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Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Farah Khan January 28, 2022 Highlights: Kartik Aaryan enters, Tina Datta evicted

Kartik Aaryan graces Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Farah Khan.

Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar with Farah Khan January 28, 2022 Highlights: Kartik Aaryan enters, Tina Datta evicted
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Last Updated: 04.06 AM, Jan 29, 2023


Here's everything that happened on the episode...

January 28, 2022 10:30 PM IST

The evictions are here. Priyanka and Shiv are safe. Farah names Shalin and then names both Shalin and Tina. Tina is out. She greets Priyanka and Sumbul tells the mandali that she doesn't want to see her ever again. Tina meets everyone except Shalin. She doesn't meet him even after Archana asks her to. With that, Farah bids goodbye and the episode comes to an end.

January 28, 2022 10:01 PM IST

Archana discusses Stan's comment with Priyanka while Stan does so with the mandali. Shiv questions if there are ghosts in the other team.

Farah then talks about evictions, reminding that Shalin, Tina, Priyanka and Shiv are nominated this week. The host meets the contestants to talk about their 17 weeks' journey.

The speedbreaker task is here. Priyanka names Nimrit. Shalin picks Tina and vice-versa. Sumbul picks both. Stan picks Archana. Archana picks Shiv and Stan. Farah scolds Stan, who refuses to give importance to Archana. Shiv names Priyanka and Archana. Nimrit picks Tina and Priyanka. Farah lauds everyone and talks about finale.

January 28, 2022 09:46 PM IST

A new task - image consultancy - is here. It is about picking who needs an image makeover. Shalin picks Priyanka, which obviously leads to a fight between the two. Sumbul does too, stating that Priyanka ignores Nimrit even if they need to have a discussion. Shiv, Stan pick Archana. As Archana fights Stan, he walks out. She comes to his rapping and asks Stan to be a good singer before asking if she can be a good politician. Nimrit names Tina and Priyanka. Priyanka picks Nimrit and Shiv. Tina picks Nimrit. Archana picks Shiv.

Kartik teaches the contestants Shehzada song's hookstep. With that, Kartik makes an exit.

January 28, 2022 09:30 PM IST

Kartik Aaryan is here on the show. Farah asks him to audition for her film. He does Pyaar Ka Punchnama monologue, drunk.

Farah then brings him to the house. Kartik brings roses for Archana and Priyanka demands one from the bouqet. Tina gets one too. Archana has to thank Kartik in English.

Stan greets Kartik, who 'appreciates him.' He has to mimic Touqeer saab by rapping in his style. Sumbul gives him 10 points. Stan's workout is also in discussion.

Kartik has to do something with the five actresses on the show. They have to audition with Kartik. Archana goes first. Archana's fantasy is recreated again. She ends up calling him bhaiya in the middle of the act. She gets cast as the sister. Tina is next and has to recreate Monjolika from Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. She has to propose to him. Tina has no idea what is Monjolika style and Sumbul replaces her. Kartik gives up as Sumbul scares him. The scene turns funny. Priyanka has to recreate Love Aaj Kal 2's Tum Mujhe Tang Karne Lage Ho dialogue. Archana complains to Farah about not being able to romance Kartik and gets scolded instead. Priyanka gets emotional as Kartik does a romantic dance with her. Nimrit recreates Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Kartik has to play the air piano. There are unintentional bloopers in this one. Archan joins in and Nimrit gets scared. The song stops as Archana steps in to dance with him.

January 28, 2022 09:26 PM IST

After Farah leaves, Shiv Thakare complains that Tina is misbehaving. MC Stan agrees that she's got attitude. Shiv recalls Tina's tone with Farah and Shalin says that while there's a scare associated with Salman, Farah is loveable. Nimrit corrects him saying she can't be taken for granted and is a senior who deserves respect. Shalin is happy that not Salman but Farah told him to give it back. He promises to do that now.

Tina, on the other hand, cries to Priyanka. She tells Priyanka they won't sit together, while stating that she wants Priyanka to go in top two. Tina continues crying and Priyanka gives up on her this time. Archana, on the other hand, questions if Tina has an issue while shooting in London, will she call her doctor from India there?

Archana tells Nimrit she is following her because of her father but wasn't even interested in her before. She complains about the joker tag. Nimrit tells Archana how Priyanka and Tina are the most hated contestants currently. Archana then tells them that it's better that there isn't Salman.

Nimrit talks about Tina and Maahim in fury. She recalls how Tina did everything for Maahim except clean her poop.

January 28, 2022 09:00 PM IST

Farah Khan is back for Bigg Boss 16 Shanivaar Ka Vaar. She talks about evictions soon after. The host meets the housemates and remembers Tina Datta being crowned the queen. Farah accuses Tina of using people to the fullest. She sets an example of her by calling her a manipulator.

The host then talks about Shiv Thakare-Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary's fight for eight long hours. She then talks about Tina Datta, who didn't fight. Farah calls Tina's stay 'priviliged.' She says that Shalin Bhanot might be mocked but her demands are precise and how she demanded chicken soup. The host says that everyone is frustrated because Shalin's mental health was mocked upon. She calls it bullying and tells Shalin she wants to slap him because he doesn't give it back. Shalin, teary-eyed, tries to justify why she doesn't. Priyanka is called a vamp. Tina says Priyanka turned a vamp because of her, irking Farah. The host scolds Shalin for not talking when he should and using the word depression casually. Farah warns Tina that she will walk out if she goes on defending herself while dragging Shalin's name. Farah says Archana has to give a medical emergency if she wants something. Farah calls Priyanka innocent who didn't understand the situation. She says Tina-Priyanka look very weird and 'bursts Priyanka's bubble.' Priyanka apologizes to Shalin, who also gets scolding from Farah. The host calls him 'SRK of My Name Is Khan.' The tape where Priyanka informs Shalin that they are using his chicken is played. It is compared with Tina's behaviour while returning the chicken to Shalin. Priyanka says she can't change Tina's nature but can guide her. She agrees that Tina's tone wasn't right. Farah says Priyanka's 'sacchai ki mahurat' is derailed since the past three weeks. Shalin stops Priyanka defending Tina and tells her that Tina isn't right and she shouldn't stand with the wrong. As Shalin starts talking, Farah shuts him down. Farah reveals that Priyanka is seen in a very negative light this week thanks to the Tina situation.

Farah talks about Maahim and how Tina has asked Bigg Boss to send someone to clean Maahim's poop, while calling her own self a pet parent. Tina gets a scolding for how she behaved after Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia cleaned the poop. Farah says Tina has played a victim card at every point. Tina comes to know her image outside isn't good at all.

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