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Bigg Boss 17- Ankita Lokhande asks Vicky Jain, “Kya Mannara Chopra paagal ho gayee hai?”

Today’s episode saw when Mannara Chopra trying to enjoy her privileges as a finalist in her trademark style, Ankita Lokhande asks Vicky Jain a shocking question! 

Bigg Boss 17- Ankita Lokhande asks Vicky Jain, “Kya Mannara Chopra paagal ho gayee hai?”
Ankita Lokhande feels insecured about Vicky Jain because of Mannara Chopra

Last Updated: 12.22 AM, Jan 19, 2024


It now seems that the stress and tension of the grand finale is finally having its impact on the contestants. Yesterday’s episode was definitely one of the most volatile episodes ever in this season of Bigg Boss. For those who missed yesterday’s episode, it saw the most shocking verbal explosion between Munawar Faruqui and Vicky Jain, which eventually had its serpentine impact on the entire house.

The impact of this fight was so huge that, Ankita and her team got disqualified from taking part in the Torture Task’, which paved the way (by default) for Mannara Chopra and her team to be the first four finalists of the show.

Today's episode seemed like yesterday’s leftovers!

Today’s episode seemed to be a carry-forward of yesterday’s leftovers. Today’s episode saw Mannara Chopra and Isha Malviya at extreme loggerheads with each other. Even though Mannara Chopra tried to tell Isha that she was not at all angry with her, the latter was in no mood to listen to any of her words.

Thereafter started the game of ‘one-upwomanship’ between Isha Malviya and Mannara Chopra. Both the ladies were trying to prove their supremacy over the other by trying to put the other person down. That’s when, Mannara Chopra starts behaving like a foreigner and even starts talking like one.

Ankita Lokhande extremely irritated with Mannara Chopra!

Seeing Mannara Chopra behave in such a strange manner, Ankita Lokhande asks her husband Vicky Jain, “Kya Mannara Chopra paagal ho gayee hai?” (Has Mannara Chopra gone mad?). Seeing Mannara Chopra, Vicky Jain tries to go soft on her. Seeing this irritates Ankita Lokhande furthermore. That’s when Ankita Lokhande tells Vicky that, even though she has spared Mannara Chopra inside the house, she will not spare them outside the house!

Getting far from Munawar has its effects on Ankita Lokhande
After yesterday’s fight, Ankita Lokhande severs her ties with Munawar Faruqui. The flip side of the fight was that, she became emot ionally very close to her husband Vicky Jain, with whom she was having issues since many days over many petty issues.

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