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Bigg Boss 17- Ayesha Khan TOTALLY SHOCKED to see Abhishek Kumar’s 'broken thumb'! Deets here...

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 17 will see Abhishek Kumar impressing Ayesha Khan with his ‘magical’ ability!

Bigg Boss 17- Ayesha Khan TOTALLY SHOCKED to see Abhishek Kumar’s 'broken thumb'! Deets here...
PC: Screenshot from Jio Cinema's promo

Last Updated: 06.44 PM, Jan 07, 2024


Yesterday, all the roads were leading to only one destination, and that was Bigg Boss 17! The reason? Well, yesterday was the ‘judgement day’ which everyone was eagerly waiting for. The judgement that was to be delivered by Salman Khan in the by-now-famous Abhishek Kumar case! For the unversed, after the slap incident that took place between Abhishek Kumar and Samarth Jurel, the former was told to be evicted at the decision of Ankita Lokhande. But, after Salman Khan brought him back to the house, Ayesha Khan was one of the contestants who was extremely happy.

Abhishek Kumar happy in Ayesha Khan’s company
After Abhishek Kumar was brought back to the Bigg Boss 17 house, he was seen spending time with Ayesha Khan, the person who supported him most of the times. In a promo video released by the channel, it has shown that Ayesha Khan and Abhishek Kumar are enjoying the moments in each other’s company. And in order to get a smile on Ayesha Khan’s face, Abhishek Kumar becomes a magician and shows her the broken thumb trick.

Ayesha Khan in awe of Abhishek Kumar’s magic!
After seeing Abhishek Kumar’s magic, Ayesha Khan is seen totally dumbstruck. She just cannot believe what her eyes just saw! After becoming speechless in awe for few moments, Ayesha tells Abhishek that, she has seen such a magic trick before also. Saying this, she also adds that, she wonders as to how do they manage to pull off this trick with such ease. To which, Abhishek Kumar simply laughs it out.

Abhishek Kumar pays heed to Ayesha’s request
Ayesha Khan, then, requests Abhishek Kumar to re do the same magic. Even though Abhishek is a bit reluctant at first, but, after repeated insistence by Ayesha, he agrees to do it, but on one condition. And the condition is that, he wants Ayesha to close her eyes. And when she does that, Abhishek Kumar performs the same magic again. This time round, Ayesha Khan observes him extremely carefully. After the trick, Ayesha tells Abhishek Kumar that she has now understood how they do it!

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