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Bigg Boss 17- Bharti Singh speaks about 'Punjabi trait' as she extends her support for Abhishek Kumar!

Bharti Singh joins the list of celebrities who have extended their support for Abhishek Kumar, who had got evicted from Bigg Boss 17, because of him slapping Samarth Jurel

Bigg Boss 17- Bharti Singh speaks about 'Punjabi trait' as she extends her support for Abhishek Kumar!
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Last Updated: 07.42 PM, Jan 06, 2024


Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 17 is definitely worth watching… every minute of it. The reason being today is the day when Salman Khan will preside over ‘Weekend Kaa Vaar’. And one of the main ‘agendas’ of today’s episode will be to address the by-now-infamous Abhishek Kumar- Samarth Jurel incident. Speaking of Abhishek Kumar, many social media users as well as a bunch of celebrities (like Riteish Deshmukh, Soniya Bansal) and others have come out to support him. The latest celebrity to join ‘support Abhishek Kumar club’ is actress cum comedian Bharti Singh.

Bharti Singh extends her support towards Abhishek Kumar
While talking to the media today, she was asked about her take on the entire Abhishek Kumar episode. To which, Bharti Singh said that she had seen the incident in the promo. She added that she does feel for Abhishek and that she would like to support him. She said that, when two people try to corner one person, slapping becomes an involuntary action. She also attributed Abhishek being a Punjabi!

Samarth provokes Abhishek Kumar endlessly
For the unversed, the whole incident started off from the time Abhishek Kumar, very causally spoke about him suffering from claustrophobia. Hearing that, his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya and her present boyfriend Samarth Jurel (esp the latter) started poking and provoking Abhishek Kumar endlessly. Samarth, on his part, tried to sneak a tissue paper inside the mouth of Abhishek Kumar.

Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel in retaliation
Post that he even threw a towel on him (which he considered and regarded as a joke/ fun). And, when the poking and provoking reached a crescendo for Abhishek Kumar, he retaliated by slapping Samarth, something that he regretted endlessly and was seen seeking forgiveness from Bigg Boss.

Salman Khan schools Samarth Jurel
There is also a promo of today’s episode that has Salman Khan schooling Samarth for his behaviour towards Abhishek Kumar. When asked, Samarth told Salman Khan that he knew the level till which Abhishek Kumar could resist (the provoking) and withhold his anger.

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