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Bigg Boss 17, Day 30 Written Update, 13th Nov: Housemates punished thanks to Anurag Dobhal’s actions

It was another day where the couples on Bigg Boss 17 had a fight

Bigg Boss 17, Day 30 Written Update, 13th Nov: Housemates punished thanks to Anurag Dobhal’s actions
Bigg Boss 17 - Anurag Dobhal

Last Updated: 12.06 AM, Nov 14, 2023


A month after Bigg Boss 17, Anurag Dobhal tries to gather attention throughout the episode. Starting with his fight with Tehelka aka Sunny Arya, it progresses to Arun Srikanth Mahashetty and ends with Abhishek Kumar. He lost his cool many times and some of his actions cost the housemates a huge sum. It was also the day when most couples fought, some to maintain their relationship and others to gain back control. Know everything that happened in the house…

Tehelka vs Anurag

Anurag Dobhal had a loud argument with Tehelka aka Sunny Arya early in the morning. Anurag calls Tehelka a liar. The argument then transfers to Anurag vs Arun Srikant Mahashetty. Arun talks about Anurag meeting two women at once. Anurag then loses his calm saying he was with his sister. Samarth Jurel comes in between to take Anurag away from Arun. KhanZaadi tries to defend Anurag to Arun but that doesn’t work either. It gets to the point where Anurag breaks a mug and has a fight with Abhishek.

Anurag’s punishment, house punished too

Bigg Boss gave Anurag a punishment. He is nominated for the rest of the show. The housemates are also punished, since the kitchen will not be open anymore. Anurag then pleads to Bigg Boss to change his room.


Abhishek Kumar and KhanZaadi draw the lines and discuss what they want out of their equation in the house. She wants him to stay the way he is with Rinku Dhawan and Aishwarya Sharma. They have a moment at night.


Ankita Lokhande has an argument with Vicky Jain and sarcastic comments are passed. Ankita asks Vicky to stop trying to solve other people’s matters. Sometime later, Vicky makes up with Ankita in bed. The same night, they have an argument again.

Samarth vs Isha

Bigg Boss gave the contestants an opportunity to pick their own house. Many wanted to change but Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel had a special request. Since Isha went to the confession room without informing Samarth or discussing anything, he fought with her and took his revenge. Isha wanted to surprise Samarth by asking Bigg Boss to send him to the dil ghar. Samarth, on the other hand, was furious and asked Bigg Boss to keep him in any house but that without Isha. Hearing so, Bigg Boss called out Samarth’s double standards and soon enough, involved Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra about all the gossip that happened in the confession room.

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