 16 - Salman Khan.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.38 PM, Nov 12, 2022


Salman Khan is here for Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar and he has an opinion on Archana Gautam-Shiv Thakare’s fight. The actor-host has come out in Archana’s support in the fight. He in fact even warned Shiv from the stage.

Salman recalled the incident and understood that Congress party and didi (Priyanka Gandhi) are a sensitive topic for Archana. Even though the host praised Shiv, he also called out the contestant for trying to play dumb.

“Dose doon kya? Kyunki tumhaari memory bahut weak hoti jaa rahi hai,” Salman was heard telling Shiv in a serious tone.

Watch the video here:

Shiv defended himself saying that his intention was to shut Archana, who couldn’t stop speaking. That is what irked Salman, who reminded Shiv that the whole scenario was pre-planned.

Salman called Archana to the stage and questioned Shiv’s behaviour with Archana too. He asserted that Shiv understood Archana’s trigger point.

“Bahut hi accha. Pre-planned and cleverly executed,” Salman was heard saying while praising Shiv for getting Archana out of the house.

Archana Gautam had held Shiv’s neck when he constantly poked her by saying ‘didi didi.’ Seeing her behaviour, Bigg Boss gave Shiv two options – to evict her from the house or leave it on the viewers. He chose the former and Archana was out of Bigg Boss 16 house.

She constantly begged to stay in the house but both Shiv and Bigg Boss refused to give her another chance. Despite that, it now appears that Salman did listen to her and Archana might just be back in the house. This has also happened since many, including Bigg Bulletin host Shekhar Suman, came out in Archana’s support and said that she is the lifeline of the show.

Do you think Archana will be back in the house? Will this be her very last opportunity? Find out.