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Bigg Boss 17- Arun Mashetty’s wife Malak said that THIS contestant had the most ‘gul-guli’ inside the house!

As a part of ‘Family Week’, Arun Mashetty’s wife Malak entered the house along with their daughter

Bigg Boss 17- Arun Mashetty’s wife Malak said that THIS contestant had the most ‘gul-guli’ inside the house!
Arun Mashetty in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 05.52 PM, Jan 11, 2024


The race to the finale in the ongoing Bigg Boss 17 is just heating up with each passing second. Even as the grand finale is nearing, there is visible unrest amongst the contestants of the house. For those who missed out yesterday’s episode, it was Ayesha Khan all the way. She blasted and ‘exposed’ Munawar Faruqui like nobody’s business. While on one hand tension prevailed in the house, on the other hand, there was love and affection as the contestants met their relatives and family in the ‘Family Week’.

After having spent so many days all alone without the families, the contestants, surely, must be longing to see their relatives. That’s why, when the makers of Bigg Boss arranged for a Family Week, all the contestants were indeed happy. As for ‘Hyderabadi potta’ Arun Mashetty, it was his wife Malak and his daughter who had come to see him. Needless to say, Arun became extremely emotional seeing them.

Malak was seen spending time with the other contestants as well. Amidst this, she was casually talking to Vicky Jain, who, in his trademark style, tells her that, all the contestants were longing to have a good time in the house and not any of the bad times. Speaking of bad times, he explained that people were unhappy, angry and fighting with each other as if it was a war! Malak even said that she was watching them all the time as they are on television 24-7. She also adds that all the contestants are busy doing their own ‘harkat’ (mischief).

Vicky Jain, then, goes on to ask her to name that particular contestant, who she felt was doing the most ‘harkat’. Since Arun's wife Malak happens to be a foreigner, she did not understand the meaning of ‘harkat’. Immediately, like a dutiful husband, Arun springs into action and translates the term ‘harkat’ for the convenience of his wife. He terms it as ‘gul guly’, which means mischief in Hyderabad language. To which, Arun’s wife immediately replies, ‘Abhishek Kumar’.

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