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Bigg Boss 17: All you wanted to know about Navid Sole; the only foreign contestant in the show!

Let us introduce you to the 29-year-old Navid Sole, a well-known TV personality and a pharmacist

Bigg Boss 17: All you wanted to know about Navid Sole; the only foreign contestant in the show!
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Last Updated: 11.22 PM, Oct 15, 2023


With the most awaited Bigg Boss 17 being premiered today, all the eyes are trained on the show’s host Salman Khan and his inimitable hosting skills. Besides that, all the eyes are eagerly awaiting the names of the contestants of this season of Bigg Boss, which, apparently, is in its seventeenth season! Let us have an insight of the contestants who will be forming this season’s contestants.

Who is Navid Sole?
The 29-year-old Navid Sole is a self-confessed known TV personality, who hails from UK and is half Italian and half Persian. He runs many pharmacy stores in the UK capital. He is mostly known for his on-screen presentable nature and his never-say-never attitude towards any task. Armed with this nature, he has now entered the Bigg Boss house. Even though communication in Hindi is mandatory inside the Bigg Boss house, this time round, Bigg Boss has made an exception for Navid Sole. At the same time, Navid Sole has requested his fellow contestants to teach him Hindi.

Any previous reality show that he has been a part of?
He was a part of the show ‘The Apprentice’. Salman Khan said that, he is the only foreign contestant in this season of Bigg Boss. Salman Khan also mentioned that Navid Sole looks like the grown-up version of Abdu Rozik!

Is Navid Sole controversial?
No… but, his rather upfront nature (as seen so far) and also his language barrier could possibly act as reason/s for him to get into altercation/s with the other contestants. He also confessed that he has been single all his life because he is very career driven. 

What’s Navid Sole’s favourite catchword?

What did the introductory video of Navid Sole tell about him?
The channel’s social media handle introduced him as ‘Kaun hai yeh English Babu jinhe Salman seekha rahe hai Hindi? Hit ‘Okurrr’ in the comments if you’re excited to meet him’. Between Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma, Navid confessed that he will be most compatible with Neil Bhatt, who taught him a few moves from ‘Jhumka’ track during their introduction video.

Why is Navid Sole inside the Bigg Boss house?
He is here to find love, have some fun and to tear it down! Salman Khan welcomed him with a round of 6 paani-puris, that he enjoyed eating! Even though Navid knows Hindi terms like ‘Namaste’, ‘Shukriya’, ‘Chalo chalo’, Salman Khan taught him term like ‘Niyam Ullanghan’.

What can one expect from Navid Sole in the Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 17?
One can expect lots and lots of antics from him inside the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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