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Bigg Boss 17- Aishwarya Sharma calls Khanzaadi ‘bewakoof ladki’ for THIS reason!

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17 will see Aishwarya Sharma calling Khanzaadi as ‘bewakoof ladki’ amidst the immunity task 

Bigg Boss 17- Aishwarya Sharma calls Khanzaadi ‘bewakoof ladki’ for THIS reason!
PC: Screenshot from Colors' promo

Last Updated: 08.48 PM, Dec 07, 2023


The present season of Bigg Boss is home to a cross section of individuals, who bring with them a wide range of temperaments, anger, love, ego (in random order) and other traits. The first given opportunity sees them unravel their emotional traits, depending upon what the situation is and who the opposite person is.

Of late, there is one person who has been a consistent topic of everyone’s conversation inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. No prizes for guessing the name of the contestant. It is indeed the rapper Khanzaadi, who has, of late, become the talking point of many conversations as well as the trigger point of many fights!

Of late, even though Khanzaadi has seemingly mellowed down, the latest promo that has been released by the channel on social media, shows the rapper in her aggressive avatar. This time round, her aggressive behaviour does not stem from any fights with anyone. Khanzaadi gets aggressive during a task (immunity task, to be precise).

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss will see Khanzaadi getting into loggerheads with her fellow contestant Aishwarya Sharma. The war of words between the two gets elevated so much that it reaches its crescendo. So much so that, out of anger and frustration, Aishwarya Sharma calls Khanzaadi ‘bewakoof ladki’. Not the one to be bothered by any such terms, Khanzaadi is seen continuing with her task in the immunity task, as decided by Bigg Boss himself.

For the unversed, Khanzaadi, who is a rapper by profession, had recently become the talking point of many. This was because of her mental and physical health issues, which was ‘revealed’ a few episodes ago. Khanzaadi, who was under medical treatment for many years, was also reportedly on a wheelchair for as many as three years. As for Khanzaadi, she was seen in an extremely aggressive mood not just in front of her fellow contestants, but also in front of Salman Khan, when he had come to host the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

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