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Bigg Boss 17, Day 36 Written Update, 19th Nov: Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande’s hair becomes hot topic

‘Looking like a wow’ Jasmeen Bindra was also on Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17, Day 36 Written Update, 19th Nov: Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande’s hair becomes hot topic
Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain

Last Updated: 11.33 PM, Nov 19, 2023


Everybody knows how even the smallest of things can become a big matter on Bigg Boss. Something similar happened on day 36, when Vicky Jain’s hair become a hot topic and thus, Ankita Lokhande’s hair also become a topic of discussion. This happened on the day where Arbaaz and Sohail Khan come on the show. There was a new guest as well. It was ‘Looking like a wow’ famed Jasmeen Bindra. Here’s everything that happened on the show…

Vicky's hair becomes topic of discussion

Arun and Tehelka get curious about Vicky's hair. They feel he got a haircut, which he refuses. Mannara now feels that she should have insisted for the same in her contract too.

Vicky vs Ankita on Sana

Sana has been trying to talk to Vicky but he refuses to listen to her. When Ankita tells him that she's 'akeli ladki,' he gets furious and says he will deal with her how he wants to.


Abhishek comes to talk to KhanZaadi while she's on bed. Seeing him, she rolls her eyes and moves away. KhanZaadi then pushes him away saying that she's not interested in talking to him. Walking out, he tells Munawar that KhanZaadi is only pretending to sleep.

Samarth-Abhishek vs Isha

Abhishek and Isha have an argument, when she says she will neither eat nor work. Samarth himself disses her attitude in front of Abhishek and Munawar. Samarth asks Abhishek to play by the mind rather than heart. As Abhishek does the same again, Samarth teases him in front of Munawar. As Samarth drags Isha's mother in the conversation, they have an argument too. Samarth apologizes and tries to feed Isha, who refuses to eat. She breaks down too.


Mannara, upset, calls Munawar by pointing a finger. She asks him to make things very clear. Munawar tells her that she should clear things instantly. Munawar reminds Mannara of the Hyderabad conference.


Arbaaz and Sohail mock Arun and Tehelka, followed by Vicky-Ankita and Anurag. Munawar picks Isha as the fielder in cricket. Samarth is mocked upon too. Abhishek then has to mimic Samarth. The housemates call Sana most confused. However, Sohail and Arbaaz name Anurag. Munawar feels Samarth takes cover shot. KhanZaadi names Abhishek. Neil picks KhanZaadi. Arbaaz-Sohail feel it is Vicky. Jigna is the umpire of the house. Munawar is the 12th man.

New task

Aishwarya, Samarth, Mannara and Tehelka are in the task next. They have to stay without expressions. Tehelka loses the round by putting on glasses. Mannara loses the round next. Aishwarya wins the task and a gift.

Jasmeen Kaur Bindra on Bigg Boss 17

Jasmeen Kaur, most popular for the meme ‘so beautiful, so elegant, just looking a wow,’ is on the show. She does the trend with the contestants and that is where the episode ends.

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