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Bigg Boss 17, Day 101 Written Update, 23rd Jan: Vicky Jain evicted, Ankita Lokhande blames herself

It was time after the press conference, where Mannara Chopra was upset but eventually, Ankita Lokhande was heartbroken too

Bigg Boss 17, Day 101 Written Update, 23rd Jan: Vicky Jain evicted, Ankita Lokhande blames herself
Ankita Lokhande roasts Vicky Jain in Bigg Boss 17

Last Updated: 11.59 PM, Jan 23, 2024


Vicky Jain is out of Salman Khan’s show. Ankita Lokhande has been inconsolable since. She blames herself, for drowning him in her emotions, thus harming his game. A lot happened on day 101. Know all about it here…

Arun with Mannara

Arun claims to Mannara that Ankita has dual personalities. He refers to Anniyin for the same. Mannara brings Munawar also in the topic. When Ankita approaches her, Mannara pushes her away.


Vicky, on the other hand, holds Ankita’s hand and says that the show taught him a lot about relationships. Munawar later comes and talks to Mannara about the situation. Abhishek tells Ankita-Vicky that Munawar has gone with a lot of patience. Ankita then approaches Mannara and they don’t sort the issues out instantly. Mannara sits in solace even now and later, she talks to Vicky first. Irritated, Munawar calls her bewakoof. Ankita eventually gives Mannara a hug, while she calls Munawar ladies man.


Bigg Boss gives Munawar what he wanted – his voice and a surprise in the activity area. It is time for nominations. Bigg Boss jokes with Munawar about chidiya udd. He then calls himself biased against the top six. With that, he recalls the 100 days with the contestants. Soon after, he talks about the evictions. Abhishek is the first finalist, followed by Mannara, Munawar, Ankita and Arun. Vicky is evicted.

Ankita blames herself

Ankita feels that Vicky deserved to stay on the show more than her. She blames herself and her emotions for dragging his game down and the eventual eviction. While the others are happy for being in top 5, Ankita cannot stop crying and goes to the washroom for the same. Abhishek and Munawar even mimic Samarth.

Mannara-Abhishek moment

Mannara has fun with Abhishek. The latter is confused and eventually, he and Munawar make fun of the situation. Munawar and Abhishek then tell Arun they knew he would stay 50-50 but Arun himself was shocked, which Arun confesses too. Meanwhile, Mannara still tries to console Ankita, who is in tears as it is time for bed.

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