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Bigg Boss 17- Ankita Lokhande nominates Mannara Chopra, Aoora nominates Khanzaadi for THESE reasons!

Besides Ankita Lokhande and Aoora, this week will see Isha Malviya nominating Anurag Dobhal, Samarth Jurel nominating Abhishek Kumar as the nominations’ ‘prakriya’ start this week

Bigg Boss 17- Ankita Lokhande nominates Mannara Chopra, Aoora nominates Khanzaadi for THESE reasons!
PC: Instagram Account of Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra

Last Updated: 02.38 PM, Dec 11, 2023


Those who think and feel that the ongoing season of Bigg Boss is definitely one of the most interesting seasons so far, there are many out there who will definitely echo your thoughts. Even though there were a few hiccups on the show in the initial couple of weeks, but, as and when the days passed by, the show has become not just interesting and murkier, but also a must- watch on every single day. Those in the know will know for a fact that, since it's Monday today, it’s the day of nominations of the contestants.

As the traditional ritual which has been going on since the inception, this year too, Bigg Boss calls the contestants inside the confession room and tells them to nominate one contestant and also with the reason for them to nominate the said contestant. As per a recent promo video that has been released by the channel airing the show, it has Ankita Lokhande nominating Mannara Chopra because her game is not visible except for the fact that she is Munawar’s friend. Then, there's Isha Malviya nominating Anurag Dobhal with the reasoning that he has not shown any improvement despite the repeated warnings given by Bigg Boss also.

On the other hand, Isha Malviya’s boyfriend Samarth Jurel, goes to the confession room and gives his nomination as Abhishek Kumar. And when asked the reason as to why he nominated Abhishek Kumar, Samarth Jurel said that he has been playing along in one same (read ‘stereotyped’) pattern. He added that he even saw Abhishek Kumar with Vicky bhai (Vicky Jain), but no improvements whatsoever. He even added that he is just playing a one-sided game of fighting, fighting and fighting!

Meanwhile, Aoora, who had been introduced by Salman Khan as a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 17, went onto nominate Khanzaadi, because she ‘wants to go home’! Then, there’s Munawar Faruqui who nominates Aishwarya Sharma because it’s tough to deal with her, Abhishek Kumar nominates Vicky Jain. 

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