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Bigg Boss 17: Aoora ends up telling Bigg Boss ‘oye sun’ – watch his fun moment

The latest wild card contestant on Bigg Boss 17, Aoora, is learning Hindi on the Salman Khan-hosted show

Bigg Boss 17: Aoora ends up telling Bigg Boss ‘oye sun’ – watch his fun moment

Last Updated: 07.30 PM, Dec 10, 2023


Aoora has brought an entertaining vibe ever since he entered Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card contestant. One day in and he has bonded with most contestants on the Salman Khan-hosted show. While still learning Hindi, Aoora ended up telling Bigg Boss ‘oye sun.’ This made for a hilarious moment and became a part of a recent Bigg Boss 17 promo.

Aoora tells Bigg Boss ‘oye sun’

Neil Bhatt was teaching Aoora Hindi. During the time, he told Aoora that if he wants to call anyone, he should say ‘oye sun.’ Instantly, Aoora spoke into his mic and said ‘oye sun.’ This made every contestant break into a laugh and Neil then explained that is not how Aoora should use the expression.

Aoora bonds with Chintu

Aoora bonded best with Samarth Jurel inside the Bigg Boss 17 house. From working out together to becoming the ‘changu mangu’ of the house, the two were inseparable. Samarth even tried to teach Aoora his famous act and that made the singer sound like an engine.

Aoora mimics Salman Khan

Aoora was also seen mimicking Salman Khan’s dialogue from Ready. This is the the ‘I Me Myself’ dialogue. During this time, Aoora bonded with Arun Mahashetty. He was also seen in the kitchen with the contestant, asking for food.

Strikes a deal with Abhishek

Abhishek asked Aoora if he is in a relationship. The K-Pop singer said that he is single and is searching for an Indian girl. That is when Abhishek struck a deal with Aoora. Since Abhishek wants a Korean girl and Aoora wants an Indian girl, they are going to find each other’s respective partner.

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